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Read Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself Chapter 707 – Stealthily

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Read WebNovel Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself Chapter 707 – Stealthily

Chapter 707: Stealthily

Li Beinian was staying in a single’s ward.

When Mu Xichen arrived, Chi Dali was in the ward looking after his daughter.

Sensing that someone was approaching, Chi Dali turned around. His eyes lit up, but he quickly said, “You…”

“Shh…” Mu Xichen gestured for him to be quiet as his gaze fell on Li Beinian. “How is she?”

“She’s fine, but what happened to you?” Chi Dali stood up and looked at Mu Xichen’s extremely pale face. He lowered his voice and said, “I heard from Beinian that you were shot? Where are you hurt?”

Mu Xichen shook his head lightly and said, “I’m fine.”

“How could you be fine!” Chi Dali looked displeased. “Look at how pale you are. If Beinian saw this, her heart would ache!”

Mu Xichen hadn’t thought about this problem. When he heard this, he subconsciously touched his face.

His body was a little weak and it took him great endurance just to walk here.

His head was spinning. Mu Xichen knew that it was probably because he had lost too much blood and hadn’t eaten.

After what Chi Dali had said, he wondered if he should take some remedial measures, when he saw the woman on the bed move.

Li Beinian slept late last night and was feeling unwell. Hence even thought it was past 10 am, she was still sleeping.

Except, in her sleep, she suddenly thought that she heard Mu Xichen’s voice.

As this feeling was overpowering, she quickly opened her eyes.

Sure enough, she saw Mu Xichen in his thick down jacket before her.

The room was well-lit and Mu Xichen’s face was visible to her at once.

His normally red lips were now pale and immediately, Li Beinian was wide awake.

His honey colored, tanned skin was now as pale as sheet!

Mu Xichen’s heart skipped a beat when he met her gaze. He subconsciously turned around, but Li Beinian had already exclaimed, “Ah Chen, where are you going!”

The man halted and turned around.

As Li Beinian looked at his face, her heart ached.

Her first reaction was to get off the bed, however Chi Dali hurriedly said, “You’ve sprained your neck. If you move it again, it will worsen!”

Mu Xichen immediately went forward and held her down. He looked at her face, taking in every detail, and whispered guiltily, “I’ve come too late.”

Hearing his voice, she felt a painful swelling growing in her throat. Her tears started to flow uncontrollably.

Mu Xichen lost control of his emotions. Looking at her tears, he whispered, “Don’t cry. Where does it hurt?”

Li Beinian sobbed and said, “Help me up, my neck hurts.”

He held her neck with one hand and her shoulder with the other, gently pus.h.i.+ng her up.

Then, he placed the pillow behind her back, helped her sit up, and wiped away her tears.

The girl did not dare to touch him. She looked at him from head to toe and asked, “Where were you shot?”

“It’s just a small injury, it will be fine.” Mu Xichen couldn’t help but kiss her eyes. “Look, I’m fine.”

“He was shot in his arm! Left arm,” T Jing couldn’t help but interrupt.

Mu Xichen frowned and said, “Shut up!”

T Jing ignored him. “You’ve lost a lot of blood. Look, your face is pale!”

Li Beinian looked at his left hand.

Mu Xichen was wearing the down jacket that T Jing had brought. It was rather thick and it was hard to tell his condition.

Mu Xichen turned sideways to block her gaze. “It’s alright.”

“Let me see.”

“I’m really fine.”

“Take off your jacket!” Li Beinian tried to get up, but she accidentally moved her neck and gasped.

T Jing interrupted. “Look, Sister-in-law is already in this state, can’t you be more cooperative!”

Mu Xichen’s face darkened. “If you would just shut up, no one’s going to think you’re a mute!”

T Jing fell silent.

Li Beinian tugged at his down jacket. He was wearing a white T-s.h.i.+rt. It wasn’t thick, but the red stain was visible.

Li Beinian burst into tears.

Mu Xichen’s anger vanished as he helplessly wiped away her tears. “It’s going to be alright.”

“G.o.dpa, help get him hospitalized and get the doctor to examine him.” Li Beinian sniffed and said fiercely, “I’m only 20 years old. I don’t want to be a widow!”

Given this, Mu Xichen had no choice but to relent.

The fact was, Mu Xichen could not endure it for very much longer.

His body was weak.

Chi Dali urged Mu Xichen to go and get himself checked, while T Jing stayed in the ward.

T Jing sounded very young, as though he was a delicate 17- or 18-year-old.

After Mu Xichen and Chi Dali left, Li Beinian’s gaze naturally fell on T Jing.

The pair of eyes above his mask turned into half-moons as he took off his cap to reveal his wavy golden hair.

He took off the mask, revealing his delicate and clean features. His skin was especially fair and there was a mole under his left eye. “h.e.l.lo, Sister-in-law, I’m Tang Mingjing!”

This was the first time Li Beinian had heard this name.

His outfit was a little hip and stylish, very trendy.

He didn’t look like an IT guy at all. Instead, he looked like a young male gangster.

However, this name reminded Li Beinian of the hacker from 7740.

Li Beinian probed, “Are you T Jing?”

T Jing smiled and nodded. “Yes, I didn’t expect you to know me!”

Having received that affirmative, Li Beinian’s heart skipped a beat and she said, “Come a little closer, sit.”

Noticing her serious expression, T Jing’s smile faded slightly and he sat down as told.

“Do you have a way to monitor someone else’s phone?”

T Jing shuddered. “To monitor? Or tap the line?”


“It depends on the type of the cell phone. It’s a little more difficult to do that with the latest models on the market,” T Jing fed back honestly. “Nowadays, the security features of cell phones is much advanced. In the past, it could be hacked as long as the cell phone’s serial number was known. Now, it can’t be done, unless…”


“Unless we can install a virus in the target cell phone.” T Jing looked at her and then whispered, “I’ve only just given Boss’s cell phone to him. Later, when he returns, I can install a virus in it. Thereafter, whoever he sends a message to, the searches he will make on websites, or wherever he has been, will all be captured.”

Having said these, he mumbled, “But Boss isn’t someone who will mess around. You don’t have to worry.”

Li Beinian asked, “Will he find out about it?”

“This… I don’t know.” T Jing scratched his face. “But don’t worry. Even if they were to find out, they would only suspect me and not you.”

“So, we’ll still be discovered, right? Is there a way to do it stealthily?”

T Jing became serious when he heard this. “Sister-in-law, although our boss is a little stuffy, he will never cheat on you, ever. I can guarantee it with his character!”

Li Beinian was dumbstruck.


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