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Chapter 145 Headquarters

Yi Yunrui blinks his bright eyes, saying: “Do you have this chance?”

Saying this, Yi Yunrui hangs up the phone loudly.

“Well, that is Yi Yunrui! Screw him.” Nie Zhiyuan is so angry that he scolds at the beeping phone. Luo Zhen who stands behind him can’t help laughing.

“What are you laughing about. You brat!” Nie Zhiyuan shouts at Luo Zhen, “Look at you. You look stupid, really not like a colonel! I wonder how you can make your soldiers convinced.”

Luo Zheng freezes his smile and responds in a loud voice: “Yes, Sir. I don’t laugh!”

Hearing Luo Zhen’s shouting, all people in the headquarters burst into laughter.

Nie Zhiyuan is so furious that his face turns grey. He stares at Luo Zhen: “The military exercise is twenty-four hours to go. Get out! If you lose this battle, I will peel off your skin.”

“Commander, my skin is thick. I am afraid that you can’t peel it off.”


“Commander, I may leave. I will not stay here to disturb you. Wish you a long life of a thousand years.” Not waiting for Nie Zhiyuan to finish his words, Luo Zhen performs an army salute and turns to run away.

Nie Zhiyuan stares at him as if his eyeb.a.l.l.s are going to jump out. What does he mean by a long life of a thousand years?

Luo Zhen is calling him a eunuch!

Luo Zhen, you brat! You’ve got the gut of a panther!

It suddenly rains in the evening. It is cold and wet. Snow with water makes the road wet and muddy. The task becomes tougher.

Yi Yunrui stares at the screen. He sits straightly there, without any moves.

Feng Le stands behind him with adoration in his eyes. It has been a whole day. The commander has been sitting here for a whole day and he is still so energetic.

“Feng Le.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“How long has Colonel Dai been out?”

“Commander, Colonel Dai has been out for three hours.”

“Has he sent back any messages?”

“Commander, we haven’t received any messages so far.”

Yi Yunrui blinks his eyes: “Keep watching.”

“Yes, sir!”

As a matter of fact, the situation is not as bad as imagined in Dai Zhongheng’s part. The roads are wet and muddy. It takes them quite some time to sneak into the rear of the enemy on foot. Then, they spend several hours in the Group Blue area but still can’t find out the location of the Group Blue’s headquarters when it is almost dawn.

The troops of Group Blue are gathering halfway up the hill. Dai Zhongheng’s team sees by electric torches many army vehicles and tanks. There are also soldiers patrolling. Several tents are not far away, which look like the headquarters.

“We have basically walked around the Group Blue area. I think this is the headquarters.” Kai says in a low voice.

Dai Zhongheng doesn’t respond. After quite a while, he says: “We haven’t found out how many headquarters the Group Blue has. You draw the conclusion so soon.”

At the time, a supply vehicle comes and stops not far away. Dai Zhongheng brightens his eyes. He says to Kai and the others: “You wait for me here.”

Dai Zhongheng the guard with agility and runs to the supply vehicle.

This is a hidden place, but aircrafts and cannons may still bomb it. How can it be the Group Blue’s headquarters?

If the leader were others, Dai Zhongheng may believe that it is a mistake. However, his rival is Luo Zhen. It is impossible for him to make such a mistake.

Dai Zhongheng stealthily opens the back door of the vehicle and he is shocked at once!

It is empty inside!

No delay is allowed. Dai Zhongheng closes the door and hurriedly goes back to the previous place.

“Commander, what’s that?” The other team members ask.

“The headquarters is not here.”

The members glance at each other. Kai asks; “In Commander’s opinion, where is the headquarters?”

They have run the whole exercise area of Group Blue round. Only this place looks like the headquarters. Other places are isolated with no defenses at all.

“There are two possibilities. One is that their headquarters is not in the exercise area, while the other one,” Saying this, Dai Zhongheng points at the sky, “is that their headquarters is in the sky!”

Hearing this, all the members are shocked!

“There is less than two-hours before dawn and the exercise will take place in ten hours. We may go back to the camp to discuss the strategies!”


Dai Zhongheng gives a sigh of relief. They haven’t found out the real headquarters, but at least, they can delete a wrong region. Or, if they waited until the exercise officially begins and were to be misled here, that would be troublesome.

At the Army Commander headquarters…

“Commander, Colonel Dai sent back messages, saying that they have just come back to the camp.”

Yi Yunrui nods: “They went to check the enemy’s condition. Did they have any achievements?”

“Colonel Dai said that they had not got that clear. They are discussing the strategies.”

Yi Yunrui takes up the tea cup and takes a sip. Then, he puts it down lightly.

As the General Commander, he can’t get involved in the two groups in the battle. However, Dai Zhongheng has been out for ten hours and yet hasn’t found out the headquarters of his enemy. It seems that it is tough for him.

Yi Yunrui thinks for a while and lifts his lips slightly.

Dai Zhongheng and Luo Zhen were both his soldiers, who were as valuable as his left hand and right hand respectively. They went to life-and-death wars with him for three years.

They differ in personalities. One is quiet, while the other is active. However, they are almost equal in their capabilities. Even for him, it is very hard to tell who will win when they fight against each other.

Now, it is the fight between the two troops, and also between the two commanders. To be honest, he quite looks forwards to this battle.

No matter which group wins, he will be happy.

The stuff of running ten kilometers and braggart nickname has no influence on him at all. What he wants most to see is the progress of Dai Zhongheng and Luo Zhen.

Though in recent years, they succeeded many times, he has never seen those in person.

“Commander, do you want to give any instructions to Colonel Dai?” Feng Le asks in a low voice.

Yi Yunrui glances at him: “What a nonsense! Go to copy the Army Regulation one hundred times!”

Hearing this, Feng Le lowers his head. He turns to slap his mouth.

How can he forget that his Commander Yi is cold in the battlefield?

Ah…In the previous time, the Commander was very considerate to Mrs. Yi. Feng Le misunderstood that the Commander has changed his personality. Well, he deserves it. He becomes a primary student again and has to copy the texts as punishment.


Hearing this, Feng Le’s eyes brighten. He hurriedly turns to him: “Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir. I said the wrong words. I will pay attention next time. Please give me a chance to make amends!”

“That one hundred Army Regulation can be handed in to me after the joint-military exercise finishes.”

“…Yes, Sir!” Anyway, the commander postpones the deadline.

It is 18:00. As three signal flares are shot into the air, the exercise is officially announced to begin!

Luo Zheng leads the vehicles of a regiment into the camp, when one of his soldiers comes hurriedly to report to him.

“Commander, Group Red’s strong electromagnetism is interfering our commanding system!”

Luo Zheng stares at the three giant screens. He thinks for a while, saying: “It seems that Dai Two wants to make me a lonely commander.”


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