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Read History’s Number 1 Founder Chapter 788: Shi Yu’s Plan

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“Uncle Gunyang and the others won’t touch Tianjing, but I believe they will lay a move on the 10 states in the east of the Great Zhou Empire.”

s.h.i.+ Yu remained calm, but his words were frightening.

When most people focused on the Ying Sea, the Great Qin Empire worked on two fronts. On one hand, they entered the Ying Sea trying to capture the three celestial mountains – Penglai, Yingzhou and Fangzhang. On another hand, they put their focus on the Great Zhou Empire.

For the three celestial mountains of the Ying Sea, the Great Zhou Empire went all out. Liang Pan and Zhu Hongwu brought along the Imperial Palace and the Great Heavenly Wheels into the Ying Sea respectively. Even the Vast Sea Sword Sect and the previously low-profile East Heaven’s Gate joined in.

They even paid a certain price for it, as they invited the Luofu Holy Man to help them. They displayed their earnest desire for the three celestial mountains.

As compared to them, the Great Qin Empire might have s.h.i.+ Yu who brought along the Immortal Dragon City, but their determination did not seem as great.

Referencing to s.h.i.+ Yu’s habitual prudence in dealing with things, it was understandable. But when viewed in the context of the Great Zhou Empire, the Great Qin Empire seemed to lack some conviction, which betrayed their abnormal thinking.

After all, besides s.h.i.+ Yu himself, the Great Qin Empire also had two Immortal Soul Third Level cultivators in Prince Gunyang and Prince Anliang.

But now it seemed like s.h.i.+ Yu was ready to become radical in his actions, and it was a radicality that was beyond the expectations of many.

As thoroughly as possible, he was going to exploit the Great Zhou’s Empire advances on the Ying Sea to engage them in a surprise attack.

Inside the Imperial Palace, Liang Pan was resisting the Heaven Extreme Universal Light while looking at the Immortal Dragon City in the distance. He remained as calm as possible.

Since they had been adversaries for many years, Liang Pan naturally expected the Great Qin Empire to do a surprise attack on the Great Zhou Empire.

But he had a different set of beliefs from s.h.i.+ Yu. To Liang Pan, rather than focusing on two fronts, he rather consolidate all his power on one front.

To a certain extent, if the Great Zhou Empire could obtain all three celestial mountains as they wished and control the entire Ying Sea, even if they lost half of their territories in the Divine Lands, they would not be at a disadvantage. Relying on the Ying Sea would prevent their vital energy from being damaged. They would still have the chance to regain what they lost.

But now it seemed like their plan to obtain the three celestial mountains was ruined. What made it worse was that the Great Qin Empire had taken the opportunity to further exploit their weakness.

“Trying to accomplish everything at once is equivalent to acting like a gambler. How can it be the actions of a ruler?” s.h.i.+ Yu’s gaze transcended void s.p.a.ce as he looked at Liang Pan calmly. “Liang Pan, the Great Zhou has risen greatly these few years. You are moving too quickly and being too rushed in achieving success.”

His attention turned to the Illusory Sea Tide which was coming closer and closer, and he said, “You are trapped by Master Lin in here and I am there too. Zhu Hongwu and the Great Heavenly Wheels can only choose to come here and save you, but not remain in the Divine Lands.”

Lin Feng and the rest used their supernatural awareness to interact and they expressed their intentions clearly. It might sound complicated, but it was not exactly so.

“Prince Gunyang and the rest are bound to succeed on their mission. As for the future…” s.h.i.+ Yu looked peaceful, “After losing the Fangzhang Celestial Mountain and not obtaining the Yingzhou Celestial Mountain, even if you and Zhu Hongwu can leave this place alive, both of your vital energies will be damaged too. There’s no way the both of you can exact revenge on the Great Qin Empire.”

He did not mention further on how the Yingzhou Celestial Mountain should be settled. But Lin Feng and Liang Pan knew that he was going to give it to the Celestial Sect of Wonders.

He would use the Immortal Dragon City to block the Illusory Sea Tide temporarily, while the Celestial Sect of Wonders cultivated the Yingzhou Celestial Mountain. After that, he would release the Illusory Sea Tide and allow the Yingzhou Celestial Mountain to be hidden, so that it will no longer be the target of the Great Zhou empire.

Of course, the Celestial Sect of Wonders could also choose not to hide the Yingzhou Celestial Mountain, but use it as a battle tool against the Great Zhou Empire. This depended on what Lin Feng wanted.

Although they also held the Yingzhou Celestial Mountain in high regard, under the circ.u.mstance that the Penglai and Fangzhang Celestial Mountains were hidden, if the Great Qin Empire could obtain the Yingzhou Celestial Mountain, their powers were bound to supersede that of the Great Zhou Empire. At the same time, as they found their feet in the East Sea, they would have an upper hand over the Great Zhou Empire in the East and West.

But s.h.i.+ Yu’s train of thought was very clear. The things that he could certainly obtain were the most precious. Besides the Yingzhou Celestial Mountain, there were also the land and resources of the Great Zhou Empire, which were more practical.

As the Penglai and Fangzhang Celestial Mountains were hidden, the next time they would appear again, the Great Qin Empire would still have a chance. Now, if they gave the Yingzhou Celestial Mountain to the Celestial Sect of Wonders, both sides could still maintain a cordial relations.h.i.+p. When the time comes, they would still have an upper hand over the Great Zhou Empire in the East and West.

At the same time, s.h.i.+ Yu believed Lin Feng would cooperate with him and trap both Liang Pan and Zhu Hongwu.

Otherwise, if Lin Feng faced the Imperial Palace and the Great Heavenly Wheels on his own, even if he was not afraid, how could he be as relaxed as when there was the Immortal Dragon City a.s.sisting him?

Liang Pan looked at s.h.i.+ Yu, “You are still as prudent as before, s.h.i.+ Yu.”

s.h.i.+ Yu had been bidding his time. He waited to confirm that the Great Zhou Empire had lost the Fangzhang Celestial Mountain, observe the might of the Heaven Extreme Universal Light, calculate that the combination of the Immortal Dragon City & Mount Yujing could overcome the combination of the Imperial Palace & Great Heavenly Wheels and decide that the Great Zhou Empire would have no more reinforcements to the Divine Lands before he acted.

At the same time, the Great Zhou Empire did not obtain the Penglai Celestial Mountain, lost the Fangzhang Celestial Mountain and lost hope for the Yingzhou Celestial Mountain. This prevented them from increasing their powers from the Ying Sea. When everything concluded, if he wanted to seek revenge against the Great Qin Empire, he would be totally unconfident.

Lin Feng sat on Mount Yujing and smiled. Suddenly, a black figure jumped off from the mountain and landed in the direction of the Yingzhou Celestial Mountain.

That figure was tall and huge. His facial features were similar to Lin Feng. But the energy that he unleashed was extremely hot, as if he was the burning Sun.

He was Lin Feng’s Avatar of Ares.

As they saw this avatar, Liang Pan and s.h.i.+ Yu were both stunned. That was because Lin Feng’s Avatar of Ares had been in the Void Battleground for a long time and did not seem to return to the Divine Lands. When they were planning, while they did not neglect his presence, they placed him at the last priority.

Right now, Lin Feng’s Avatar of Ares appeared and left them surprised.

Liang Pan and s.h.i.+ Yu did not know that because the avatar was obtained from the system, Lin Feng could summon him back beside him. But because he left the Avatar of Ares in the Void Battleground to search for s.h.i.+ Tianhao’s parents, he wouldn’t summon it back easily.

This time, he summoned it back not for the three celestial mountains. It was because the Avatar of Ares had an unexpected reward in the Void Battleground. That’s why Lin Feng summoned him and the reward back.

Coincidentally, as Lin Feng was observing the Imperial Palace and the Immortal Dragon City, he allowed his Avatar of Ares to cultivate the Yingzhou Celestial Mountain. Although the Avatar of Ares was an avatar specializing in physical martial arts, it was not weak in terms of spells. Cultivating the Yingzhou Celestial Mountain was nothing difficult for him.

Liang Pan looked at Lin Feng’s avatar landing at the bottom of mountain and his expression turned ghastly. He stared at s.h.i.+ Yu, “s.h.i.+ Yu, you have wasted a lot of effort. Liaising between the Ying Sea and the Divine Lands is not easy.”

“But if I don’t lose the Fangzhang Celestial Mountain and even obtain the Penglai Celestial Mountain, do you know what will happen to you?”

After listening to how calm Liang Pan was, s.h.i.+ Yu raised his brows. He wanted to speak but he suddenly felt that the Yingzhou Celestial Mountain seemed to have experienced a change.

“Oh?” Not only s.h.i.+ Yu, even Liang Pan sensed it too. As he resisted the Heaven Extreme Universal Light, he turned his supernatural awareness to scan what was happening.

He felt a sudden awakening of an awareness in the Yingzhou Celestial Mountian.

Lin Feng’s Avatar of Ares just landed on the mountain and had already crossed the broken Nameless Ancient Formation, as it sprinted towards the peak of the Yingzhou Celestial Mountain.

Lin Feng thought, “It seems like there is something hidden inside this Yingzhou Celestial Mountain. It must be this thing that is experiencing a change.”

“But the question is, what or who caused it to experience a change?”

As he thought, Lin Feng used his mana to communicate with his disciples on the Yingzhou Celestial Mountain. Everyone replied him except for one person.

Zhu Yi.

Lin Feng asked, “Zhu Yi, did you find something?”

At the same time, Liang Pan and s.h.i.+ Yu communicated with their own people on the mountain too. Liang Pan did not find out anything, but s.h.i.+ Yu found out that he could not contact Prince Jingfang, s.h.i.+ Lin.

Right now, inside a cave of the Yingzhou Celestial Mountain, there were two parties fighting around a white jade pillar.

One of them was a black, mysterious water that was exerting a force on the surface of the white jade pillar, from the bottom to top.

The other party was a chapter from a scripture filled with words of light and darkness that exerted a force from top to bottom.

The water and the chapter met at the center of the pillar, but they were reluctant to give way to each other.

At the same time, two figures were fighting inside the cave.

One of them was Zhu Yi, while the other person was s.h.i.+ Lin. s.h.i.+ Lin had given up his human form now and did not even summon his Immortal Soul Avatar. Rather, he revealed his own virtual ent.i.ty and converted into a ten feet tall middle-aged man in black, who wore a crown on his head and a python robe (a robe with python images on it). He was formed from a light projection.

In s.p.a.ce, a streak of black sword radiance wound around like a flowing black river. It surrounded Zhu Yi’s Eternal Night Demonic Stele and Forever-Bright Bodhi Heart Lamp.

This black river sword was a magic treasure in the metaplasia realm. Under the command of s.h.i.+ Lin, it was able to unleash its full powers. It was like another Immortal Soul Second Level cultivator.

As it faced the Eternal Night Demonic Stele and the Forever-Bright Bodhi Heart Lamp, while it was outnumbered, it was still able to spare some strength. If it not was for the fact that the demonic stele and the heart lamp were both well-cultivated, they would have been easily suppressed by the black river sword.

Zhu Yi wore an ancient costume and as he faced s.h.i.+ Lin, he felt a little pressed.

s.h.i.+ Lin’s cultivation was weaker than Monk Da Kong, but he was not injured like Monk Da Kong. Right now, s.h.i.+ Lin was even in a perfect state. As he unleashed his full powers, it was not easy for Zhu Yi to deal with him.

Although he was unafraid, if he wanted to defeat his enemy, it was difficult for Zhu Yi.

s.h.i.+ Lin unveiled his virtual ent.i.ty and his powers were summoned to the extreme. But he was also wary of Zhu Yi, as he did not want Zhu Yi to retaliate and damage his virtual ent.i.ty.

What left Zhu Yi bothered was that he was at the losing end now, as both parties fought for the white jade pillar.

Magic treasure embryo in the destiny realm naturally had a dense foundation. To cultivate it, it was not just a comparison of the strength of one’s powers, it was also related to the understanding of a cultivator towards the great way of the Heavens and Earth.

Although Zhu Yi did resonate with the Great Sun Holy Man’s soul and gained a deeper understanding of the Immortal Soul Stage, he was naturally inferior to s.h.i.+ Lin who was already in the Immortal Soul Second Level.


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