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Chapter 632: Acting Out “Lost”

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

There was no fire and smoke over there, but the bright lights illuminated half the sky, and the sound of a machine roaring could be heard. Gu Nianzhi guessed the forest rangers must’ve called in backup because there was an incident of gunmen opening fire and dying…

She also recalled Seth’s father, York, when she thought about those policemen who could be real or fake. York was the most powerful man within the Roslau Regional Police and also the biggest crime leader. Gu Nianzhi didn’t dare to try her luck. She had no idea how many policemen from Munich colluded with York. If he could even intercept emergency calls, then he had to be more powerful than he appeared! There had to be some good and some bad people within all the police. Otherwise, Seth couldn’t have easily escaped the hospital and plotted with someone to attack her with H3AB7.

Gu Nianzhi lifted her head up from the water to take a deep breath, then suddenly plunged down again to swim with all her might. Before she knew it, the fracture in her left calf seemed to have completely healed or perhaps she was too stressed and forgot about the pain of the injury as she swam for her life. No matter the reason, she was able to move her injured leg easily and wasn’t handicapped in the water. She swam vigorously because she knew her chance of surviving increased the farther she got away from that place!

With her burst of adrenaline, she swam until she was nearly exhausted. The sky was beginning to brighten, and Gu Nianzhi finally relaxed the movements of her limbs to drift ash.o.r.e. She almost swam half the night… Crawling out of the water, she laid on the gra.s.s by the sh.o.r.e. Her entire body was soaked as she gasped for breath and was nearly dead from exertion. Tired and hungry, she had almost used up all her energy and fell asleep laying on the gra.s.s.

As the sun slowly climbed, it illuminated the forest field by the river. The area was similar to where Gu Nianzhi had come from, but the mountain peaks were higher and forest denser. There were even fewer traces of humans there. By afternoon, the sun shone even more fiercely, and the wet clothes on Gu Nianzhi’s body had nearly completely dried.

Gu Nianzhi was awakened by a warm, wet feeling of fuzziness. Slowly opening her eyes, she happened to look into a pair of large, dark eyes that were extremely innocent. Gu Nianzhi woke with a yelp. It was a baby deer standing in front of her! Was it licking her face earlier? Gu Nianzhi scrambled up from the gra.s.s, and the little deer was spooked. It jumped back twice then bounded into the dense forest, disappearing from sight. Gu Nianzhi looked at the emerald forest ahead and laughed so hard she cried. Thank G.o.d! What was going on? Was she acting out “Lost?”

Sitting dazedly on the gra.s.s by the sh.o.r.e for some time, Gu Nianzhi finally remembered to check if the things in her pocket were still ok. She first rummaged in her pants pocket where her phone was. Yes, it was still there, but because it had been in the water for half the night, who knew if it still worked? Gu Nianzhi grumbled as she took it out. It was dead, as expected. What happened to Apple phones having the best waterproof capabilities? It was all a big lie! Gu Nianzhi complained inwardly as she stood up to look around. She found the emptiest spot where the sun shone the brightest and put her phone in the light. She hoped that the light and heat would evaporate all the moisture inside and it would be usable after.

After laying her phone out, Gu Nianzhi then dug out several chocolates from her jacket pocket. They had melted in the water and turned into a wet brown lump that looked gross. However, she was tired and hungry, and chocolate was the best food to replenish her blood sugar and energy. She had no choice but to stuff it in her mouth and swallow immediately. Luckily, the taste was unchanged, and her tastebuds were especially sensitive to chocolate. The more she ate, the hungrier she became, so she couldn’t help throwing the second piece of melted chocolate in her mouth. This time, she savored it carefully before swallowing. After having two chocolates, she sat there for a while, waiting for her energy to recuperate.

Looking down at her left calf, she pressed gently on it to find there was no pain at all. She had tied several willow branches tightly to her calf with her shoelaces. Gu Nianzhi had an idea. She undid the shoelaces and threw away the willow branches she had been using as a splint. Pulling up the hem of her pants, she checked the injured area and was floored. The skin on her left calf was luminously fair like jade, the skin so fine it appeared poreless. She remembered the bone in her calf had fractured, and she also had scapes from rolling down the road onto the mountain rocks. There had been cuts so dark they looked purple and many areas of broken skin. She had thought that it would all scar since they couldn’t be treated in time. She never thought there would not only be no scars remaining, but everything had also healed so quickly! If she hadn’t seen the cuts herself, she would’ve thought she had dreamed it all up…

Gently rubbing her left calf for a while, Gu Nianzhi then rolled up her sleeves to check her arms. As expected, all the cuts on her arms were healed, too, and it didn’t look like there had been large areas of sc.r.a.ped skin. It wasn’t strange that the cuts would heal without scars, but why had they healed so quickly? Not only had her fracture completely healed already, but even her sc.r.a.pes from falling had disappeared. She really was amazing… Gu Nianzhi thought about it for a bit, then began to smile. Maybe she was lucky. Another door opened when one closed; good-hearted people would have good karma!

Although the wicked Seth had plotted to hurt her, she not only escaped successfully but also taught him a real lesson! She truly hoped that vile man would die from his pain. Gu Nianzhi cursed him in her mind but also didn’t know what those people had done with Seth. Would they twist the truth and claim Gu Nianzhi injured him, then send police to arrest her at her hotel, and because she wouldn’t be there, claim she fled from the scene of the crime? Gu Nianzhi enjoyed making up the scenario and even began to plan how she would defend herself and sue Seth for intending to harm her, another one against him on the books! A smile appeared on her face, and she completely relaxed. The baby deer who had run off earlier c.o.c.ked its head at her from the trees for a while, then trotted over. It stood by her and began licking her hand.

Gu Nianzhi was speechless. Why did animals like her so much? Gu Nianzhi was gloating for a full minute when she understood why the baby deer was so interested in her. She still had the scent of chocolate on her hands! After mulling it over, Gu Nianzhi quietly took out her last mushed up piece of chocolate, took off the wrapper, and placed it in her open palm. She moved toward the little deer’s mouth. It looked up at Gu Nianzhi for a while, its large, pure, and innocent eyes melting Gu Nianzhi’s heart. Lowering its head, the little deer began licking the melted chocolate from her palm. Its soft tongue brushed against her palm, giving her skin a warm tingle.


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