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Something unexpected happened.

With the magic ceremony, Roderick had not only become a Dragon Speaker, but his epic-level potential had also been upgraded to legendary…

William could only watch as Roderick left. Even though their friendship level had reached 900+, William wanted to scold vulgarities at Roderick. But he managed to restrain himself.

He could not bear to break their friendship. It was an affinity level and not loyalty after all.

“Legendary level, It’s the f*king Legendary level. I’ve tried so many ways to train my talents. I’ve created so many Dragon Followers and Dragon Speakers, but none of them reached that level.

“Good riddance. Now an outsider gets upgraded to the legendary level without any effort.”

William was speechless as he looked at the back view of Roderick.

He walked towards the steep cliff…

Of course, he had no intention to end his life…

He just wanted to be alone…

William stroked his chin and thought about it. “Roderick’s potential is so high. He will probably get stronger with each version upgrade. Perhaps, he won’t die so soon.

“It’s better this way. I’ll have an ally in the Mercenary Guild to help me.”

If he wanted the City of Dawn wanted to become stronger in the following versions, he had to cooperate with these powerful centers.

Hence, forging good relationships with them was a desirable move.

William was already on good terms with the Temple of Light, due to him coming to the rescue of Lancelot, another future legendary character. Now that he had an ally in the Mercenary Guild, he had double the support.

“I’ll have more possibilities if I get more friends. There is no other way to become stronger, since I am surrounded by enemies.” William sighed. He made plans for the next few days as he wanted to visit Black Lava Nation sooner.

Of course, he was not leading his mercenary team to declare war.

He did not want to send his mercenaries to a sure death. Besides, the war between both nations had not even escalated. There was no reason for William to deploy his mercenaries?

He only intended to bring some powerful subordinates and figure out the situation. Only when the war escalated, would he create more trouble with his mercenaries.

He did not need to worry about not getting any missions. Since the Black Lava Nation was in a disadvantageous position, they would be the ones who would employ William’s mercenaries.

William had another motive. He wanted to recruit for the mercenaries!

When he had browsed the forum, he had discovered that many players wanted to join the mercenary team. But they were unable to, as they lacked the means to travel the long distance to reach the City of Dawn. Hence, they had insomnia and felt all sorts of other discomforts due to the yearning…

Of course, William would not miss the chance to console them.

“Since I have decided to help Black Lava Nation, a trip to Iron Nation is out of question. And even before that, with our previous grievances, we could be considered eternal foes. Moreover, Goethe Nasis had sent to kill me before.

“I have always wanted to take revenge for that. But if I make the trip, they would send an endless number of after me.”

William knew that even if Roderick made use of the Mercenary Guild to protect him, it would only be effective in public.

In this magical fantasy world, there existed many ways to kill a person without any traces.

If William dared to enter the Iron Nation, even if he shouted until he became a mute, n.o.body would be able to save him.

“Moreover, these players don’t think highly of me, so I don’t have to give them any respect. My only tactic is to make use of one group of players to fight against another group. The players of Iron Nation deserve to be defeated.

“Then I shall travel to Iron Nation to create trouble, After stating my stand, I’ll be able to negotiate with the Crown Prince of Black Lava Nation.” William clapped his hands and finalized his plans.

A new day had arrived.

William gathered all his confidantes for a meeting.

The players who joined the Dawn Mercenary Team became excited…

A valuable treasure had appeared on the exchange list.

It was the legendary ‘High-quality blood of a Fire Dragon’s heart’. Something far more tempting than any secret manual fragments in the game versions.

After a successful exchange, players or NPCs would receive a free magic ceremony held by the mercenary team. The players and NPCs would be bathed in Dragon’s blood, and they would become Dragon’s blood warriors.

It was a gimmick that had suddenly come to William’s mind on the previous day .

He felt that the Dragon’s blood would be a shocking attraction. It would give rise to lots of discussion on the forum. It would serve as advertis.e.m.e.nt for the benefits of joining the Dawn Mercenary Team.

William was confident that when in his trip to the Black Lava Nation, many more players would join the mercenary team.

The G.o.ds discussion forum had exploded.

The players of the Human nations could not believe it and again complained. The benefits that the Dawn Mercenary Team provided to the members were incredible. They had even offered the legendary Dragon’s blood, an item worth 100,000 contribution points.

“There is no point in discussing anymore. I’ll do it.” A player showed off the screenshot of him joining the Dawn Mercenary Team.

“Gosh, this is not a problem about doing it. I’m unable to do it even if I want to. Furthermore, there aren’t many missions a.s.signed to the mercenary team. The commander William disappears constantly, like he did after giving the excuse of inspecting the construction of the city. He doesn’t care about the mercenary team…”

“Bro, William’s the Lord of the City of Dawn and a legendary BOSS. He’s one of the main characters in this version. The mercenary team is only for show. You’re lucky to receive good benefits.”

Only the players of the City of Dawn could gather and chat happily.

But the players in other regions were envious and jealous…

The professional players who sp.a.w.ned in the clubs of the Human nations cursed and swore at the coach…

For the normal players, the legendary “High-quality blood of the Fire Dragon’s heart” was something only for show. It was a treasure that they could not imagine of obtaining.

For the professionals, it was a treasure that they had to obtain at all costs. It was a treasure that could change the result of the professional tournament, after all.

The Glory Club of the City of Dawn had discovered the exchangeable treasure.

Its leader, Chu Liuqiu, informed the subordinate guilds and full-time professionals to obtain the treasure at all costs. It did not matter even if they died trying to raise their contribution points.

If other professionals joined the mercenary team, and they obtained the treasure, then the Glory Club would have to disband…

The Dawn Mercenary Team could only acc.u.mulate contribution points by completing missions.

But it did not rule out exchanging the treasure using contribution points.

After Chu Liuqiu found out that contribution points could be used for exchanging the treasure, an idea sparked into his mind. He would acc.u.mulate the contribution points from his guild players.

The guild under Glory Club was called Glory Guild. The guild members were mostly fans of the Glory Club.

The fans and players were not employees of the Glory Club, so they were given the options of keeping the contribution points for themselves or submitting them to the club.

There were many uses of contribution points such as upgrading the status in the mercenary team and exchanging for equipment and secret manuals.

What things were being used in the exchanges?

It was definitely not renminbi.

The items included professionals’ autographs, posters, scale models and even inner-wear.

It was not feasible for the professionals to spend money as their goal was to earn money. But it would be different if the club leader was willing to fork out money…

When Changli Jiuge saw the exchange list, yearning for the Dragon’s blood rose in his heart. But as a new member of the Glory Club, he had not partic.i.p.ated in any tournament. So the chance of him obtaining the Dragon’s blood was slim.

“No, I have to obtain the Dragon’s blood.” Changli Jiuge clenched his fists uncontrollably. His mind was racing as he pondered how to make himself more powerful and have a brighter future.


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