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Read How to Live as the Enemy Prince Chapter 46 – The Rose Will Soon Bloom

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Read WebNovel How to Live as the Enemy Prince Chapter 46 – The Rose Will Soon Bloom

Chapter 46: The Rose Will Soon Bloom

The Pavel knights were abruptly disbanded, and they went back to the Brisson Marquis.

Allan Manasil declared that he was going to establish a mage division.

Rumein said not to believe rumours about the royal family that has no proof.

Calian, who collapsed after coughing out blood, said that a cold these days were more severe than he thought.

Three months pa.s.sed afterwards.

As Yan watched Calian change his clothes for luncheon, his expression was a little annoyed. It was because he couldn’t get rid of the feelings of uneasyness that’s been creeping up on him since a while ago. Yan spoke in a quiet voice.

“Hm, Marylin.”

The maid Marylin that was making the same expression as Yan nodded, and answered as if she knew what Yan was thinking about.

“Should I go meet Lord Slake?”

“Yes. Please tell him that it will be much smaller than expected.”

After the maid that Silike planted to Calian stopped working, Marylin took up her vacant s.p.a.ce immediately afterwards. She nodded and said she will say so. Yan wanted her to go inform Schatten who was in charge of royal clothings that the formal clothing that he created a month ago for the banquet of Calian’s birth anniversary would need to be increased in size a bit.

As they watched Calian every single day, they were clearly able to tell that Calian’s height grew rapidly. He was already taller than kids of his age, but after the poison tea incident, he was growing much faster than everyone expected. Randall was surprised as he saw Calian eat a whole load of food at breakfast prayers, and after spending most of the day making him do all sorts of body training along with Kyrie, he naturally got used to seeing him so tall.

Yan laughed as he saw Calian was now no different in height than him by about the size of a fist. Calian also laughed as Chase also saw the similar thing happening with him and Bern.

After finis.h.i.+ng preparation, Calian went towards the Ceignes Pavillion royal banquet hall. But inside, he suddenly stopped himself unconciously.

Inside the banquet hall was Rumein and Allan, as well as another man he saw for the first time. As Yan wasn’t told about who exactly would be at the luncheon and what it would be about, it made Calin caught off guard seeing Rumein the banquet hall as well. Calian greeted the king with a slightly surprised face.

“Greetings, your majesty.”

Rumein nodded his head and gestured his hand to tell Calian to sit on the opposite side of the table. Calian quietly went to that seat and sat down.

Seeing Calian sitting quietly for a bit, Rumein finally spoke.

“It looks like you’ve grown quite a bit since the last time I’ve seen you. You seem taller than Franz now.”

Calian was very surprised by what he just heard, moreso than seeing Rumein also being in this banquet hall. He heard that Rumein was different now, but he never expected him to say such considerate things like that. Calian’s eyes went towards Allan for just a second. Inside his eyes was filled with praise and admiration.

Just how ill-treated was he that he changed so much like that?

Allan just sat with an innocent face as if he was pretending that he didn’t know anything. Calian couldn’t help but laugh in the inside, then pulled out a suitable answer for Rumein.

“Yes, your majesty. I’ve grown a little bit.”

“That’s right. You look much more healthy too. It makes me glad.”

“Thank you.”

Rumein nodded, and looked at Allan next to him. Finally, Allan greeted Calian lightly and spoke.

“I’ve prepared this luncheon because I have someone I need to introduce to you, oh Prince.”

Saying that, Allan pointed at the man next to him.

“This is the mage that will be your bodyguard at Roselita. He will also be able to oversee your magic in my stead as well.”

He knew that Allan wasn’t going to go with him to the Roselita. If Allan were to get out of the palace now, it would be impossible for him to continue the procedure of creating a magic division, plus if he left, the safety of Rumein would be at stake as well.

But even so, he was already going to be protected by knights that was sent from Siegfried dominion, so he didn’t expect to have even a mage as his guard as well. Calian stared at the man with eager antic.i.p.ation of what he could do. He then tilted his head.

‘He looks familiar to me somehow.’

As soon as he had that thought, his heart started to thump real hard.

Before he could even realize something was strange, the man stood up from his seat and bowed deeply to Calian as a greeting.

“It’s an honour to meet you, prince.”

As soon as the voice that he could never forget pierced his heart,

A sharp cold wind blew through his chest.

“I’m a.r.s.en Hertz.”

Just like the last day Bern lived.


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