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“The Lu family is ridiculous! We didn’t even say anything when Lu Tingxiao had a child before getting married, and you were just trying to be considerate to that child. Not only are they not grateful, how could they put the blame on you!?” Guan Rui was incensed after he found out what had happened from her daughter.

“Don’t make a scene, Father, Uncle Lu and Aunty Lu did not blame me. They were comforting me by a.s.suring me that it has nothing to do with me! They even thanked me!” Guan Ziyao explained.

Guan Rui’s expression softened. “That’s more like it…that woman, is she really that close to Little Treasure?”

Guan Ziyao nodded unhappily. “I saw Little Treasure addressing her as his mother.”

Guan Rui was not surprised. He looked at his daughter and asked quietly, “Ziyao, what do you think is your top priority now?”

“Improving my relations.h.i.+p with Little Treasure,” Guan Ziyao replied.

Guan Rui shook his head. “You’re wrong. Although you’re smart, you really have mistaken your priority here. With that kid’s current condition, he’s as good as useless trash now. What good could come out of you improving your relations.h.i.+p with trash?

“That woman already had the child on her side, but did you see Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi being nice to her? They didn’t acknowledge her even if she was already in a relations.h.i.+p with Lu Tingxiao. She was not invited and could only attend the event today by using that child!”

Guan Ziyao thought about it. “It’s because that woman is from an unknown lineage. I can also see that Uncle Lu and Aunty Lu are really concerned about Little Treasure, so I’d like to at least have him like me, then Lu Tingxiao might start to notice my worth.”

Guan Rui sighed and explained to her, “Little Treasure is their only successor, and he’s their actual grandson, so of course, they’d be concerned. It’s exactly because they are concerned that they will be very strict and careful with selecting the mother to Little Treasure.

“Do you understand what does the position as the future madam of Lu family mean? No matter how close the woman gets to Little Treasure, at best, they would just hire her to become a private tutor, or even his nanny, to take care of him, but do you think Lu Chongshan would be stupid enough to let her marry Lu Tingxiao?

“Well…” Guan Ziyao started to falter.

Guan Rui gave his daughter a pat on the back. “Ziyao, don’t get your priorities wrong. What you should do now is to impress Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi. Of course, it’ll be easy for you. You’ve mentioned the main point just now: that woman is not from a renowned family, so no matter how much she tries, she will never get into the Lu family.

“You have to act more generously, don’t be irritated by such small matters. Act like the lady capable of holding up the Lu family, then the position will be yours, understood?”

“Father, I understand.” After listening, Guan Ziyao sat up straight, her annoyance fading at once.

Guan Rui beamed at his daughter. “That’s great.”

There was another important thing that he did not mention. By the time Ziyao joined the Lu family and had her own child with Lu Tingxiao, Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi would definitely be pleased to have a grandchild with such amazing genes from the Guan family.

When that time came, they would definitely s.h.i.+ft their focus away from that trash…


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