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Chapter 217 Boss Annie

(You killed the level 93 Legendary BOSS Goethe Nasis]

[You have obtained the warm corpse of Goethe Nasis]

[The Dark faction’s affinity for you has decreased by 1500 points. Your affinity with the Darkness Faction is now -21,000.]

(You have obtained 1,610,500 experience points]

(You have obtained random reward x2. Do you want to redeem it now?]


Of course, William chose to leave it for later. It wasn’t the time to look at the rewards. With a flick of his hand, William stowed Goethe Nasis’s corpse away. He brought along Burned Cinder, his number one loyal dog now, to provide support at other places.

Actually, one could understand the situation from William’s affinity points with the Dark faction.

Goethe Nasis wasn’t considered as an important figure in the Dark World. He was just a p.a.w.n and a traitor like Makhu Redd.

Not to mention, his affinity with the Dark faction had already been negative. Another -1500 points didn’t matter.

When there were too many debts, one would stop worrying about them. The prince was there to stay, and he wasn’t scared of any trouble.

“How satisfying! When I saw your Highness decapitate him with one blow, the weight in my heart was lifted.” Burned Cinder animatedly said. He waved his Dragon-slayer blade in excitement, utterly destroying the walls around him.

William raised his eyebrows. He wanted to say that Burned Cinder was the helpful one just now. With just one attack, he had caused so much psychological trauma to his ex-lover. And if not for him, it wouldn’t be so easy to kill Goethe.

“This was meant to be.” William rushed towards the battlefield as he sighed.

Augustine definitely took half the credit in helping Goethe Nasis rise to power.

However, Goethe Nasis’s failure was also because of Augustine.

His death was also caused by Burned Cinder’s ‘fatal’ sword attack.

Nonetheless, Goethe Nasis’s death didn’t signify the end of this war.

There were still dozens of Advanced devils on the battlefield.

Several Advanced devils covered in wounds walked out from the remaining Devil’s Dens.

The cuts on their bodies weren’t from the enemy, but they had appeared due to pa.s.sing through unstable dimensional tunnels.

It could be said that if they didn’t have such a fast recovery speed, they would have died from blood-loss. Some devils were lucky enough to pa.s.s through the dimension tunnels alive, but most of them died in the process.

It was precisely because the teleportation portal between the Dark World and the G.o.ds continent was unstable, that many Advanced devils were deterred and didn’t dare to take the risk.

Even though there was a huge reward for invading the Legendary continent, their lives were more important.

At this moment, the gra.s.s plains turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y battlefield. It resembled a slaughterhouse.

Numerous broken limbs and corpses crowded the battlefield, and everywhere within a 100-mile radius was a b.l.o.o.d.y scene.

The once crisp green gra.s.s and flourishing wild flowers had withered now.

A river of blood seeped into the earth. Perhaps it would serve as a nutrient, or perhaps it would completely contaminate what was once a vibrant place.

The Rainbow River and Rhine River had turned into rivers of blood. Countless bodies flowed towards the east sea. The scene resembled that of River Styx that was on the way to h.e.l.l

The sky was pitch-black.

In this dark and hopeless battlefield, only a single white glow basked the ground.

That glow had enveloped the entire battlefield ever since the battle commenced, providing all warriors with sight and illumination.

That… that was the City of Dawn, the beacon of hope.

Xiyan was covered in blood at this moment. Her left wing had lost its brilliance, and crimson red blood stained a large area of her wing.

Or rather… Her left wing had been completely broken off…

Three Advanced devils surrounded her, attacking with full force.

They wanted to kill her as fast as possible.

Xiyan’s condition was becoming more grave, but she still persisted. There was no despair, just battle intent in her eyes.

She was an Angel.

How could she lose hope in front of devils?

Just when three Epic devils were about to finish off Xiyan, William descended from the sky, peals of thunder following him.

Dozens of lightning bolts could be seen forming in the clouds. Two devils were struck by the numerous lightning bolts, and electric currents coursed through their bodies. Their legs became stiff, and they couldn’t escape. In the end, they fell flat on the ground.

“Scram!” A devil with high resistance to lightning furiously roared.

“What a joke.” William laughed. The incoming sword attack didn’t bother him at all as he easily countered it with his left hand.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…

The sword energy dissipated!

The black Epic sword was crushed into pieces!

William grasped his sword with his right hand and pierced through the devil’s chin from below. One could see the tip of the sword coming out from the devil’s head.

William shoved the Epic devil’s corpse aside. He glanced at the Angel kneeling down on one knee in front of him. “Little Angel, are you proposing to me now?”

“…” Xiyan couldn’t be bothered to reply to him. Her wing had been broken, that was way worse than death!

“Here you go. You need to restore your power.” William tossed a small bottle to her.

Xiyan opened the cap of the bottle. Her eyes became wide open once she saw 5 drops of Life Potion. “Why do you have so much of this precious thing?” She clutched her chest, standing up with difficulty.

“Just drink it. I didn’t poison it.” William glanced at her. Did she expect him to put merely 2 drops of Life Potion in the bottle?

Even if he really wanted to cheat her, he didn’t have the time for that now, and also because he was just a kid in the game…

The Legendary Combat Angel didn’t stand on ceremony and, in one gulp, finished the contents of the bottle. Her broken wing grew out at an astonishing speed, and it once again started emitting a holy glow.

It could be said that half of the Seraphkin’s combat power relied on their wings. Their wings were tremendously important, especially after they became Angels.

It was extremely hard to heal a broken wing. Nonetheless, the Seraphkin had other methods to mend their wings other than using Life Potion.

Xiyan came to help out of goodwill. There was no reason for William to be a miser and give her merely 3 drops of Life Potion, which was only enough for her to grow out her broken wing.

By giving her 5 drops generously, their affinity level could also be increased.

At the same time, Annie was riding on her unicorn, battling two devils alone.

She glanced at William, who had just ‘flirted’ with the Angel. Her eyes shone with a blue light like two dazzling blue moons.

The two devils she was battling with suddenly felt a sense of crisis.

It was a pity that by the time they reacted, it was too late.

A wave of sword energy spread out in all directions, and with Annie as the center, covered a 100-meter radius.

If one looked down from the sky, one would see that the glow from the attack looked like a full moon in the middle of the dark battlefield.

The sword energy attack mutilated the two Advanced devils, along with almost a thousand dark creatures.

William couldn’t help but gulp when he saw that scene and the expression on the little princess’s face as she looked over at him.

How scary!

Her chest was so flat. Then, why was her combat power so incredible?

She was a Legendary character indeed.

It would be nice if she was just a little princess.

With her rainbow unicorn, no one could catch up with her if she wanted to run away, let alone fight.

Was it really necessary for her to have such strong combat power?

“I’m just being kind and helping a comrade out. Why are you looking at me like that?” William didn’t dare to stay at that place for long. He dashed towards another location that required support.

The silver-backed monkeys were dealing with the dark creature army.

However, they still needed to ensure that they won the battles against Advanced enemies.

Otherwise, there remained a chance that they would lose.

In just a matter of seconds, William arrived at the other side of the battlefield.

An Advanced Legendary devil was engaged in battle with Albert and Lautner. Just by himself, he was able to make them fl.u.s.ter and had destroyed their armor.

“Stand aside, I’ll take it from here.” William glanced at them, his heart aching. Their Epic armor wasn’t cheap!

Using Epic armor against a Legendary weapon would definitely not end well.

“Bring it on. Lord of the City of Dawn, huh. You will definitely die today.” The Legendary devil loudly laughed. His skin instantly fossilized, and it became extremely tough yet not too stiff.

William didn’t care about that and hacked at the devil’s left arm with full force.

However, his sword dug less than 3 inches into the devil’s skin.

The prince couldn’t believe it.

At the same time, a black sword glow could be seen.


A golden Saint Soul that resembled him rushed out of William’s body. It wielded the same weapon as William and shattered the black sword attack, returning to his body afterward.

William didn’t show his delight now. He took advantage of this moment while the devil was still dazed and fiercely attacked!


The devil used his horns to block the immensely powerful Legendary battlesword. Black power acc.u.mulated in his left hand as the devil punched William’s chest.


William was sent flying into the air like a cannon shot.

The devil rushed at a faster speed and caught up with William.

A black sword energy attack struck down on the half-elf Prince!

William was able to use his left hand to protect his head.


William grasped the tangible sword energy in his hand.

William, who was stuck in mid-air, tried to slowly move forward while stepping on air. The constant crackling sound of explosion sparks could be heard.

The Legendary devil looked at William’s left hand and again slashed downwards with force.


The sword energy dissipated.

Shock waves rippled in all directions.

A humanoid figure bolted out and slashed his sword at the devil’s head. Both of them fell to the ground, just like meteors!

Pom, pom, pom.

Both of them had created a long, narrow trough that was dozens of meters long on the gra.s.s plains.

William’s longsword was positioned behind the devil’s head and vice versa.

Both of their arms had bulged as their veins became tauter. In the next moment, both parties kicked at each other.

The two of them were sent flying backward. In just an instant, they had again collided with each other.




The speed at which both of them were colliding was getting faster, and they were waving their weapons more rapidly too. This wasn’t a battle between swords.

This was a compet.i.tion of purely battle techniques.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

William continuously slashed three times with his sword.

The sword energy merely swept across the surface of the devil’s body, and other than cutting off his tail, it didn’t do too much damage to him.

The Legendary devil was rather infuriated. This ranger’s close-combat ability was beyond one’s imagination. William’s skin was almost as tough as his, which angered him.

“Why don’t you stick to archery? I’ll teach you how to be a proper elf today!”

“I’m half-Elven. Cut the c.r.a.p.” William was reluctant to show any weakness. When the devil attacked again, he grabbed the devil’s sword with his left hand and thrust it backward.


The sword pierced through the devil’s torso.

However, the devil didn’t care about his injury and knocked his head against William’s.


Both of them fell backward. They started feeling extremely dizzy.

Especially William, he couldn’t wait to take off his Legendary helmet and rub his forehead. It was so painful that he almost cried out. His nose bridge had almost been smashed flat.

Besides, he already heard the sound of his Legendary helmet cracking…

The devil was not any better off. He was a devil, and he had a naturally hard head with horns. But why was William’s head so hard too? This didn’t make sense.

Both of them took a short break in their never-ending battle.

The main reason was that their heads hurt too much…

When two Iron Dolls clashed, one would get hurt. When two people of the same level with hard heads clashed, rubbing their forehead was the only solution to relieve the pain.

However, it was embarra.s.sing for a Legendary warrior to stop and rub his head in the middle of the battle.

In the next moment, the Legendary devil suddenly lowered his head. Nonetheless, it was too late. As a blue sword flashed past him, he could only put his hand on his neck, which was bleeding madly.

But, ultimately, he couldn’t support his decapitated head. No matter how fast a devil’s recovery speed was, they couldn’t rejoin their decapitated head to their bodies.

Behind him, Annie glanced at the prince and inserted her Moonlight longsword back into its scabbard. She left on her rainbow unicorn, disappearing from sight again.

William was dumbfounded. After a while, he kept the devil’s corpse in his s.p.a.ce ring. Wasting is a shameful act. He couldn’t afford to waste resources like the rich princess.

At the same time, he understood the emotion in Annie’s eyes.

It was as if she was saying.

Who was the boss?

I’m the boss!

Hm, that’s probably what she meant.


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