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Chapter 113

The battle in the stone forest let Black Shadow realize how formidable the Heavenly Book was . He had been sleeping for hundreds of thousands of years . But when he woke up, everything had been changed . The Ninth-level Heaven had a new master and the Immense Sea was not in the Chaos any longer . It seemed that there was no place for him in the three realms . However, he once used to have supremacy over the nine provinces .

Before Black Emperor created the world, everything had belonged to him . Black Shadow crossed the rivers and climbed mountains, thinking that all the living creatures in the universe should be born for me . The whistling wind slapped his face . Standing on the high mountain, Black Shadow spread Spirit Power and cleaved the mountains open . Then, rows of buildings fell from the sky and tens of thousands of soldiers woke up from the distant chaos . Black Shadow wanted to open up the chaotic primordial times and conquer the nine provinces with his strength so that he could coerce the human realm, demon realm, devil realm, ghost realm, spirit realm, Fairy realm, Immortal Realm and celestial realm into submission . As for the human that he hated most, he was going to tame them in person .

The group of people flew toward Kunlun . Xiao Lingchong had sent the message to Kunlun . Shenzong could not sit well upon hearing the message . Ying Fu laughed at him and thought that Shenzong just put on an act on the surface but he missed Xiao Douya so much . The two walked out of the palace . Ying Fu had sharp eyes, and he was shocked by the first sight at the crowd . In the crowd, a woman was heading to the gate of the palace . It was n.o.body but the G.o.ddess of the Moon, Changxi . Shenzong looked in a trance, thinking that he was dreaming . When Ying Fu pulled his sleeves, Shenzong realized that it was not a dream . Changxi stopped at the gate of the palace . Shenzong could not help but twitch the corner of his mouth . The name that he had called thousands of times had been rooted in his heart . The vigorous and young man had turned into an old one with grey hair . Times rolled by and they missed the best years in each other’s life . From parting and reunion, he and she had wasted some lives of reincarnations . It was more poignant in the silence than any sound . Eyes were brimmed with tears, mixed with regret and endless lovesickness . Although they were old, their affection was still there .

“Junior Sister, you’ve come back finally . “

Shenzong wept bitterly . They could finally reunite after parting for five hundred years . Memory let the two old persons able to travel the s.p.a.ce . Shenzong held the old woman’s hands tightly . Her hands were not so smooth as before, and the corners of her forehead wrinkled . But she was his junior sister forever .

“Senior Brother, you’re old, too . “

Changxi’s hands raised up and put down . She thought that she could not be so unscrupulous in front of the juniors . Ying Fu looked at them and felt heartbroken . The scene in the Heavenly Mirror was rather admirable . The G.o.ddess of the Moon was really a marvelous woman . Although she had done something stupid, Ying Fu was still happy for Shenzong because Shenzong could have such a virtuous wife . Shenzong’s life was worthwhile .

“What’s wrong with Xiao Douya?”

Chengyi squeezed his way out of the crowd . He missed Xiao Douya so much but never expected that Xiao Douya would become like this .

“Naga’s poison . “

Changxi was afraid that Shenzong would get worried . Ying Fu was shocked at the news, but when thinking that the G.o.ddess of the Moon was a spiritual doctor and she was bound to have methods to heal him, Ying Fu could feel a.s.sured . Shenzong did worry about Xiao Douya and felt his pulse . It seemed that Xiao Douya’s pulse was rather calm and Changxi suppressed the poison . But it was hard to eradicate it . It was known to all that Zhuoguang Mount’s poison could not be handled except naga’s elixir . As a matter of fact, Shenzong forgot that the Heavenly Book could deal with the naga’s poison as well . But only Changxi knew it . Madam Hou Qing came to Kunlun for the first time and felt depressed at the thought that she could not see her daughter quite ofter afterwards . Although her daughter got married, Madam Hou Qing could not help shivering at the thought of what happened in the Joy Hall . And she wanted nothing but her daughter could live a safe and peaceful life .

Because Kunlun was going to hold the joyous event, all the people came to celebrate it all the way . Thanks to Changxi’s care, Xiao Douya became better day after day . And all the adults rest a.s.sured when seeing Xiao Douya driving little spirit beast barging over Ao Ze . Ni Shang came from the human world and arrived earlier to send her congratulations because there were too many things in the palace . When she stood over Ao Ze, she was convinced by Kunlun’s Divine Qi . It was really an attractive place . She did feel happy for Wuyou . However, no matter how good the place it was, it was not the homeland . Ni Shang wanted to ask, but was afraid to ruin Wuyou’s happy mood . Before Ni Shang left, Wuyou told her that Jie Fei was still alive . Thinking about the scene where Jie Fei came out to kidnap the bride, Ni Shang let out a sigh . Many things had been changing silently . No one could control but face it with courage . Wuyou saw Ni Shang out of Ao Ze . Along the way, neither of them said a word .

“Xiaoyou, please remember the Teal Hill . “

“Teal Hill is always our homeland . How can I forget it . . . ”?

The two stood on the top of Kunlun and looked into the distance with hope in their eyes . They both believed that they would return there one day . At the same time, Baize located in the Teal Hill’s border had a happy event for a hundred years . Since the G.o.ddess of Baize, Yu Xuanji married the Devil G.o.d, Baize’s people could hold their heads up in the demon realm . Their son-in-law gave a large amount of land . Surprisingly, the Teal Hill even became a part of Baize . The leader of Baize took Chidi’s decree to Teal Hill . Yu Xuanji drove on the divine birds and overlooked the mountains and rivers of Teal Hill which was covered all over with wounds and scars . And the devil army had blockaded here . Yu Xuanji landed off the clouds and strolled idly in Teal Hill . When seeing the Master, all the devil soldiers knelt on the ground and saluted her . Yu Xuanji ordered the soldiers to catch some snow foxes in order to make some clothes for winter . Thinking that she would have limitless fur clothes in the future, Yu Xuanji grinned contentedly and thought that she would let Jiang Wuyou know how terrific Yu Xuanji was . Because women were born with jealousy . When the man she had fallen in love with loved another one, she would feel there was a thorn p.r.i.c.ked hard in her heart .

Fear still lingered in Wuyou’s heart when she came to the Fairy Kingdom again . Everything was still vivid in her mind . Because of the grand marriage ceremony, Xu Linghe decided to go to the snow tribe . Last time, his grandfather could not attend it, so Xu Linghe hoped his grandfather could take part in this time . When the two landed off the clouds, they found the door was locked . Xu Linghe jumped into the courtyard, only to find it was covered with cobwebs . Wuyou began cleaning it . It seemed that the house owner had left there for some days . Xu Linghe wondered whether the grandfather would go to the Fairy City . The two walked out of the door . Wuyou was unwilling to see Xiao Qi . Xu Linghe did not want to force his little woman to go there, either . But seeing the disappointed look on her husband face, Wuyou decided to go with him . Wuyou found everything had changed when she stepped into the Fairy City’s border . The Fairy City, once covered with snow white for hundreds of years, was unraveled finally . Streets in the Fairy City was decorated with cherry blossoms . Wuyou closed her eyes and took a deep breath . Here, she left her traces . The two flew to the palace . The snow had melted away, so the whole palace looked more magnificent . The gatekeeper gaped with surprise when seeing Wuyou, wondering whether she was former Commander in Chief . For the whole Fairy Kingdom, Wuyou was a great hero . Without her, the Fairy Kingdom would have been destroyed . Even when the two walked away, the little palace servants could not come back to his mind .

“Who is the woman just now? So familiar . “

“Former Commander in Chief!”

The experienced palace servant looked at the new one in contempt . How could they not know our female Commander in Chief? The palace servant sighed and closed the palace gate .

Wuyou walked slowly . It had been her memory . Xu Linghe held her hand tightly and knew that his little woman was repellent to the place . However, it was his mother’s home . Even if his cousin had some personal desire, Xu Linghe still wanted to see his grandfather . The little servant at the hall gate watched them all the way . When the two came closer, the servant opened his eyes wide and hurried to report to Xiao Qi . When Xiao Qi saw them, he felt in a trance as well . Xiao Qi understood well his cousin’s intention that Xu Linghe came to show him something . Xiao Qi knew that it was impossible to get Wuyou, but he could not put her down .

“How is everything going? Cousin . ” Xiao Qi still needed to follow some etiquette . Even if Xu Linghe’s mother was not Xiao Qi’s real aunt, Xiao Qi thought she was more important than his mother in his heart .

“I want to see my grandfather today . I did not see him in the snow tribe . “

Xu Linghe felt mixed emotions when seeing his cousin again . Being a man, he could not bear any other man to cast a greedy eye on his little woman . Even if he was Xiao Qi, Xu Linghe could not let him go . Wuyou kept silent . She did not have anything to say to the man . She and Xiao Qi used to be close friends, but they became what they were now . This was the last thing Wuyou wanted to see . She and Xiao Qi had to stand opposite . Wuyou had to face the reality, so let everything decided by the time .

“Grandfather has pa.s.sed away . “

Xiao Qi said lightly . Xu Linghe knew that there were many pains hidden behind the words . They came to the mausoleum which belonged to a private cemetery . Rows of cypress trees added a more solemn atmosphere to the cemetery . They stepped on the bluestone path . Xiao Qi took the lead, followed by Xu Linghe, and Wuyou came the last . The cemetery was encircled by lofty mountains and high ranges . Xu Linghe stood silently in front of the tombstone and served drinks for his grandfather . Wuyou picked a bunch of wildflowers and put them on the tomb . Xiao Qi stood afar and stared at them silently . Although Wuyou’s appearance had been printed on his heart, Xiao Qi was still unwilling to shift his eyes from her . Wuyou retracted her neck and hid herself behind her husband . She did scare Xiao Qi . Xu Linghe understood his little woman’s intention well, so he pulled her into his arms . Although Xu Linghe knew that he should not do that in the grandfather’s tomb, he had to do to discourage the cousin’s obsession . Xiao Qi narrowed his eyes with some inexplicit emotions . He could not suppress his jealousy any longer . At that moment, the evil seed began sprouting in his heart . Perhaps he had some scruples before, but now all he had was only evil . He was desperate for Xiaoyao’s love . But the man always occupied her . Xiao Qi clenched his own hands tightly till the fingers turned pale . From now on, any other man who dared to have his hands on Xiaoyao would die, including his own cousin, Xu Linghe .

The moment Xu Linghe left there Xiao Qi went to the Mount Da Huang . Chidi had expected that, and it was only a matter of time . Yu Xuanji came back from Teal Hill and brought back the fox skin . Xiao Ba was rather envious . Since she had offended Yu Xuanji, Xiao Ba’s life was much harder than before . She wanted to survive but had to give in to Yu Xuanji . However, Xiao Ba became obedient and did not go against Yu Xuanji’s will . Instead, she flattered Madam Yu more . However, Yu Xuanji felt superior in her bones and spurned the female ghost a lot .

“I think the Fair King is a truly great man . If I were born several years earlier, I would be willing to die to have a relationship with him . “

“Who is gossiping?” The speaker was unwitting, but the listener kept them in mind . Yu Xuanji walked on around the hall and looked into the palace .

“Don’t you ask for punishment . Your time to atone for sin has come . “

Xiao Ba rolled her eyes and realized what Yu Xuanji meant immediately and did not dare to play any trick . The women like Yu Xuanji were so terrible . Xiao Ba slipped into the main hall secretly . Yu Xuanji sent her to eavesdrop . But it was too far away from to hear clearly . It was silent in the main hall . Xiao Qi was also silent while Chidi was a bit impatient .

“Who is there?” Chidi swept his Spirit Power out, and Xiao Ba sat on the ground with fright . She thought whether she was spotted, so she crept to the corner little by little .

“Madam Xuan asks when Your Majesty will go there . “

“I have something to deal with tonight . Ask Madam to take a rest first . “

“Yes . “

A little demonic officer knelt on the ground cautiously, afraid of being punished by Chidi . Xiao Ba’s heart in her mouth finally fell down . Yu Xuanji was running out of her patience in waiting .

“Fairy King, don’t you think clearly? Don’t promise now and then deny in succession . If so, you’ll ruin the great plan . “

“You just need to eradicate Xu Linghe, and I’ll handle the Heavenly Book . “

“Just rest a.s.sured . Emperor Jun allies with you only for the Heavenly Book and will not put hands on anything else . At that time, you can pretend to be Xu Linghe as the Kunlun’s Sect Master . “

Xiao Ba retreated quietly .

“Why did Xiao Qi come here?”

“My Madam, Xiao Qi is desperate to marry Jiang Wuyou . So Chidi asks him to pretend to be Xu Linghe . “

“Impossible! He is the man I like and should get my admission first . ”


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