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Sara saw Ms Long first when she got to Muchen’s house, and smiled warmly at her. 

“How long has it been since I last saw your dignified presence” Sara teased while Ms Long laughed in return. “Been long I saw you too. And you look better” Ms Long ran her eyes over Sara’s wear again. It was the first time Ms Long was seeing her in a lady’s tee instead of the usual big men’s tee-s.h.i.+rt she usually wore. She was also wearing a blue jean trousers and white sneakers. Her black backpack was still with her as usual and she held another paper bag on her hand. . Nothing really different about her look but she looked somehow….changed? Ms Long wondered.

Sara laughed also before replying. “Well, thanks. You also look good” She sincerely complimented Ms Long who was in her formal navy blue trouser suit. 

“I am sorry I couldn’t reach you all this while. But I am glad you were able to take care of yourself”

“No worries. I am glad I was able to also” 

It was a new sight for Ms Long to see Sara continuously smiling. Did that explain the reason why Muchen was in a cheerful mood also? Something was up with this two.

“Miss w.a.n.g…” Ms Long called in a low voice. “You have to be really careful, especially this period. Okay?” 

“I will. Thank you. Is… Mr Li in?” Sara asked, looking at the direction of the door.

“Oh.. Sure.” 

“Then, have a nice day.” Sara bowed slightly before hopping happily towards the entrance. 

“Oh my G.o.d, I have missed you!” Heya hugged her when she saw Sara enter. Sara also cheerfully returned the hug. “Wow.. You’ve lost a lot of weight. I am surprised, really!” Sara said and broke free from the hug to observe her closely. Truthfully, a lot did change about Heya’s look. 

“I guess a girl is determined.” Heya giggled. She was glad there was someone who saw her efforts. Unlike her family who noticed nothing and still bothered her about losing weight in a hurry.

She then went on to ask about how Sara was faring, How Joreen was and the gist behind that video. Sara impatiently answered all of her questions and finally sighed in relief when she heard Heya say “I’ll just go get ready. You can head to the gym room. Big bro is there already” Heya winked at her.

Sara tried to hide the excitement on her face when she urged Heya to go on and get ready while she moved towards the gym room excitedly. She didn’t forget to take off the hair band she used to tie her hair together. She was very sure he would help her do it if she didn’t.

She opened the door a bit and peeked in, wondering why she wasn’t seeing him in sight.

“Oh my, You startled me!” Sara flinched back in surprise when Muchen’s face suddenly appeared in front of hers. 

He opened the door wide and laughed. “You’re always acting like a thief” He held her hand and led her in before closing the door behind them “Good morning” He greeted with a smile. 

“Good morning” Sara returned the smile. She didn’t fail to notice his body in the sleeveless compression s.h.i.+rt and short he was wearing. She had to take her eyes off his body before she gave herself away.

“What’s that?” He curiously looked at the paper bag she was holding.

“Oh yes.” She handed it over to him. “I cooked!” She announced excitedly. 

“Y..ou cooked?” He asked in bewilderment as he looked at the lunchbox inside the bag. 

“Yes” She nodded. “It’s fried rice” 

Muchen gave her an amused look before asking “Why do I feel like your father cooked while you only helped a bit?” 

She shrugged her shoulders and pouted. “I really did a lot of things. I am so tired.” She stretched her arms to emphasize how tired she was. 

Muchen led her towards the chair in the room and had her sit down before moving behind to help ma.s.sage her shoulders. 

It did surprise Sara but she decided to let it slide and just enjoy the moment (and his hands :-)) 

Muchen had expected her to say something about his confession last night but, she still wasn’t saying anything. He knew she liked him. He was very sure. He also knew she was being reluctant for reasons he had no idea of, but he was glad though. Even if he could feel she was still a bit uncomfortable with all of these, she was a bit open to him and it was a good thing. He was….finally winning Sara. And there was no way he was ever going to take things slowly again.

“Why did you stress yourself out?” He asked gently as he continued working on her shoulders. 

“I just wanted to cook” She admitted. 

“For me?” He teased. He grinned.

She smiled before saying “For… my future family”

Muchen wasn’t seeing anyone else in her ‘future family’ other than him.

He moved his hands from her shoulders down to her arms, bending to whisper on her ear in the lowest voice ever. “I really don’t mind my wife not knowing how to cook. There is… another kind of food I’m sure she can offer me perfectly” 

Sara’s whole body stiffened. Not only was he so close to her, he was whispering s.e.xily on her ear, his warm hands were on her exposed arm and he even said something so…so.. “-”

What was happening? Why was she feeling this way all of a sudden. She was very sure that if Muchen paid attention, he would hear her heart seriously pounding. Even her body was beginning to emanate heat out of nowhere while goose pimples rose on her skin.

‘He is doing this on purpose’ she said to herself. ‘He is seducing me!’

“Mis..mister Li.. I.. erm… the..the thing is.. You…I mean..I” 

Her eyes widened when she felt him gently nibble her earlobe with his teeth. “M…is..ter.. Li..” She caught her breath and swallowed hard.

She couldn’t turn to look at him. Neither could she stop him. She just sat there like a statue. 

She could feel his hand shaking on her arm, as if he was doing his best to not move his hands from there to anywhere else.

He chortled gently. “Do not worry. I won’t do anything. It’s not a good time” His voice was low and deep and s.e.xy!

“You look really pretty. I only wanted to tease you, but I guess it backfired at me” He admitted in a throaty voice.

Sara was stupefied. She still found it difficult processing anything especially as she was beginning to feel a tingling sensation downstairs. Even her eyes were beginning to blink uncontrollably.

“Mr Li…” She was surprised she could still talk despite her dry throat “He…ya”

“She..won’t come now” He wouldn’t be making such brazen moves if he hadn’t planned in advance.

Sara swallowed hard. She couldn’t even find any saliva to swallow anymore.

He suddenly stopped and turned her chair so she could face him. 

The desire she saw in his eyes and his flushed cheeks shocked her. She wondered how hers looked like at the moment. She guessed that whatever was happening to her was likely happening to Muchen also.

His eyes didn’t leave hers when he placed both hands on the chair’s hand and let his head hover freely above hers. 

Just when she thought he was going to finally kiss her, a kiss she was fully ready for, his lips landed on her forehead instead. 

“I’m not sure I’ll be able to workout with you today darling. I might embarra.s.s myself once you change into those workout clothes you usually wear.”


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