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Read I Am Really A Superstar 1052 A Children’s Day Singing Contest?

I Am Really A Superstar is a web novel made by Chang Yu.
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Read WebNovel I Am Really A Superstar 1052 A Children’s Day Singing Contest?

Chapter 1052: A Children’s Day singing contest?Translator: Legge Editor: Legge


June 1, Children’s Day.

Early in the morning, Zhang Ye was sound asleep when he suddenly felt someone prodding him.

“Zhang Ye!”


“Zhang Ye, get up!”


“Get up!”

His arm was being shaken violently.

Zhang Ye couldn’t continue sleeping. When he opened his eyes and saw that it was Chenchen who came, he frowned and made a shooing motion with his hand, seething, “Leave, leave.” Then he turned around and went back to sleep.

Chenchen was so angry that she went to complain, “Grandpa, Grandma, Zhang Ye is lazing around in bed!”

His mother went into his room angrily and shouted, “Chenchen is here! Hurry and get up so that you can take the child out to play!”

Zhang Ye said in annoyance, “Play what?”

His father also came in and said, “It’s Children’s Day today. Get up quickly.”

Zhang Ye sighed, “What about Old Rao? Why don’t you get Old Rao to take her instead?”

“You have two interviews scheduled, and there’s also an award presentation this afternoon. Didn’t Chenchen’s aunt become your agent? She’s already gone out to handle all that for you, so how would she have any time today? She brought the child here early this morning and mentioned that it was Children’s Day, so she wanted you to take Chenchen out to play.” His mother grumbled, “Get up already.”

At this, Zhang Ye was no longer annoyed. “Alright, alright, I’ll do it.”

He got out of bed, went to wash up, then ate breakfast.

Chenchen seemed pretty excited as she kept urging him to hurry up.

“Zhang Ye, brush your teeth faster.

“Zhang Ye, eat faster.

“Hurry up.”

Zhang Ye had a terrible headache from her nagging. “Where do you want to go? Why the rush?”

Chenchen said, “I want to go to the haunted house at the amus.e.m.e.nt park!”

Zhang Ye rolled his eyes. “Going to an amus.e.m.e.nt park on Children’s Day? You really don’t think that it wouldn’t be crowded?”

His mother stared at him and said, “What’s with all your nonsense? Hurry up!”

“Fine, fine, fine. We’ll go to the amus.e.m.e.nt park, OK?”

A little after 8 AM.

They arrived at the Beijing Amus.e.m.e.nt Park.

In Zhang Ye’s previous world, this amus.e.m.e.nt park had closed down several years ago. But in this world, the amus.e.m.e.nt park was still in operation. It was so packed with visitors that the sea of people in front of them was blocking their view of where the ticketing office was located.

They lined up to buy the tickets.

After pa.s.sing through security, they entered the park grounds.

Zhang Ye stretched his hand out. “Hold onto my hand.”

Chenchen took his hand. “Where’s the haunted house?”

“It should be somewhere up ahead.” Zhang Ye wasn’t in a great mood as it was very hot today. In the middle of summertime, he was wearing a surgical mask, hat, and aviators. If it were anyone else, who wouldn’t feel hot?

When they reached the haunted house, they had to stand in line for almost an hour before they could get in.

The entrance was right in front and all the screams of the children could be heard coming from inside.



“I don’t wanna play here anymore!”

“That scared the c.r.a.p out of me!”

“Sob sob sob!”

Some were even crying as screams rang out.

Zhang Ye looked at Chenchen and smiled. “You better not end up crying later.”

Chenchen smirked. “Hur hur.”

Then, Zhang Ye led her into the haunted house. It was also his first time visiting one.

After only eight steps in, a skeleton fell from above and dropped right in front of Zhang Ye and Chenchen. It was springing up and down in front of them.

Zhang Ye immediately got the gooseb.u.mps all over as his shouts nearly pierced the roof of the haunted house. “Aiyo, what the h.e.l.l!”

Deadpan, Chenchen glanced at him. “Zhang Ye, are you sure you’ll be OK?”

Zhang Ye shouted, “Quick, move along! Keep going!”

As someone who would even tremble in fear when he went to a hospital, how could he possibly enjoy this experience!

But just as they took a few steps forward, a figure with a protruding red tongue suddenly jumped out next to them and let out a chilling scream!

However, Zhang Ye screamed out even louder than him. “Holy s.h.i.t!”

His scream nearly scared the employee dressed up as a demon out of his wits. d.a.m.n, Big Bro, is it really necessary for you to scream like that? You scared the s.h.i.t out of me!

In comparison, Chenchen was pretty calm. She looked at that “demon” with a red tongue and pointed at him, saying, “This tongue doesn’t look real at all. I could see straight away that this was made from cotton. And look at this.” She pressed the red tongue and said, “It’s so dirty. Just how many days have you not washed this tongue?”

The employee speechless.

Chenchen pointed out, “Next time, remember to use one that is made of rubber. It’d be more realistic than this.”

The employee stayed speechless.

When they continued forward, there was yet another terrifying scene!

Something covered all in hair was striding step by step toward them!

Zhang Ye was frightened so badly that he kept screaming wildly.

But Chenchen just blinked her eyes and walked over to it. She pushed aside the disgusting‑looking hair several times to reveal the shocked face of a female employee.

Chenchen nodded at her and said, “You’re scarier than those people we met earlier on.”

The female employee said, “Eh?”

Chenchen asked, “Is your pay higher than theirs?”

The female staff said nothing.

Chenchen: “How much do you get paid?”

The female staff still didn’t respond.

After a trip through the haunted house, Zhang Ye’s face had paled beyond white. He still couldn’t get over it for the longest time after coming out and kept walking in places where the sun was shining, avoiding any place that was dark and shaded. It was not that he had no b.a.l.l.s, but because he was just afraid of things that shocked and scared people.

But unknown to them, the staff in the haunted house were all feeling like they were going to vomit blood. They really had never seen a child like this before. She was clearly not brought up by a normal family. How did they know that? There was no need to ask this, of course. Have you f.u.c.king seen any normal child go and uncover a demon’s hair and ask how much she was paid when they saw a ghost walking toward them? Have you witnessed something like this before?

Actually, Zhang Ye was also wondering how Chenchen could be so brave. She was too scared to sleep alone at night, but she was braver than anyone else once they were inside the haunted house. Even Zhang Ye nearly had his soul scared out of him, but this little kid could still find the time to mock the staff? Did you come all the way to the amus.e.m.e.nt park just to do that?

Zhang Ye asked, “Did you have fun?”

Chenchen nodded and said, “It’s not too bad.”

Zhang Ye said, “What do you mean by not too bad!”

Chenchen said, “Zhang Ye, you’re such a weakling.”

Zhang Ye said angrily, “Don’t ask me to bring you out to this awful place again in the future!”

Chenchen said in a serious manner, “Don’t you know that they’re all just pretending?”

“Of course I know that!” Zhang Ye said angrily.

Chenchen let out a hur hur. “Zhang Ye, you’re such a coward.”

Zhang Ye rolled his eyes and harrumphed, “I’m a coward? You just haven’t seen this bro pilot a plane! That’s what you would call a big occasion. What do you know?”

Chenchen pouted and turned to look at a shop that was selling things. She pointed at the shop and said, “Zhang Ye, I want ice cream.”

Zhang Ye nodded. “Keep dreaming.”

“Go buy it for me.”

“Buy it yourself.”

“You buy it for me!”

When an old couple who had brought their grandson out to have fun saw this, they could not help but criticize Zhang Ye with a few choice words.

The old lady said, “Boy, if the child wants to eat, just go and buy it for her.”

The old man said, “Since it’s Children’s Day and they only get to enjoy one such holiday, you should give into her.”

The two of them walked away after that.

Zhang Ye was at a loss.

“Alright, alright, you’re the king today.” Zhang Ye forced himself to go and buy ice cream for her. “But let me say this first. After Children’s Day, I won’t go so easy on you!”

Chenchen ignored him and continued to eat the ice cream. She kept flicking her eyes around like she was scoping out what to do next.

All of a sudden, sounds of a festive atmosphere drifted over from up ahead. It seemed to be an event. A host was onstage talking at the moment. Several hundred people were around the stage!

It sounded like there was some sort of a singing contest?

And there were even prizes?


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