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Read His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling Chapter 289 Yao Ling’s Identity

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Even though she couldn’t remember everything clearly, but she was able to recall that Yao Ying was the only one who was behind her! She was. .h.i.t by a sudden realization… Was… was it him?! Was it really Yao Ying’s doing?

Her eyes widened in surprise!

How dare he?!

If it was really him, she would really kick him out of her bed ah~! How dare he do that to her? He might have had a good reason, but still… hitting her?! Her?! It seemed like this man was getting bolder and she really needed to put him on his place!

Yao Ling could only pout in anger, after all, the man wasn’t here. She couldn’t vent her anger at the moment ah~!

Aunt Yue saw her change of expression and asked, “What happened? Are you okay?” The young woman looked angry…? But why? Aunt Yue knew that she had stopped midway when receiving the blessings from the symbols but didn’t really pay attention to the reason, so naturally, she didn’t know that Yao Ling was getting angry at her husband.

There would be no way Yao Ling told such an intimate thing to Grandma Yue, so she shook her head softly and calmed herself down. She forced a smile and said, “Nothing! I just remembered something back.”

“Oh…” Aunt Yue mouthed.

Yao Ling cursed inwardly and thought, ‘Yao Ying! Just you wait!’

Aunt Yue didn’t really believe her, but she didn’t pry any further. But instead, she asked once again, “Do you remember about it now?” This matter was more pressing and she needed Yao Ling to remember as soon as possible.

Yao Ling hesitantly nodded, “I do! Do you have something to do with it?”

Aunt Yue didn’t answer her, but instead, she asked, “Did you feel a pull to come and touch the symbols back then?”

Yao Ling nodded. She started to notice the stubborn and weird personality of this woman — she only answered the questions that she wanted to answer. She felt at a loss when meeting such a person, after all, there were so many questions that she wanted to ask ah~!

“Do the two words ‘Bei Yue’ remind you of something?” Aunt Yue asked.

Yao Ling tried hard to remember about it, but in the end, she shook her head. “What’s that?” She had never heard about those words before. When Xiao Fang told the others about Bei Yue, Yao Ling was in a comatose state. At that time, she couldn’t hear them.

Aunt Yue sighed, knowing that the young woman was indeed clueless. The matter of Bei Yue was only known to a few related people in the Han Kingdom back then, so naturally, it was understandable if she had never heard of it. It was just wishful thinking on Aunt Yue’s part.

“I will explain it to you!” Aunt Yue said. She basically repeated everything that she had told the others.

Yao Ling was surprised that there was a hidden clan called Bei Yue and it was related to her. Her eyes lit up when she realized that it meant… Grandma Yue probably knew something about her ident.i.ty. She quickly asked, “Grandma Yue… do… do you know who I am? Or maybe… my parents?”

Yao Ling remembered how looked alike Xiao Fang with her mother, thus, they quickly understood the relations.h.i.+p between them. Maybe… maybe Grandma Yue would remember someone that resembled her? She knew the chance was quite small but she didn’t want to give up. Judging from her story, the Bei Yue people that came here weren’t that many… so the chance should be higher, right?

Aunt Yue was a bit hesitant to answer this question, thus, she didn’t know how to answer her question as well. She knew… she knew perfectly well who her parents were. However, if she didn’t tell her right now, no one would be able to tell her about her parents in the future. She was in a dilemma.

Yao Ling looked at Grandma Yue, feeling full of hope. When she saw the hesitancy in Aunt Yue’s eyes, she understood that Grandma Yue really knew something. She just needed to give her a ‘push’ so she would forget about her hesitancy.

“Grandma… please… I’ve been searching for so long,” Yao Ling begged while tears were started to brim on the corner of her eyes. After that, she pulled out the only remembrance that was left by her birth mother from her hair and showed it to Grandma Yue. She wasn’t really sure that Grandma Yue would recognize the hairpin, but at least, she tried.

Yao Ling said, “This is the only thing that my mother left for me…”

Aunt Yue looked at the hairpin in a flash but double-checked it again when she felt that it looked familiar. She would never forget about this hairpin!

“This… this…” Aunt Yue said. She was still in a dilemma, but when she saw the hairpin… she couldn’t help herself back and tears started to pour down from her eyes. If it was merely a guess before, but at the moment, she knew for sure that her guess was correct!

“This… is the only thing that connects me to my birth mother. My adopted mother gave this to me so I could have a lead when searching for my real mother… Please… I know that you know something. You are the only one who can help me,” Yao Ling continued to beg, hoping that Grandma Yue would pity her and finally decided to tell her the truth.

Grandma Yue didn’t say anything but her gaze never left the hairpin, it seemed like she was remembering something about this hairpin. Yao Ling asked once again, “Grandma Yue… you know who this hairpin belongs to, right?” Yao Ling knew that she was too excited, but she didn’t care. She would force an answer from Grandma Yue!

Aunt Yue closed her eyes and wiped the tears away. It seemed like fate really brought both of them together. She should tell her the truth! She sighed and answered in a low voice, “I know… I know it very well… Because that hairpin used to belong to me!”

Yes, that hairpin was hers. So, how could she not remember about this hairpin?

Yao Ling looked at Grandma Yue, feeling flabbergasted. It was hers? This hairpin used to belong to Grandma Yue?! Somehow, she was still at disbelief…

Yao Ling blurted out the question that kept nagging her, “So… you are my mother?”

Aunt Yue flicked her forehead tenderly and finally, she was able to force a smile out. She answered, “Silly you! How could that be? I already told you that I’m almost a hundred years old. If you are my daughter, I must have been pregnant at the age of eighty.”

Yao Ling gaped at her and she started to feel what she was being silly. “I… I thought… you were joking when you told me your age, Grandma Yue!” Yao Ling couldn’t help but stutter.

“I never lie,” Aunt Yue said briefly.

“So… will you tell me now?” Yao Ling asked cautiously.

Aunt Yue’s att.i.tude started to change for the better. She became more tender and compa.s.sionate towards Yao Ling. She touched Yao Ling’s face and caressed it softly. “Dear… when I pay more attention to your face… you look like both of your parents… Your eyes and nose look just like your mother, while your mouth looks like your father… You are beautiful…”

The more Yao Ling heard about it, the more she wanted to cry. She said softly, “Thank you, Grandma Yue…” She almost choked by her own tears.

She finally would find out about her parents’ ident.i.ties.


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