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Read Hide In The Banished Palace And Level Up To A Big Boss Chapter 203 – Which Ancestor?

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Chapter 203: Which Ancestor?

Didn’t she usually stay by the sect master’s side and help him deal with the sect’s affairs?

Why did she come to this little disciple’s hall of affairs?

Deacon Yu didn’t dare to be negligent when such an elder came. He hurriedly went forward to greet her.

“Elder!” Deacon Yu shouted, causing the surrounding people to be greatly shocked.

“Greetings, Elder!”

All the disciples stared at Bai Zhijing after the greeting was finished.

Bai Zhijing’s face was still as cold as ever, and a faint killing intent spread out in all directions.


A gust of wind blew over, and all the surrounding disciples instantly felt a chill in their hearts.

Bai Zhijing’s cold and stern gaze swept over the gray-clothed middle-aged man.


The middle-aged man immediately knelt in front of Li Jiao.

Then, Bai Zhijing stared at Deacon Yu without saying a word.

Deacon Yu’s heart shrank, and his back was covered in sweat.

What exactly had happened that this old fellow was filled with hostility toward him?

He started to question himself if he had any dealings with Elder Bai, but they didn’t even know each other.

Deacon Yu was even sure that Bai Zhijing didn’t even know the existence of people like him, so how could he have offended her?

“I didn’t know that elder was coming. I apologize for not welcoming you. The penalty is death!”

“Hmph, so you knew about the death penalty?”


Deacon Yu’s face turned pale.

Sure enough, Elder Bai was here for him this time.

But why? Even if she wanted to convict him, she should let him know the reason, right?

Deacon Yu gritted his teeth and mustered up his courage, “I don’t know what kind of offense that I had committed. Please enlighten me, Elder!”

“Li Jiao, come here!”

Bai Zhijing called out to Li Jiao.

Yun Yiyi quickly went over and pulled Li Jiao along as she walked towards Bai Zhijing.


This time, everyone’s gaze was fixed on Li Jiao.

“I told you, a prodigy who broke through from the acquired realm to the peak of the higher heaven realm in less than a year, how could an elder not notice her?”

“Hmph! Someone said that her apt.i.tude was bad, and no elders would take a fancy to her.”

“Yeah, and who was it that said if an elder had taken a fancy to her, they would have taken her away long ago.”

“Right, right. I remember someone saying that she could break through to the higher heaven realm a long time ago and planned to enter the sect and surprise everyone with her continuous breakthroughs to attract the elders’ attention. In the end, the elders didn’t fall for it and left the girl behind.”

The surroundings were filled with discussions.

They completely ignored Deacon Yu, who was kneeling on the ground at this moment.

These thoughts were not his own.

It was because of this that he dared to treat Li Jiao this way.

That was why he dared to ask for gifts. He did not have to worry about these disciples taking revenge in the future.

He had probed and observed Li Jiao many times, but he did not find out about anyone backing her.

He did not expect it to be Elder Bai.

No wonder she could enter the Xuantian Sect despite her bad apt.i.tude test.

He had miscalculated!

Deacon Yu’s head was on the ground.


If he had not been greedy, he would not have ended up like this even if he had given it more thought.


It seemed that there was still room for redemption.

“Deacon Yu, did you know your crime?”

Yun Yiyi said angrily.

During this period, she was busy comprehending the Haotian Palm and the Mystic Void sword method that she did not have much time to visit Li Jiao.

She did not expect such a thing to happen.

Extorting a disciple.


“May I know what crime did I commit?”

“You used your position to extort a disciple. Isn’t that a crime?”

Yun Yiyi was stunned.

With so many people watching, he still dared to deny it.

If she could not get rid of him today, how could she continue to work in the Xuantian Sect in the future?

Wouldn’t Deacon Yu be even more arrogant in the future?

“Who were you talking about?”

“This person in front of me! Could it be that what I heard just now was fake?”

He was still trying to deny it!

How hateful!

“I had never said anything about extortion. It was all said by him.”

Deacon Yu pointed at the middle-aged man in gray and answered.


The middle-aged man in gray fell to his knees with a plop, his face as ashen as death.

It was over!

“Were you trying to shirk responsibility?”

“From the beginning to the end, I had never said a single word. I had never thought about extortion. They were the ones who said it. I swear on this, and the heavens could bear witness to it.”

Deacon Yu pointed at the surrounding disciples as he spoke.


The surrounding disciples took a step back.


Seeing that Deacon Yu had sworn, Yun Yiyi couldn’t say anything.

She continued, “Why didn’t you allow Li Jiao to apply for leave?”

“New disciples who haven’t become official disciples would not be allowed to go home to visit. Wasn’t this a rule of our sect?”

“What about the other disciples who got their leave slips?”

“They had already become official disciples. They were just following the final rules.”

The answer was watertight.

It was as if that was the truth.

Everything was being led by the people around them. It was the gray-clothed disciple who was forcing Li Jiao.

Yun Yiyi was forced into a corner.

“Good, very good. Push away all your sins!”

Yun Yiyi gritted her teeth.

“I wasn’t saying that I didn’t commit any crime. These were caused by the disciples’ laziness and negligence. Elder Bai, please punish them!”

Deacon Yu raised his head and stared at Elder Bai.

With so many people watching, how could you, Elder Bai, convince the

Gift-giving was already the rule of the entire human clan. It was also an unspoken rule in the Xuantian Sect.

Even though he knew that gifting wasn’t right, but it had always been like that.

Many disciples and elders benefited from the gift-giving.

He did not believe that these people would still stand on Bai Zhijing’s side.

The white swan among the crows was a sin.

“Hehe, Deacon Yu, didn’t you know how serious the matter was?”

Bai Zhijing said.

“I didn’t know how serious it was.”

“Did you know about Li Jiao’s background and who was watching her from the shadows?”

Deacon Yu was stunned.


Wasn’t it you, Elder Bai?

Even if it was Elder Bai, he had never thought of it before.

“Sect… sect master?”

Sect Master was busy, how could it be?

“If it wasn’t for the ancestor’s warnings, I would have let you slipped away.”


“The person the ancestor is paying attention to?”

“Which ancestor?”

Exclamations rang out.

What was the ancestor?

He was one of the top elites in the Tianyao region.

Wherever they went, they set the rules.

“Why was the ancestor paying attention to her?”

“Could it be that Li Jiao is the descendant of this ancestor?”

When these words were said, everyone nodded.

“The ancestor with the surname Li? There seemed to be one among the fifth generation disciples of the Xuantian Sect? How was this possible? It would be impossible for him to be alive?”

“There were only a few old ancestors who could be counted on. There was only one old ancestor surnamed Li who entered the forbidden area alive and went into seclusion without any news.”


“It couldn’t be him! How could such a figure survive until now?”

“That was a figure from the ancient times. Perhaps there was another way.”

Everyone was discussing.

Even Bai Zhijing was absent-minded for a moment.

If this elder was still alive, it would be too terrifying.

The entire world would be shocked by him.

Other than the elder of the Phoenix, Dragon, and Roc clans, no other demons could pose any threat to the Xuantian Sect.

Li Jiao was also stunned.

She was being watched by the ancestor.

Listening to the people around her, could it be that she was the descendant of some ancestor?

At this moment, everyone seemed to have forgotten about Deacon Yu and the middle-aged man in gray, who was kneeling on the ground.

Deacon Yu was trembling all over!

It’s over!

This time, he had kicked an iron plate.

If he provoked the elder, his survival would become a problem. He would have to think about how to face the elder’s suppression in the future. But he didn’t expect to provoke the ancestor.

It’s over!

If not, their entire family would be finished.

The grey-clothed middle-aged man was already lying on the ground like a dead loach.

He knew that he was dead for sure.

It was all because of this d.a.m.n master.

It was all because of him!

Hatred erupted from the middle-aged man’s heart.

He suddenly got up and pounced on Deacon Yu.


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