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Read His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light Chapter 986 – The Truth Beneath the Truth (16)

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Read WebNovel His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light Chapter 986 – The Truth Beneath the Truth (16)

Chapter 986: The Truth Beneath the Truth (16)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Real grandpa? Would she drug my daughter if she sees me as her real grandpa? Would she cause my granddaughter to have a miscarriage?!” Old Master Su’s hazy eyes shone with a trace of scarlet as the wrath in his heart has fully reached its limits, causing the air to thicken with a heavy bloodl.u.s.t.

He instructed Uncle w.a.n.g right away, “Help them pack and move out!”

That was akin to chasing them out!

He had not intended to chase them out immediately and was starting to feel emotional. However, the news of s.h.i.+ Guang’s child being lost as well as Xu Yafeng’s rant had caused every single last bit of sympathy he had to disappear.

He had raised them for so many years! Just because they were asked to move out, they changed their tunes immediately!

If that’s the case, should he continue feeding the son and children of his enemy then?!

Xu Yafeng wanted to refute more but was held back by Su Ya.

It was clear that Old Master Su’s heart had softened earlier on. However, the news of s.h.i.+ Guang as well as her mother’s outburst caused the entire situation to turn sour. She was honestly p.i.s.sed to death and wanted to bark out at Xu Yafeng.

However, at the moment she could merely hold her mother back with a simple, ‘Shut up’ for her to stop talking. Otherwise, even the last traces of sympathy Old Master Su had would be erased entirely.

If they had to leave, so be it! She refused to believe that Old Master Su had no more feelings left for her. As long as she were to continue playing the sympathy card, things would definitely work out.

Xu Yue’er was already dead, gone like her ashes!

As long as the issue with Xu Yue’er doesn’t get pinned onto her or her brother, she would be able to try her best to change Old Master Su’s mind and return to the Su Family even after leaving the house.

She kept her tears and merely retained a bland, miserable expression with a look of resignation and sighed. “Grandpa, please take care of your body…”

Old Master Su froze momentarily. However, he ignored her and followed Lu Yanchen into the room.

Inside, s.h.i.+ Guang did not know the exact details, but she had a rough idea of what was going on.

When Old Master Su entered, she bit on her lips and called out solemnly, “Grandpa.”

“Why are you standing up? Hurry and lie down…” Old Master Su rushed to her with a worried expression before turning to the doctor coldly. “The child is gone? Why didn’t you prescribe her any medicine or call for the ambulance immediately? What are you still standing there for? How could the child be alright with you behaving as such?!”

The doctor coughed gently and said nothing.

s.h.i.+ Guang chuckled. “Erm… grandpa, actually… I was just pretending.”

“What?” Old Master Su frowned.

“Would you listen to me explain first?” s.h.i.+ Guang walked up and supported Old Master Su to sit down on a sofa before explaining things properly.

“Actually, the pregnancy was a screw up. I only just found out that I wasn’t pregnant when I went to the hospital for a check up yesterday. However, we haven’t told everyone about this mistake because we felt that it was way too embarra.s.sing! At the stairs earlier on, she fell down on her own to try and frame me! Because I didn’t want to let her plot succeed, I sat down on the floor myself as well…”

With that, she raised her hand. “I swear that everything I said was the truth. If there was any bit of falsehood, I’ll die a terrible death and the heavens will…”

“Shut up.” Old Master Su’s face darkened. “I didn’t say that I didn’t believe you. What are you swearing for? You’re not to make any swears casually in the future, got it?”


The mere news of her being alright had Old Master Su’s face relaxing entirely. Even the wrinkles on his temple had unclenched as he patted s.h.i.+ Guang’s hand gently. “Sit down and tell everything to grandpa.”

s.h.i.+ Guang sat down obediently and began explaining in detail this time round.


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