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I Am Really A Superstar is a Webnovel completed by Chang Yu.
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The Lottery Draw (Three) was entirely different.

The lottery draw that gave the small treasure chests was a spinning wheel.

The lottery draw that gave the medium treasure chests was in the form of a slot machine.

Meanwhile, this lottery draw that gave the large treasure chests was a virtual platform made of an unknown material that resembled stone. The small platform of several meters had a concave s.p.a.ce in the middle that was reserved for the treasure chests to be dispensed from. However, it was bare and empty at this moment with nothing in it. The feeling it gave was rather mysterious and intimidating.

However, Zhang Ye felt a pinch in his heart the moment he saw the system notification in the game ring that introduced this lottery system. He had not checked the game ring in a long time. It had reached the upgrade requirement a while ago, but he had only found out after he brought up the game ring’s interface today. It was just like the previous time the system was upgraded from the basic level to the intermediate level. Once the game ring had reached the required Reputation Points, it would activate the upgrade. Meanwhile, as payment for the upgrade, his Reputation Points would be deducted from the game ring. As such, the Reputation Points that Zhang Ye had been acc.u.mulating for a long time was suddenly more than halved, leaving him feeling the pinch. It was a good thing there was some form of compensation for the upgrade. The moment he played the lottery draw for the first time after the upgrade, there would be a rare treasure chest with a 100% rate of dispensing, which made it very tempting.

Come on.

Let’s give it a try.

Zhang Ye reached into the air and tapped. Then he was dumbfounded.

System Notification: You’re about to spend 100 million Reputation Points. Please confirm.

100 million?

Each lottery draw attempt costs 100 million?

Do you f.u.c.king want to die!

This is highway robbery!

Zhang Ye nearly went crazy with hate. The basic lottery draw only costs 100,000 Reputation Points, while the intermediate lottery draw cost 10 million Reputation Points. Now that he had reached the advanced lottery draw, it required a 100 million Reputation Points to play?

But what could he do? He could only play!

Zhang Ye clenched his teeth and pressed “confirm”!

This time, he did not activate the Lucky Halo (Upgraded). First, because the game ring’s rules had already specified that the first attempt at the upgraded lottery draw would always give a rare item treasure chest, so there wasn’t a need for any luck. Second, all of the things that happened during this hacking incident had happened precisely because of the Lucky Halo (Upgraded). If it weren’t for it, Zhang Ye would probably still have it good. He was only here because he had trusted it too much.

A bright glow erupted from the lottery draw’s platform.

Zhang Ye was momentarily blinded.

One second.

Three seconds.

Five seconds.

The glow lasted for a short while before suddenly disappearing.

Zhang Ye opened his eyes and noticed that a large, golden treasure chest had appeared on the lottery platform. It was much bigger than the small and medium-sized treasure chests.

Here it comes!

Zhang Ye was looking forward to it.

He retrieved the treasure chest and opened it up.

System notification:

You have opened the chest.

[Congratulations, you have received a rare item!]

[Lucky Halo (Ultra): Dramatically increases the luck of the player.]

An ultra version?

Dramatically increase?

When Zhang Ye saw this description, he got extremely excited. He no longer trusted the Lucky Halo, but that was only the upgraded version. Since the beginning, the basic version of the Lucky Halo had failed quite a few times. The upgraded version had also screwed up at critical junctures, indicating that their effects were not strong enough. Having reached this point, Zhang Ye could no longer make any missteps. Taking this event as an example, it was a major incident the moment something went bad. He was after reliability and stability. The moment he required the Lucky Halo’s effects, he would need it to be a 100% successful. Therefore, this ultra version of the Lucky Halo fit Zhang Ye’s requirements nicely. The only drawback of it was—

f.u.c.k me!

It would consume 1 million Reputation Points per second of activation?

This was too expensive!

However, Zhang Ye placed it into the Merchant Shop’s interface nonetheless. The Special Category items were basically a purchasing right, just like how the game ring had received an upgrade the previous time and the older version of the Lucky Halo was replaced by the newer one. That made the lower tier version of the item unusable, so he couldn’t use it even if he wanted to.

What else was there?

What else was different with the new lottery draw from the previous one?

Zhang Ye immediately gave it another try. He rubbed his hands together and took a deep breath before tapping on Lottery Draw (Three) again. He noticed there wasn’t any option to place additional stakes in this advanced version of the lottery draw. This was also where it differed from the basic and intermediate versions of the lottery draw in that it could only allow him to draw one item at a time!

The lottery draw began!

He used up a 100 million Reputation Points!

Then that glow appeared again!

This time, Zhang Ye did not close his eyes. Instead, he squinted hard at it.

A moment later, the glow disappeared.

Then—there were no more thens!

After the glow dissipated, there was no trace of anything at all on the platform!

Zhang Ye was dumbfounded. f.u.c.k, it can even end up like this?

He refused to have his beliefs shaken and still kept his Lucky Halo (Ultra) deactivated. He wanted to try the odds of this advanced lottery draw first in order to familiarize himself with it. So he attempted the draw several times in a row. Although his Reputation Points were more than halved after the system upgrade, he still had a lot of Reputation Points left. He could still be considered “rich” in that sense.

The third lottery draw attempt.

The glow appeared.

The glow disappeared.

There was nothing.

The fourth lottery draw attempt.

The glow appeared.

The glow disappeared.

A large treasure chest finally appeared!

[Lockpicking Skill Experience Book] × 3: Increase the lockpicking skills of the player.

The fifth lottery draw attempt.

The glow appeared.

The glow disappeared.

There was nothing.

The sixth lottery draw attempt.

After the glow disappeared, another large treasure chest appeared.

When Zhang Ye opened it up, a system notification popped up.

[Congratulations, you have received a rare item!]

[Higher Mathematics Skill Experience Book]: Max out the Higher Mathematics Skill!

He tried it a total of six times.

In the end, Zhang Ye stopped playing it in shock. He was finally able to figure out how this advanced lottery draw worked. This was completely different from the previous two versions of the lottery draw, and there was a possibility of drawing any item from it. For example, the probability of drawing nothing at all was the highest, with it happening three times out of his six attempts. Or those three Lockpicking Skill Experience Books that he had just received, they were what Zhang Ye had drawn at the very beginning when he could only access the basic version of the lottery draw. He even put this skill to use during the hijacking incident to open the cabin door, and those three books were exactly the same thing that he had gotten before. The moment Zhang received the item, he opened them up and learned. He could feel that his lockpicking skill had improved, but it was not by much. This felt like an item that should not have belonged in the advanced version of the lottery draw. Furthermore, he received of such books. It was as though the prizes were random and there was no logic behind what could be drawn.

It wasn’t until a rare item had appeared, when that [Higher Mathematics Skill Experience Book] came out that Zhang Ye finally understood.


A maximum level skill?

This was a G.o.dly skill!

He no longer had to get books from the basic and intermediate versions of the lottery draw in order to max out the skill? He could max it out straight away!

From the looks of it, this advanced lottery draw encompa.s.sed the full range of items that were available. The items he could get were random and could be of the basic or advanced levels. The quant.i.ties of these items that he would receive were also random. It might be one, two, or even three of them drawn in one go. Looking at this, it seemed like the payment and reward ratio wasn’t proportional at all. After all, to spend 100 million Reputation Points and get nothing, or get a basic item which could be gotten with 100,000 Reputation Points in the basic lottery draw did seem a little shameful.

But there were rare items in this advanced lottery draw!

And these rare items could only be gotten here!

Uh, although the odds of getting them were relatively low.From basic to intermediate, the upgrade costs 200 million Reputation Points.


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