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Read Holy Akashic Conqueror 190 How Would It Hatch?

Holy Akashic Conqueror is a web novel made by Trafford.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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When he was thinking about his cultivation, he knew that due to a number of energies he was cultivating he would have trouble advancing to later stages. Especially due to the existence of the Destruction Energy, Lucien knew exactly what needed to be done, but he was not able to do it right now.

The only way for him to advance beyond Yuanying Realm, to reach Haishen Realm was only one way. To reach Haishen Realm, cultivators of his system would transform their Dantians to Virtual World, but Lucien wouldn’t be able to do this, as his energies were greatly unbalanced.

There was only one solution to this. To counter ferocious destruction energy, he needed to obtain Holy Energy Seed, cultivate it together with other energies to the Pinnacle-Phase of Yuanying Realm, and then create 4-Way Virtual World. That would mean, he would be cultivating still four energies but at the same time. If he would want to make advancement in cultivation, he would need to advance all four elements at the same to, to not break the balance. This was the only way for someone like him, to cultivate beyond Yuanying Realm. This was also a reason, why he was constantly looking for Holy Energy Seed, even here in the G.o.d-Devil Plane, as he knew that these Seeds could appear anywhere in the Endless Void.

“So be it… I would now increase my RC Cells and attempt to open another gate from the Eight Celestial Inner Gates: Gate of Pain. I have been putting it aside for a long time already, as this Gate would be problematic, alas, my body is strong enough and refined several times… so I should be able to handle the pain.”

Thus he started eating several hundred blood essences like candies, and to be more effective he ate them in packs. Thanks to that, his RC Level was quickly increasing, though, not by much as most of these blood essences were that of Count-Rank so their effect was smaller compared to before. Blood essences below Count-Rank were now absolutely ineffective for someone like him.

The Gate of Pain, located on the spinal cord, increase in resistance against the physical pain to a great extent. It also could prevent pa.s.sing out when exposed the great physical pain.

To open the Gate of Pain as soon as possible, he chose to use Destruction Energy. He knew that this would make the process more painful, but it would be many times quicker. As he thought, he was right. After several seconds he was already shivering in pain, as he was attacking the closed Gate of Pain with torrents of the Destruction Energy, but soon enough, the entire gate was cracked and opened. The next moment, all the pain was gone, and the only thing that remained was pure blissfully feeling.

“This should allow me to fight even under large amounts of injuries, though I should be careful with this. Pain receptors are there for reason, if I am not careful, I would sustain many hidden injuries.” Muttered Lucien, afterward, he looked at his record.


Name: Lucien Etras von Aeon

Occupation: Executor of Akashic Records, Crown Prince of the Holy Niflheim Empire

Race: Sacred Devoured Ghoul

Bloodline: Sacred Devourer

Meridians: Void Genesis Meridians

RC Type: Ukaku (4-winged)

RC Level: 1,300,000

Body Cultivation: Initial-Phase Marquise-Rank

Zanpakutō: Dual

Dual Katanas – unawakened

Purple Dragon – unawakened

Immortal Cultivation: Initial-Phase Jindan Realm

* Destruction – Initial-Phase Jindan Realm

* Void – Pinnacle-Phase Xiantian Realm

* Ice – Initial-Phase Xiantian Realm


Void Vortex

Ice Flame

Destruction Orb – 1 Golden Jindan


Sacred Devourer – Ability to devour any types of energy, bloodlines, or bodies. It strengthens the host by some amount.

Eight Celestial Inner Gates:

The Gate of Opening – Celestial Reflexes

The Gate of Healing – Celestial Regeneration

The Gate of Life – Celestial Dual Hearts

The Gate of Pain – Celestial Pain Resistance


Lesser Void Dao – 99%

Lesser Ice Dao – 80%

Grand Destruction Dao – 2%

Grand Sword Dao – 16%

Immortal Cultivation Techniques:

Eternal Void Scripture: Xiantian Realm

Absolute Ice Flame Scripture: Xiantian Realm

Abyssal Destruction Scripture: Jindan Realm

Body Cultivation Techniques:

Sacred Body Refining Scripture: Marquise-Rank

Eight Celestial Inner Gates: The Gate of Life (4th Gate)

Combat Techniques:

Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū

Cross Crest:

Charles Patricius: Our Transient Glory

Blood-Essence Sacred Refining Furnace


Having a record was always so convenient. Because of this, Lucien wanted to have something like this distributed to all subjects of the Empire. But creating such a device, that was capable of deep a.n.a.lysis of a person’s cultivation and other aspects, in such a detailed and precise way, was something extremely hard and demanding. Several Magisters were working on creating such a device, but it had another problem. Same as with Magitek Soldiers, perfect artificial intelligence would be needed, so they needed to wait until Empire had it.


“So how would I need to hatch this Egg, Magister?” Asked Lucien as he was observing a Flerken Egg that was in his hands.

“You need to drop some drops of the Heart Blood of yours onto an Egg. After it has absorbed several drops, to speed up the process and also, boost up the potential and strength of the Flerken, try infusing a Void Energy into Flerken Egg.” Explained Magister Isaacs.

Lucien started doing as Magister Isaacs said. He called out his Zanpakutō, which he called Purple Dragon, and cut a precise wound at his chest and drew out several drops of his Heart Blood. The wound quickly healed up and Lucien stared at the Heart Blood drops in his hands. They were filled with a terrifying amount of energy, as his cultivation in Sacred Body Refining System was already at Marquise-Rank, not talking about the fact he was cultivating three types of energies and his race was very special.

He carefully dropped one drop of Heart Blood onto Flerken Egg, to which the egg absorbed the drop of the Heart Blood almost in an instant. After seeing that reaction, he dropped there, other drops, one after another. Then he started carefully injecting Void Energy for the Flerken Egg to absorb.


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