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Read Hidden Marriage Chapter 1981 Trespassing A Tiger’s Lair

Hidden Marriage is a web novel completed by Jiong Jiong You Yao, 囧囧有妖.
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Read WebNovel Hidden Marriage Chapter 1981 Trespassing A Tiger’s Lair

Chapter 1981: Trespa.s.sing A Tiger’s LairTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Lu Tingxiao heard this, he looked doubtful.

Han Xiao seemed like someone who was not into the affairs of the world, yet he still felt like this person was not that simple.

Everything that he did seemed to be strange and absurd, yet actually, there was meaning to them. Even though he could not make out his intentions, he could confirm that he was a friend and not a foe.

On the other side, Ning Xi and Little Treasure were already playing with the tiger.

The two of them fed the tiger one mouthful at a time.

When he saw that the white tiger was satiated, it wagged its snowy white tail and lay on the ground with its belly up, letting Little Treasure snuggle against it. Ning Xi found this terribly cute.

“Come over for dinner.” Lu Tingxiao looked helplessly at the big and the small ones lying on the ground.

Perhaps he could consider letting them have a pet…

“Oh! Coming!”

Ning Xi then reluctantly removed her gaze from the white tiger and prepared to have dinner. At this moment, the tiger suddenly sat up straight, his feline eyes fixed straight outside the door. Then came a low rumble from his throat that sounded like a warning.


A crisp sound was heard and the huge door was crashed open.

Two men in black with masked faces suddenly rushed in.

“Follow us…”

Before one of the men could finish, he suddenly saw the Bengal white tiger beside Ning Xi.

Based on his professionalism and common sense, it was enough for him to know what this living thing before him meant.

This was not a common white tiger from the zoo!

The man stood stunned for about three seconds.

“Sorry, we’ve gotten the wrong place!” One of them reacted more quickly, he tugged on his companion and wanted to leave.

Yet, the white tiger roared at the top of its lungs. It shot to its feet like feathered arrows and blocked the door.

Its roar caused Ning Xi to trembled all over and she was perturbed.

In the wild, a single roar from the white tiger could move mountains. Furthermore, they were experiencing it so up close.

As for one of the black-clothed men, the tiger’s roar made his legs shake and he almost fell straight to the ground.

When they saw that the tiger had not immediately pounced on them, the two men quickly ran for their lives.

Very quickly, two of Lu Tingxiao’s subordinates rushed in, panting, “Boss! Are you okay?!”

One of them saw the white tiger at the entrance and was frightened. “This… This is…”

“What happened?” Lu Tingxiao asked in a low voice.

“Some people trespa.s.sed, but they were clearly professional hires. When we realized it, they had already gotten close!” The subordinate blamed himself.

Lu Tingxiao frowned slightly. Deer Town was a residential area after all. He could not have defenses that were too strict.

In fact, even if they had tighter security, as long as the other party sent out high-level people, there would definitely be a possibility of an invasion.

He had done the most for the surrounding security, which proved that these two trespa.s.sers’ ranks were at least rank.

There was no need to guess who were forces that could hire mercenaries of rank.

The white tiger surrounded Lu Tingxiao’s two subordinates and vigilantly hovered. When Ning Xi saw its protective behavior, she quickly pulled the white tiger back. “Baby, come back! They’re not enemies!”

“Big White, come!” Little Treasure waved at the white tiger.

It seemed to have understood Ning Xi and Little Treasure as the white tiger then swung his tail and walked towards Little Treasure who held a piece of beef in his hand.

At this moment, Ning Xi gazed out and frowned slightly.

It seemed like things would not be that peaceful.

Previously, she had already b.u.mped into a stalker once, whom Han Xiao resolved.


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