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Chapter 185: Temple

William could not help feel tempted when he discovered the relic of a mythological age.

He used a Magic transmission scroll to inform the people at the base camp not to act recklessly. They were to defend the base camp.

“This matter is a secret. I don’t have to tell other people. When the army arrives on the island, I will make this a prohibited area!” William was very greedy. He did not want other people to steal his treasure.

He had a feeling he might not be able to open the relic’s entrance.

Lautner and Burned Cinder nodded. They used their hands to dig the relic in a bid to find the entrance.

But the relic was too huge…

The western side of the canyon was the relic’s wall. William flew to the top of the relic and tried to dig a hole. After digging for tens of meters, he encountered a tough metal wall. Even his Epic weapons were unable to make scratches on the wall.

But William did not give up. He used his Thunder Blades to make tens of holes, but he still did not find any entrances. In the end, he had to give up…

“The metal wall is very tough, and the surface protective magic on it has not abated. What kind of treasure is that? Can we bring it back to make weapons?” Burned Cinder was used to being dest.i.tute. His eyes would always glitter whenever he discovered a treasure.

When he discovered that the walls were very tough. He did not care whether there were any treasures inside. Instead, he wanted to move the walls…

William and Lautner looked at each other. It was a good idea!

It was awesome. Given the thickness of the wall and the persistent magic protection…

William understood that whether it was mythril, orichalc.u.m, or various magic ores, they could be used to create novice, middle, high, or more powerful weapons. The Advanced weapons could easily cut through low-level weapons.

Both weapons could have been made from the same material.

But why was there such a difference in toughness?

The crux lay in the forging method and sequence.

There were ten possible forging methods by using three rare metals. The most complex method could create a piece of Advanced equipment just by using three common types of metal.

The metal might look tough, but it was actually composed of orichalc.u.m, mythril, and other metals. The forging and enchantment method could be more advanced…

They dug for three days…

They cleared the entire western side of the canyon. Finally, William discovered a huge ring-shaped door!

The three of them gaped at the countless and densely packed holes… there were hundreds of them…

“Gosh, is that for opening the door?”

“Perhaps, it will open with 180 magical crystals?” Burned Cinder suggested.

Lautner and Burned Cinder looked at the dazed William.

“180 magical crystals???” William looked emotionless, but his heart was calculating painfully…

“I’ll have to spend 540,000 gold coins to open the door. Is that a daylight robbery?” William was not a fool. Since he started observing the ring-shaped door, he already knew the way to open the door.

“I’ll have to fork out 180 magical crystals. Even if I’m rich, I can’t be that extravagant.” William’s heart was bleeding. He had quite a stash of magical crystals in the s.p.a.ce ring, but they were supposed to be used to make bombs.

n.o.body saw the magical crystals, so he was not afraid of the information leaking out…

Lautner and Burned Cinder did not dare to make any decision. They felt that it was better to use magical crystals to open the door instead of using magical incantations or other methods…

William gazed at both of them and made a decision. “Open it!”

Meanwhile, he extracted magical crystals similar to the size of the holes from the s.p.a.ce ring and distributed them to Lautner and Burned Cinder. They started to fit the magical crystals onto the door…

After three minutes, William had put in the last magical crystal into the huge door!

Suddenly, the energy of the magical crystals faded. Thousands of magical rays flowed on the inscriptions on the door. The magical crystals exploded and turned into a white powder that fell to the ground like a snowstorm.

After some time…

The huge door remained intact.

William gulped. His heart ached, and he clenched his fists. “Is that it? Did I spend 500,000 gold coins just to watch a snowstorm in a tropical rainforest? Even if I make a trip from the Legendary continent to the northern arctic, it will not cost that much money.”

“Oh, perhaps the problem is with this rock.” Burned Cinder raised his brow and kicked at the rock stuck at the door.


The door slightly quaked.

A small crack opened up in the five-meter tall metal door.

Lautner glanced at Burned Cinder and thought. “Why are you a busybody, Burned Cinder? Why can’t you let me kick at the rock?”

William heaved a sigh of relief, and he happily patted Burned Cinder’s shoulder. He did not expect the door to be so broken that it did not have the power to push a rock off.

“Open the door!”

They used their swords to widen the crack and opened the door warily. They were afraid that they might use too much strength and accidentally close the door instead. That would be awful. The angry Lord William might kill them as sacrifices to the Heavens…

The huge door slowly opened.

A whiff of primordial scent drifted from within. It was not a rotting stench, but the scent was not pleasant.

It was all dark inside.

They could not see anything inside.

Lautner stretched his neck and surveyed the interior. He swallowed hard and said, “What if there are monsters inside?”

“What’s there to be afraid of? You shall be the front scout!” William looked at Lautner in disdain. As an Executive, instead of being a wuss, Lautner should be brave and venture forward.

“It’s me again?” Lautner felt awful inside.

William stroked his chin. It was not a good idea for three of them to enter. If they were locked inside, then there would be no escape. He said, “Lautner, you don’t have to go in. I’m giving you the 180 magical crystals. You’ll stand guard outside. Make sure the door is not closed. Burned Cinder, you’ll be the front scout!”

“Yes, my lord. I shall obey your commands.” Burned Cinder was determined to be the most favored subordinate of William, so he could not afford to hesitate. He glanced at the trembling Lautner.

Burned Cinder scoffed at Lautner before his right hand grasped on the Dragon-slayer blade. Then he walked in big steps inside…

Lautner glared at Burned Cinder and then observed William who was following behind. Lautner could not help but think. “Burned Cinder is acting very strange. Is he eyeing my Executive position?”

“This can’t carry on. When I return to the City of Dawn, I have to discuss with Odom to see how we can teach Burned Cinder a lesson…”

It was dark inside. But William and Burned Cinder were not ordinary men.

They were well versed in basic magic!

Learning how to create fireb.a.l.l.s was a must for them.

They did not have to use too many experience points or upgrade their levels to learn the skill. They were going to use the fireb.a.l.l.s for illumination.

Burned Cinder had a powerful magical sub-occupation. A half-meter diameter fireball floated above his head. It emitted enough light for them to see beyond tens of meters.

William surveyed the surroundings.

He could not help ponder.

Was the corridor twenty meters wide?

This was not a relic.

It looked more like a temple.

It was possible as they had only seen a sidewall. The painting on the wall did not mean anything. It could be a temple…

For the sake of realism, the game ‘G.o.ds’ would not inform the players when they entered an unfamiliar relic or new location.Read more chapter on

Only after the players finished exploring the location or discovered certain information, would the information panel appear to alert the players.

William was less than a meter away from Burned Cinder.

They ventured deeper inside. As they walked for hundreds of meters, the light from the door became fainter and fainter before it vanished.

At this time, they could only hear their own footsteps and their heavy breathing.

The corridors had various elegant but mysterious pictures, paintings, and cryptic inscriptions…

“These inscriptions are from the mythological age.” William squinted. He had seen these inscriptions before.

But it depended on whether William could find a book to decrypt the inscriptions…

Then the game ‘G.o.ds’ would know that he had understood these inscriptions before allowing him to recite them!

“But it’s all in my past life. How can I find the book now? Even in my previous life, I only managed to decrypt less than 200 words…”

William felt a headache. Perhaps, there were many words that he could recognize. But he was a player in his previous life. There was no need to memorize the words like an NPC…

As long as he could understand some inscriptions, he would recognize them in the future. That was the system-endowed ability. But he could not recall any of them.

However, when they went very deep into a tunnel,

They noticed a large metal door. And when they examined it, they found a huge metal symbol on the left side!

“What is this symbol? Is there going to be any danger?” Burned Cinder muttered to himself. Lord William would make the decision whether to enter or not. Even if it was dangerous, he had to follow William.

“Or really…” William inhaled a gust of cold air. He had seen this symbol too many times.


He was correct.

This was a temple!

It was a well-preserved temple!

William began to recall the wall paintings along the corridor.

“Clouds, lightning, and blue rays. These pictures appeared many times. Is this the temple of Thunder G.o.d?” William gulped. His original intention was to obtain the Thunder G.o.d ring.

He had not obtained the Thunder G.o.d ring, but he had accidentally discovered the temple of Thunder G.o.d ring…

“My lord, shall we enter?” Burned Cinder turned around and asked.

“…” William was still in deep thoughts.

“Yes, I spent 180 magical crystals to open the door. I have to enter the door to obtain some treasures. How can I leave empty-handed?” William made his decision. He would not leave unless he had treasures that were worth more than 500,000 gold coins.

“I’ve not done any unprofitable business before. It’s just a temple. I’ve explored damaged temples before, and they were quite similar in structure. As long as I’m cautious, I don’t think I’ll perish here.”

William clenched as his fists and pushed the huge door with all his might.

The large door creaked and moved slightly.

Burned Cinder noticed that William’s face was red and immediately went to help. They managed to open the heavy door…

At that moment, they saw an interior filled with light!

The shimmering brilliance blinded their eyes.

William could almost make out a 100-meter tall giant looking at him. His body was emitting lightning. The giant looked intimidating…


A bolt of brilliant crimson lightning flashed across the sky.

Dark clouds engulfed Stormy Island.

Torrential rain fell…

Countless magical beasts bellowed…

It was as though the magical beasts were being riled up…


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