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Chapter 1448: The Top Cultivator of the Younger Generation of the Great Void Sect!

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Zhu Yi never meant to underestimate Lin Daohan.

Before the rise of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, the Great Void Sect was the premier cultivation place in the Divine Lands. Every single disciple of the Great Void Sect had to be exceptional to join the sect.

Anyone who could join the Great Void Sect and become a direct disciple of the sect must be exceptional in their cultivation abilities, at the very least.

Lin Daohan was the most exceptional cultivator of his generation. He dominated the top position in the Great Void Sect and he surpa.s.sed all his peers. Indeed, he was the genius of the genii.

While he resided quietly in Mount Baiyun all these years and hence, very few people knew of him, those who did knew the true magnitude of his power.

He formed his Nascent Soul at 15 years old and he achieved the Immortal Soul Stage at 36. Before the rise of s.h.i.+ Tianhao from the Celestial Sect of Wonders, he held the t.i.tle for the youngest, most powerful cultivator in the Divine Lands.

Earlier, when he had just achieved the Immortal Soul Stage, it seemed certain that he would replace Yan Nanlai as the sect leader of the Great Void Sect.

The rise of the Celestial Sect of Wonders took away some of the s.h.i.+ne from Lin Daohan.

While it was no longer as eye-catching, his prowess was unimaginable to many.

From a certain perspective, the reason why Lin Daohan did not appear as powerful as he was could be explained by his lack of battle experience.

In the War of the Two Worlds and the Battle of Mount Baiyun, he was in the Supreme Yin-Yang Void Formation. Together with Kuang Heng, he battled against the Hades Tribe. At that point, their enemy was the leader of the Hades Tribe, the Illusory Sun Hades, who was now in his Second Tribulation of Destiny.

In that battle, Lin Daohan appeared ordinary and hence, many people underestimated him.

However, Zhu Yi would not do so. Even though his understanding of Lin Daohan was patchy, the Yi Daoist talisman on his forehead could sense how powerful Lin Daohan was underneath his calm exterior.

The might of the Supreme Yin-Yang Void Formation was as a result of the combined strength of 12 people. The power of the cultivators supported the formation, not the other way round. The power of the spell formation was not determined by the strength of a cultivator, unlike the Two Elements of Creation Formation.

Right now, Lin Daohan had the Great Void Seal with him. His cultivation level was akin to someone in the Vipralopa Stage.

Faced with Lin Feng, the depth of his cultivation could not easily be shown. However, to Zhu Yi, who had been observing quietly from underneath the umbrella, he could sense that among the many cultivators in the Great Void Nine Heavenly Palaces, Lin Daohan’s powers surpa.s.sed that of the Zheng Yi Holy Man and the Xuan Yi Holy Man. He was second only to the Tai Yi Holy Man!

His power surpa.s.sed that of Yan Nanlai.

Zhu Yi looked at Lin Daohan and asked suddenly, “Have you successfully cultivated the Spell of the Transcendent Heaven?”

Lin Daohan replied honestly, “In my sect, the only cultivator who successfully cultivated the Spell of the Transcendent Heaven before the Vipralopa Stage was Grandmaster Chiyang. However, he only did that after the Cardinal Tribulation Beginner Stage.”

Zhu Yi nodded his head and said, “What a shame.”

With that, he said nothing else. He stood on top of the Higan Golden Bridge and sighed. Tens of thousands of runes flew out from his body.

At this moment, Zhu Yi’s body started to change. He revealed his huge Virtual Ent.i.ty, which was clad in a tall crown and ancient robes. His robes fluttered in the air and he held an ancient book in his head. The book was t.i.tled “The Way of Changes.”

As the book flipped, there were parts of it that were blank-white. They did not reveal themselves in the void but instead, they brimmed with limitless possibilities. The many principles of the Dao were contained within.

What was unknown became understood. From it, even more unknowns were formed. The two of them were interdependent and infinite. They contained everything that was known and everything that was unknown.

The sea of knowledge was endless. As one studied its process, he would turn the unknown into something that he knew. With new methods, he could detect and a.n.a.lyze those that he could not before. He would be able to categorize the many things that he could not understand and he would understand what he formerly could not. This symbolized the progress of Man.

The Virtual Ent.i.ty’s features resembled Zhu Yi’s exactly. His ancient robes were clad on him.

Zhu Yi’s Virtual Ent.i.ty stepped onto the Higan Golden Bridge with his toes. A vast amount of golden light came down on Lin Daohan.

Lin Daohan looked calmly at Zhu Yi. His gaze rippled slightly.

In that ripple, Lin Daohan’s entire aura and appearance changed.

Before that, his facial features were already vastly different compared to many years ago. He was exceedingly handsome and his face was like a jade set in stone that was slowly revealing its beauty to the world.

Among all the guys Zhu Yi had seen in his life, the only person who was as handsome as Lin Daohan right now was the mysterious Yue Huatian, one of the Four Immemorial Heroes of the Great Void Sect. His own sect’s Miao s.h.i.+hao could also compare to Lin Daohan.

However, what appeared contradictory to many was the fact that Lin Daohan’s aura became super ordinary. This caused his handsome face to look plain. It lost its glow.

At that moment, the air of normalcy around Lin Daohan disappeared. His entire form appeared exceedingly handsome like a jade tree in the wind.

What Zhu Yi paid attention to was not how Lin Daohan looked, but the increase in his aura that accompanied this change.

The increase in his own power, supported by the Great Void Seal, was shocking.

Zhu Yi frowned and his Yi Daoist Talisman shone above his head. Light came out from his two eyes and he thought, “Interesting, he was able to insert some tweaks into the Mantra of the Great Oblivion?”

However, despite sensing Lin Daohan’s transformation, Zhu Yi did not act slowly. The Higan Golden Bridge straightaway descended down onto Lin Daohan’s head.

Zhu Yi would not attack casually, but when he did attack, it would be ferocious. Lin Daohan understood that clearly.

He looked at the Higan Golden Bridge above his head and he did not delay for a single moment. The Great Void Sect on his left hand started to s.h.i.+ne and the Cheng Heaven Great Void Celestial Light shone. It was extremely mysterious and unpredictable, almost indescribable to many.

As the light started to rise, it slowly descended down on the Higan Golden Bridge. Then, Lin Daohan swiped at the area next to it. Instantly, a door of light appeared.

He took a step out and entered the door of light. Then, he disappeared from his original position and dodged Zhu Yi and his Higan Golden Bridge.

Zhu Yi’s facial expression did not change. A halo of light started to s.h.i.+ne around the Higan Golden Bridge. The aura became more and more powerful. A bridge that pierced from the past to today and represented infinite time and s.p.a.ce.

As the golden light flashed, the Higan Golden Bridge actually managed to pursue Lin Daohan and entered the Zhong Heavens Gate!

When the Higan Golden Bridge entered the Zhong Heavens Gate, its powerful mana trembled and the Zhong Heavens Gate could not stay open anymore. It closed once again and Lin Daohan’s form appeared once more.

However, as the Cheng Heaven Great Void Celestial Light flashed, Lin Daohan took a step out. He somersaulted and soon, he was above Zhu Yi’s head.

He slammed down with his palm and instantly, six halos gathered in the sky. It was as if six different worlds had appeared. They supported each other and crashed down on s.p.a.ce, making their way straight for Zhu Yi.

Faced with Lin Daohan’s Heavenly Six World Holy Ritual counterattack, Zhu Yi’s expression did not change. The Higan Golden Bridge underneath his feet started to s.h.i.+ne with rays of light that shot into the heaven. They formed a powerful wave as they attacked Lin Daohan.

Zhu Yi then raised his hands and performed a spell gesture. He pointed at Lin Daohan.

Aura started to form in the void. They intersected and then started to spread in all four directions. Soon, they enveloped the entire sky.

Lin Daohan’s gaze flashed. Surrounded by the aura, he felt his own powers rippling and becoming increasingly unstable.

It was not submission. Neither was it resistance. Instead, it appeared that he had to follow the aura and advanced forward and spread, enveloping the entire Greater World. Unwillingly and unconsciously, he could feel himself entering it.

Zhu Yi combined the Heavenly Cla.s.sic of the Way’s Virtues and his own Book of Changes. With them, he formed a powerful attack.

Greater Dao Dissemination!

The power attack churned and rolled. Everything around it subconsciously wished to enter it. It was like something that everyone aspired for. Everything that everything had been doing appeared inconsequential. Right now, it was natural to forgo their menial enterprise and re-join the Dao.

This was not a deception or brainwas.h.i.+ng. Instead, it was genuine thought from everyone’s heart.

Even Lin Daohan, Zhu Yi’s enemy, could feel himself benefitting from his great wave. Yue Hongyan, the Sirius Grand Sage, Yang Qing and the White Tiger Grand Sage, all of who were far away, could feel it too.

After all, they made up the Greater World.

Lin Daohan carefully a.s.sessed Zhu Yi. He lowered his head slightly and said nothing. The Cheng Heaven Great Void Celestial Light flashed once more as it helped him to escape the huge wave.

Its power covered all four corners of the world. How could anyone escape the trend?

Lin Daohan cast spells with his hands. The Supreme Evil-Suppressing Pillar appeared and it penetrated the heaven and earth. In that short time, it helped him to get some much-needed time.

However, Zhu Yi noticed what was going on. His Yi Daoist Talisman on his head shone and he slowly reached out with his hand.

Instantly, a ray of white light pillar appeared in the sky. While its power was different, one could tell from its appearance that it was the Supreme Evil-Suppressing Pillar!

This was Zhu Yi’s Supreme Evil-Suppressing Pillar!

Next, the white light pillar intersected with Lin Daohan’s Supreme Evil-Suppressing Pillar. Zhu Yi’s Greater Dao Dissemination continued its suppression of Lin Daohan.

When Lin Daohan noticed this, a look of panic appeared in his eyes.

Between his head, a dark, black dot of light appeared. Runes appeared from it and started to spread in all four directions.

Countless colorful clouds appeared. However, they were all dark and their appearance caused the surrounding to become dim.

In the dimness, Lin Daohan’s expression was calm. In the void, under the s.h.i.+ne of the light, his body appeared slightly unreal.

How could Zhu Yi not recognize this light?

This was the Holy Light of Creation!

Lin Daohan, who was before him, possessed the Holy Light of Creation.

This Holy Light of Creation descended down on Zhu Yi. It did not appear offensive, but it brimmed with a special kind of mystic energy. The Higan Golden Bridge could not block it and Zhu Yi could not dodge it.

Zhu Yi frowned as he looked down at his hands.

They were empty. The Book of Changes in his Virtual Ent.i.ty disappeared too.

The Yi Daoist Talisman on his head disappeared too. Zhu Yi suddenly lifted his head and noticed that Lin Daohan’s expression was calm. Above his head, one could see a dark, hard-to-decipher, pattern!

The Yi Daoist Talisman?


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