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History’s Number 1 Founder is a web novel completed by August Eagle, 八月飞鹰.
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Chapter 111Chapter 111: To Build and Destroy

Translator: Sparrow Translations  Editor: Sparrow Translations


“Let me test your eyesight. Between the two, who do you think will win?”


Upon hearing Lin Feng’s question, Xiao Yan and w.a.n.g Lin glanced at each other. “There are many changes within a battle. A small action can have a decisive impact upon the results, ” Xiao Yan as he chewed on a blade a gra.s.s while holding his head between his hands.


Laughing, he said, “However, Second Senior miscalculated here. Fighting a melee fight with Little Junior is fighting his strength with his own weakness.” w.a.n.g Lin arched his eyebrow, “Incorrect!”


Xiao Yan was stunned for a moment, “How so?” w.a.n.g Lin arched his eyebrow and thought deeply, “I don’t know, but something doesn’t feel right…”


After receiving the reminder, Xiao Yan calmed down and continued to observe. Normally, he was an extremely intelligent person, just that he was naturally careless. Upon closer observation, he discovered the problem. “Second Senior appears too calm…” Xiao Yan muttered to himself.


Lin Feng smiled, and said lightly, “The results have already been determined, but what determined it is not the difference in mastery or the strength of the spell.” Xiao Yan and w.a.n.g Lin were quietly stunned and they concentrated even harder on the battle below the mountains, not daring to miss even a single moment.


Zhu Yi’s Way of the Facile Blade produced numerous signs from the Eight Trigrams. There appears to be a limitless amount of sword techniques, each with its own unique point. During the battle with Xiao Budian, Zhu Yi’s understanding of the Way of the Facile Blade became deeper and deeper as he produced more and more previously unthinkable variants of the technique.


However, Xiao Budian’s was too increasingly able to the bend the powers of the wind and thunder to his will. In the face of Zhu Yi’s many sword techniques and charms, Xiao Budian fought back continuously with the same combination of wind and thunder, not willing to let up behind Zhu Yi. As long was he was given the chance to move further away from each other, Zhu Yi would undoubtedly do so given the disparity between the two’s melee prowess.


Zhu Yi understood his point clearly, and hence he did not stop trying to increase the distance between him and Xiao Budian. The two pursued each other relentlessly, and Xiao Budian gradually lost his patience. His cute visage crinkled into a bun. “Eiyyaa!” Xiao Budian directed an infinite amount of wind and thunder onto his body and his speed went up a notch. He moved so fast that his body only left a faint image of itself in its wake as he charged in front of Zhu Yi with the speed of a dimension rift.


After hiding for so long, Zhu Yi was unable to prevent Xiao Budian from approaching him, but he did not despair. There was a trace of a smile on his face.


“One cannot be resolute for long, just as how the moon waxes and wanes, ” Zhu Yi smiled gently, “Little Junior’s power has reached its maximum with that movement, and from now on your strength would only drop.” “Your Infinite Thunderstorm can indeed increase your power limitlessly, but the precondition is that you cannot put the spell onto your body, no matter how strong your body is.” “While you can conjure infinite thunderstorm, the amount of power your body can take has a limit, ” Zhu Yi’s eyeb.a.l.l.s dazzled with revelations and cla



“As for my power, it’s bursting right about now.” With a whish of his longsword using the technique of the Earth Sword, Zhu Yi blocked off Xiao Budian. Then, with his Fire Sword, a waft of burning air appeared to have been released. The Fire Sword acc.u.mulated and compressed its strength nonstop.


The flames under earth burned! This is the Fire Illumination Technique. The Fire Illumination Technique is akin to fire under the earth, which itself churns and burns like underground lava.


When Xiao Budian sensed that something was wrong, Xiao Yi’s sword had already exploded. The Earth Trigram s.h.i.+fted as the Fire Trigram took its place on top. As how the wildfire burns the plains, there is no stopping this power now. Xiao Budian’s entire body trembled with power of thunder and wind as he tried to conceal Zhu Yi’s Fire Illumination Technique.


However, he failed to gain the upper hand and was knocked away. “Second Senior is indeed cunning, ” said Xiao Budian indignantly as he landed on the ground. “Other people may call me cunning, but not you. If we were to discuss cunning, who could be more cunning than you amongst all of master’s disciples?”


Zhu Yi smiled gently. “Today, I helped you to increase your experience so that when you meet foes who fight you with this technique in the future, you would not be so easily tricked.” Xiao Budian appeared resigned to his fate, as he exhaled, “Today I lost this through this technique. I won’t be so careless the next time.”


Atop the mountain, Xiao Yan and w.a.n.g Lin both let out a long sigh while bowing to Lin Feng. “Just as Master had said, the results were independent of one’s mastery or the strength of one’s spells. Little Junior did not lose out, but he missed out on the details here.”


Lin Feng shook his head and smiled, “A five-years old kid, no matter how seasoned, cannot beat a sixteen-year old.” He rushed down the mountain and said, “Xiao Budian, come and rest. Let us then summarize the mistakes you made in the previous battle.” Then he turned to look at Xiao Yan and w.a.n.g Lin, “Are any of you interested in a match with Zhu Yi?”


w.a.n.g Lin smiled and said, “I am no match for Second Senior.” Xiao Yan, however, was more combative, “Let me have a go against Second Senior’s Way of the Facile Blade.” Lin Feng nodded his head, and Xiao Yan jumped down from the mountaintop as he took over Xiao Budian before Lin Feng.


“Second Junior, just like Little Junior, if I managed to close the distance with you in the fight, please don’t blame me for moving first, ” Xiao Yan giggled and spat out the blade of gra.s.s in his mouth. In a heartbeat, he charged towards Lin Feng.


Zhu Yi’s eyes twinkled as he said laughingly, “Big Senior, please do not hold back.” Mercilessly, he brandished his longsword and attacked twice consecutively. “As the thunder strikes across the heavens, a gentleman shall know and obey the virtuous rituals!”


Zhu Yi’s Thunder Sword and Heavenly Sword formed the trigram for “Dazhuang” as the thunder roared across the heavens. Indeed, the thunder was powerful. The powerful sword imbued with this aura cleaved towards Xiao Yan’s head.


“Good move!” Xiao Yan laughed as he punched. Layers upon layers of destructive energy spread from this punch. This was what he understood from the secrets of the Great Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams. This was his Crash of the Eight Trigrams.


Zhu Yi’s powerful aurous sword shattered into nothing upon touching the Crash of the Eight Trigrams. It was almost destroyed. “As thunder gallops under the heavens, it shall lead to growth!” Zhu Yi’s expression did not change as his almost-destroyed sword technique changed. The Thunder Sword and the Heavenly Sword made a swap as the “Dazhuang” trigram, where the thunder was in the sky, morphed into the “Wuw.a.n.g” trigram, where the thunder was under the sky. As thunder gallops under the heavens, it shall lead to growth. The early lord’s sapling germinated and nurtured all creations. Zhu Yi’s Way of the Facile Blade reacted intelligently, as it revived immediately and charged towards Xiao Yan again.


“It’s useless!” Xiao Yan laughed. As he said that, he punched out again. The Crash of the Eight Trigrams activated once again and a powerful energy cleanly destroyed Zhu Yi’s “Wuw.a.n.g” trigram. Zhu Yi’s heart jolted, and he said, “Now I understand, Big Senior’s spell is destructive and cleansing at its core. He harnessed the destructive powers of the heavens and earth.” “My Way of the Facile Blade, however, can morph into various forms, and it is constructive in nature. However, since the earliest days, it’s always easier to destroy than to build. Using my Way of the Facile Blade against his Crash of the Eight Trigrams is akin to a scholar meeting a soldier, there’s no way it could work.”


Here, Zhu Yi was not discouraged. With a Mountain Concealment Technique he avoided Xiao Yan’s Crash of the Eight Trigrams, and he patiently began to circle him.


Atop the mountain, w.a.n.g Lin’s eyebrows furrowed nonstop and he said uncertainly, “Is Second Senior using the same technique with which he vanquished Little Junior to whittle down Big Senior’s patience and strength?”


Xiao Budian crinkled his adorable nose, and said, “Big Senior, please don’t fall for his trap. However, there’s no telling. At times, Big Senior’s temper may be worse than mine.”


“Watch quietly!” Lin Feng smiled suddenly, as his gaze remained fixated upon the two combatants. Zhu Yi’s sword technique changed into many different forms as he continued to circle Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan laughed, “Do you wish to defeat me with the technique you used to defeat Little Junior? I am telling you, had I not believed in deception I would have really fallen for your trick.”


“I’ve given you the chance, now it’s time to determine the winner!” After saying that, Xiao Yan raised his mana to its peak as his body morphed into a mirage and he charged towards Zhu Yi.


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