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Read Hello, Mr Li Chapter 246 – No Matter What, He Loves Her.

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“You annoying jerk” Changyu muttered to Jianjun who stared back at her in disbelief. 

“You….are referring to me right now?” He asked with a finger pointing at his self. 

“I need to be sure of something. Are you sure you are not possessed by an evil spirit?” 

“I am possessed? I want to ask you one question. Just one question….” She looked at him carefully, hoping that he would agree to hear her out instead of his usual style of walking away.

When she noticed he was not planning to walk out, she went on to ask..

“Aren’t you curious?” 

“About what?” He asked her back after a few seconds of silence.

“Our child…” Changyu paused. It was the first time she was raising the issue about their child with him and it felt slightly awkward.

But she wanted to at least know. He had told her he wasn’t interested in her and their child. But at least, he should be curious right? He should at least ask her how she’s been and what happened to their child. Did this really mean that he truly had never loved her?

Jianjun almost laughed when he heard her question. She had been the one who promised to get rid of their child and she had done just that. So why was she asking him? Was he supposed to thank her for abandoning their child on that cold night?

“I’m not curious. You promised to get rid of it and I believe you did just that. So why should I be?” He asked expressionlessly. 

Changyu’s eyes gradually began to water when she heard him. Unexpectedly, Jianjun felt her hand hit his face. 

“You are the worse kind of person. How can you say that to me? Was I a joke to you all along? Because I threw myself at you, was it fun for you to use and dump me?” 

She accused with teary eyes and began to hit her fist on his chest repeatedly. 

Jianjun stood there without budging an inch.

He watched her with furrow brows as she cried and hit him and he could not help but begin to wonder whether she had a mental problem.

He was supposed to say those words to her so why was she using it instead? He was supposed to ask her why she dumped him, why she said she regretted meeting him. So why was she accusing him right now?

“Stop it already. You’re becoming annoying” He said in displeasure.

“You owe me an apology you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” 

“For what exactly?” He asked back in confusion. “I used and dumped you? You were the one who abandoned me first! It was you who did.”

“I did? I did?” Changyu looked around for something to probably throw at him or destroy. But then, she remembered that this wasn’t her home. 

They both quietly stared at each other for a while and the only sound they could both hear was their ragged breath. 

“I have to go open the store now” He said. He wasn’t in the mood to banter with her about an issue that happened between them over two decades ago. It was best to leave instead.

Changyu sighed deeply. “I’ll leave also.” She took her bag from the table and pushed past him but was startled when he suddenly pulled her back by her hand. 

She stopped walking to look at him. “What? Didn’t you say you were going to open the —” 

Before she could finish, he pulled her into a hug and firmly wrapped his hands around her waist.

Changyu’s eyes widened in surprise. She tried to say something but nothing came out except an hiccup.

“I didn’t use and dump you. But….you really did hurt me.” He explained sadly. “The others are waiting for me…so I really have to go now. But…I’d really like for us to talk tonight. There are a lot of questions I need to ask. You can ask yours also.”

He was finally open to discuss what had happened between them.

It was the reason he had never wanted to listen to her or see her in the first place. Because if he did, he would want to listen to her and even though she was really at fault, he would want to forgive her. He felt bad for Cixi. But he couldn’t do a thing about it. Because no matter what, he loved this woman.

He had realised a long time ago that they’re people you can’t just hate no matter how hard you tried. Even after thinking an rethinking everything he had gone through, he still couldn’t hate her. He was only hurt and his parents death had made things even worse. But…he could never hate her. And if only she could tell him that she regretted abandoning their child, then, he was willing to forgive and forget.

Changyu pursed her lips and desperately tried to stop her tears from flowing. She didn’t know why he said he hurt her when she had been the one who was hurt. But right now, she was feeling really sick and nauseous—an effect from the food she had eaten a while back.

“Alright. Let’s talk about it later. I also have something to do so I’ll leave now.” She pulled away from the hug and went through the door while he sinoly stood there limply.

It had always been like that with her. She had never wanted him to see her sick. It was the reason he didn’t know about her allergy even though they had both worked in his parents’ restaurant for months. Whenever he fed her anything with Sesame seeds back then, she didn’t waste time before accepting it and then go into the bathroom to inject herself with an epinephrine. 

It was the same now. She didn’t want him to see her sick or know she was sick. 

She saw how the other people inside the restaurant looked at her curiously. She simply gave them all a bow before leaving to where her car was parked.

She tried not to cry at all as she walked. It was still daytime and they were people who obviously recognised her on the busy street.

So, she held it in. ‘No matter what, you must not cry’ She reminded herself over and over again. 

Finally, she saw her car in sight. But not only her car, she also saw Sara sitting on the hood of her Blue Chevrolet Camaro.

When Sara raised her head to look at her, Changyu saw her bloodshot eyes like she had cried. 

She could only guess that Cixi must have told her something.

She braced herself as she prepared to have her ‘Angry-w.a.n.g’ third encounter for the day. 

Sara stood up when she saw Changyu approach and slowly walked to where she was to meet her midway. 

“Miss Changyu…”

Changyu looked at Sara and said in a very low voice. “I guess you have a question..”

Sara nodded and tried to blink back tears when she remembered what Cixi had told her. She guessed it was probably the reason why her father hated her and didn’t want her to have anything to do with Changyu. 

“Miss Changyu…” Sara took a few steps so she was standing directly in front of Changyu.

“I only have one question…. Were you….aware about what your parents did to my grandparents? I desperately want to believe you had no idea. So please…. Tell me the truth” Sara pleaded. “Tell me you didn’t know”

Changyu’s eyes blinked rapidly as she tried to stop her tears from flowing. 

The place her car was parked wasn’t very crowded but they were still people around. 

Changyu nodded. “I know about it. But….. I only found out recently.” 

Sara closed her eyes and sighed in relief. And when she opened it again, tears flowed down from her eyes. 

Gently, she pulled Changyu into her embrace. “I knew it. I knew I could believe you. You don’t seem like that kind of person” Sara said to her with tears in her eyes.

“You…..really believe me?” Changyu stuttered. She had been trying to explain this to her father and aunt but none of them wanted to hear her out or believe her. This was the first time someone was asking her this question and not only that, she said she believed her?

“I believe you. You must have been hurt” Sara said before she began to gently pat her back.

Changyu no longer cared whether there were people around or not. She broke down in tears and hugged Sara back. 

“I knew you were smarter than that dumb father of yours. I wasn’t wrong about that.” She said in-between tears. 


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