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Read Hide In The Banished Palace And Level Up To A Big Boss Chapter 400 – Depression of the Dragon Clan

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Chapter 400: Depression of the Dragon Clan

“The Demon Tower is a sentient being. No, in fact, it is a living and breathing thing.”

The emperor weapon definitely possessed its own consciousness. It was the most difficult thing in the world to know and be in touch with one’s own ident.i.ty.

It was as dead as it was alive.

Regardless of whether it was a weapon spirit or a spirit beast, it belonged to the demon species.

In ancient times, the Human Clan also hailed from a demon species.

It was only after many years of development and evolution, did the Human Clan progress and grow to become an exception.

The demon beasts that belonged to the Human Clan were called Spirit Beasts.

“I wonder if the demon-slaying land had spiritual weapons”

If the demon-slaying land had another spiritual weapon, it would be troublesome.

Unless this spirit weapon was awakened very early and instantly identified itself as part of the Human Clan.

Otherwise, it would be too difficult to take control of the demon-slaying land.

The pursuit continued from place to place, to different ends of the land

Time was drifting by.

Li Mu was disciplined and consolidated his cultivation every step of the way.

The pace of the pursuit was accelerating and Li Mu had to pick up the pace of his escape.

“Eh, they are heading toward the direction of the Chaotic Sea

The golden-winged great ROC said.

“Are they going out of the region?”

“Could it be that these two emperor-level experts are overseas experts?”

The two ROC kings fell into deep thought.

Two emperor-level experts suddenly appeared. The only logical explanation was that they were overseas experts.

“They really are overseas experts. How did they cross the Chaotic Sea?”

The ROC Clan always lamented that they could easily go overseas to live when push comes to shove.

The truth was, by overseas, the ROC Clan only meant to t find an island at the edge of the Chaotic Sea as a rest stop for the clan. It was impossible for them to really go overseas.

Cultivators below the Gui Yuan tier were basically incapable of crossing the Chaotic Sea.

The reason why the Chaotic Sea was named as such was that Yuan Qi could not be absorbed by the sea.

To make things worse, many places were covered in a thick fog all year round.

If one lived here for a long time, one would die if one from the lack of Yuan Qi.

Similar to a raging ancient battlefield, it was not difficult to lose one’s way in the Chaotic sea.

That is unless it was an emperor-level expert who had merged with the Heavenly Way.

But which emperor-level expert would cross the Chaotic Sea for no reason?

The ultimate dissuasion was the many emperor-level monsters that lived in the Chaotic sea.

For one, the flesh-eating fog monster called the sea its home.

When crossing the fog, one would accidentally enter the fog monster’s stomach and become its food.

There were many old semi-G.o.d level monsters among the fog monsters.

It was utterly impossible to escape from these monsters unless one was emperor-level.

So what if one wanted to cross the Chaotic Sea, there was not much intel to go around. Other than the emperor-level experts who had crossed the sea many years ago to search for the secret of imperial level advancement, no one else knew how.

These emperor-level experts who had sailed on the Chaotic Sea in search of opportunities never returned.

They disappeared!

They disappeared just like that.

One could imagine the consequences of losing an emperor-level expert in a clan.

Originally, many demons were members of super forces. However, because of the disappearance of the elder ancestor, the entire clan’s power declined.

No one could afford to lose an emperor-level expert.

After that, no emperor-level expert ever crossed the Chaotic Sea again.

It was still meaningful to die on the continent. However, it wasn’t worth it to disappear quietly in the Chaotic Sea.

The Chaotic Sea became the most dangerous place on the continent, more dangerous than the ancient battlefield.

“There did not seem to be anything useful for the emperor-level experts to find in the Chaotic Sea but there has never been an emperor-level expert who went in and came back. It’s impossible that these two emperor-level experts did not know.”

“From the looks of it, they really are taking the Chaotic Sea lightly.”

“Let’s wait and see!”

At the same time, the dragon emperor-level experts were also paying attention to the actions of the Demon Tower and the human.

Seeing the human and the tower enter the Chaotic Sea one after another, he let out a long sigh. At the same time, his heart ached a little.

“What a pity, the demon tower. That’s the Demon Clan’s treasure!”

The emperor-level Golden Dragon was a little disappointed.

Seeing the Demon tower leave, the Dragon Clan expert felt a pain in his heart!

“The disappointment came too quickly!”

The five-clawed Golden Dragon said.

They had all thought about the future of the Demon Tower.

The first and second batch of elites who entered the Demon Tower was ready.

Then, they were kicked out.

It didn’t matter if they were kicked out. As long as the tower was there, they would be fine.

But the Demon Tower just had to run away.

Running, it was understandable.

After all, they were going to chase after that human.

After killing that human, they would definitely come back.

Even if he didn’t come back, the Dragon Clan could still go out and search for him and find a way to get him back.

Great, they are on the verge of entering the sea.

All their plans had been in vain.

How heartbreaking!

The smiles on the elders’ faces gradually turned into disappointment.

“Why is there a human emperor-level expert trapped in the Demon Tower?


They could not fathom how a good thing could end up like this.

“Patriarch, are you injured?”

In the forbidden land.

The five-clawed golden dragon was even more upset when he saw the emperor-level patriarch covered in blood.


“The patriarch’s battle situation…”

“It’s not something I can interfere with. That human who just advanced to the emperor-level is actually a sword cultivator. He also uses the mysterious void sword technique of the Heavenly Way sect. I heard that the Heavenly Way sect’s patriarch is a sword cultivator.”

The emperor-level golden dragon frowned.

If it really was that person from the Heavenly sect, it would be difficult to deal with him.

“Why is the Patriarch of the Heavenly sect in the Demon Tower?

“I guess he did not emerge the last time he entered the tower in the demon-slaying land. I wonder how they escaped from the demon-slaying land?”

“The demon-slaying land is the Heavenly Sect’s emperor-level weapon. It’s not difficult for the patriarch of the Heavenly Sect to break his own weapon.”

The five-clawed Golden Dragon said.

The Heavenly Sect’s patriarch had indeed appeared in the demon-slaying land.

He thought that he had already come out, but he was actually trapped in the demon tower.

Furthermore, he had broken through to the emperor-level in the tower.

He was truly a legendary figure.

No wonder the Fifth Supreme Elder and the others had attacked the Heavenly Sect for so long, but its patriarch did not appear.

“Let’s postpone our attack on the Heavenly Sect.

The Golden Dragon said.

“Patriarch, Why? Even if that emperor-level expert is is the Heavenly Sect’s patriarch, he has already entered the Chaotic Sea”

The five-clawed Golden Dragon did not understand.

“Sigh, let’s wait! When it’s time to attack, I’ll do it myself. Since I’ve already woken up, I don’t have much time left. Thinking that the Heavenly Dao has been attracted by the human race and the demon tower, I want to see if there’s still a chance to take a step forward.”

“Elder ancestor, you mean…”


The five-clawed Golden Dragon left with joy.

If the elder ancestor could take the opportunity to take a step forward, then it wouldn’t be too much of a loss this time.

Taking a step forward meant that the elder ancestor’s strength and lifespan would increase by quite a bit.

But then, the five-clawed Golden Dragon thought of the ROC Clan again.

The Heavenly Dao’s heavenly tribulation had been attracted away, so wouldn’t that emperor-level expert of the ROC race take advantage of it?

If he took the opportunity to increase his strength…

As he thought, the five-clawed Golden Dragon’s face turned black again.

At this moment, the heavily injured emperor-level Golden Dragon also thought of this problem.

“The heavens do not allow me to live a few more years! Since that’s the case, then let’s perish together with the ROC Clan! If there’s still a chance, we can destroy the Heavenly Sect. If there’s no chance…”

The Golden Dragon looked at another secret place in the Forbidden Land.

“Should I wake him up?”

So conflicted!

The Demon Tower probably did not realize that what he had done had in fact burdened the Dragon Clan, instead of its original intention to help it.

At this moment, the Demon Tower was also feeling conflicted.

Unknowingly, it chased this human into the Chaotic Sea.

It wasn’t until they were deep in the center of the Chaotic Sea that they realized that it would be difficult to leave.

What was wrong with this human? Did he not know that the Chaotic Sea was a legendary forbidden land. In the event they got lost, only the best luck in the world could help them live, by not running out of Zhen Yuan.


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