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Read Hello, Mr Li Chapter 293 – Archaic Diction.

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Read WebNovel Hello, Mr Li Chapter 293 – Archaic Diction.

Sara was on her way home when she finally received a call from Cixi. 

“Aunt! Where have you been?” She asked in a high pitched voice immediately she took the call. 

She patiently listened to what Cixi had to say and once the call dropped, she told Muchen to take her to the field her aunt was. 

Thankfully, the field was on the same route to her place so it was not inconvenient for them.

When the car pulled over, Sara could see her aunt sitting quietly on one of the wooden chairs with her head down. 

“You’re coming over later tonight right?” She turned to ask Muchen.

His hand was sweaty but he tried to hide his nervousness. Changyu. That woman was beginning to scare him even before officially meeting her as Sara’s mother.

He nodded and said to her. “Let’s go see grandmother tomorrow. She wanted to meet you.” 

Sara smiled before nodding.

Muchen looked at her in confusion when he saw her smile and nod.

Every other person seemed to be scared of his grandmother. But she was even smiling like she wanted to meet her friend?

“You should not keep aunt waiting. I’ll see you later tonight” He moved closer and planted a gentle kiss her on her forehead. 

“Do not get into trouble today.” He advised her before ruffling her hair.

Sara’s heart fluttered when he kissed her forehead. She did not know why that particular action always made her heart stop for a few seconds. But, it always reminded her of how much he loved her. And it was a wonderful feeling.

“Why are you smiling sheepishly?” Muchen asked with raised brow as he looked at her.

“Stop being a gossip” She laughed before leaving the car and continued to wave him till the car was out of sight. 

“I’ll kill anybody that tries to come between us. And I won’t have nightmares about it.” She said with a smile on her face and began hopping happily to where her aunt was sitting. 

Muchen had watched her through the rearview mirror and wondered why she was just standing there and smiling.

“What a weird girl” He shook his head and began to laugh. 

He could not believe she had made him run round the house like a little boy.

When he realised what he was doing, the maids were already staring at him in a way he believed people stared at the biblical David when he danced to the lord and tossed his robe aside.

He remembered the shy look on her face when she told him she was taking manners and etiquette and Mr Gold was one of the admins in the school. 

He had looked at her in surprise before he started laughing.

“See why I didn’t want to tell you. I knew you were going to laugh” She began to use one of the pillows on the bed to hit him.

That action alone caused him to keep laughing while he tried to dodge from it.

“Stop laughing” She kept hitting him with the pillow and he raised a hand to show he was not going to laugh again. 

Once she stopped, he burst into laughter again. And as she was about lifting the pillow, he grabbed her by the waist and let her fall on top of him on the bed.

“Sorry. But that was funny.” He said and tightened his grip around her waist when she tried to pull away. 

“Why are you attending those” He asked curiously.

“My father suggested it. He thought I should learn basic etiquette and all” She answered with a pout.

“Why? But you’re okay like this” He reasoned.

“I’m not. I would have gotten into trouble a lot of times. You can’t even imagine all I said to your father”

“I can imagine. He told us about it.” Muchen informed her with a grin.

Sara’s eyes widened when she head that. “What!? That unreliable pess—” 

She almost yelled out pessimist before she remembered they were talking about his father. This further reminded her that she really needed those 

“Stop stressing yourself attending those boring You’re perfect to me” He could not imagine a ladylike Sara.

‘It would be weird and boring’ he concluded within himself.

“I am?” She asked with doubt in her voice. 

“Of course… You’re nice to those who deserve it and unnice to those who do not so— Wait!” He suddenly paused and looked at her intently.

“Did I just say unnice? Where the h.e.l.l did that vocabulary come from?” 

“Hahaha… I have influenced you with my archaic diction” Sara began to laugh excitedly and pinched his chin.

“You’re really having fun aren’t you?” He asked with a frown. 

“Of course, I am” She bobbed her head up and down and continued to laugh.

Once she was done having her fill, she turned serious and began to speak.

“I was just thinking…that you may probably have some kind of really important visitors one day, and I don’t want to drive them away with my bad att.i.tude”

“Wow! You were already planning to get married to me a long time ago? How cute” He pinced her chin gently and laughed when he saw her blush in embarra.s.sment.

“That’s their business. If they have so much manners, they should use those manners to ignore yours. If those boring are uncomfortable for you. You should stop attending. I’m the one who is going to marry you after all. And I don’t intend to change anything about you… Except this hair you’ve tied ever since.” He quickly used his hand to yank out the band tying her ponytail together and her long hair scattered about, also covering her face.. 

“You’ve started again Li Muchen!” He let her go and she began to use the pillow on him again. 

Did he really have to ruin the moment by pulling her hairband again?

“I am ready for you today. I came prepared, in case you do not know. I brought seven hairbands. Seven!”

She used her hand to show the numbers and quickly took them out of her bag to show him.

Muchen frowned when he saw it and warned.

“If I lay my hands on your bag. You’ll never see those things again” 

And that had made them run round the room like kids again, with her trying to protect her bag and hairband from him. 


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