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Zhang Ye’s room was also business cla.s.s. But it had an extra word, business cla.s.s suite. It came with a kitchen attached to the living room. The bathroom and the bedroom were inside. This was one of the few rooms that was located at the furthest ends of the building. It was better than the other rooms. One look and he knew that he had received preferential treatment. Zhang Ye was not surprised. He went to take a shower before coming out to switch the TV on.
It was 7:20PM.
At this time, almost all of the satellite channels were showing Central TV’s News Simulcast.
When the TV screen came on, it was showing the Shanghai satellite channel. Central TV’s news was being broadcasted. Zhang Ye wanted to change the channel, but he decided to keep watching anyway.
The hosts were a man and a woman, they were both old anchors.
The male anchor reported: “A chemical factory incident left 2 dead and 8 injured.”
The female anchor reported: “The relevant authorities are already looking into the cause of this incident.”
“Next, we have a news flash.” The male anchor was probably looking at the teleprompter. A news flash was very common on many news channels, but on Central TV’s News Simulcast, it was a rare occurrence. Because it was a live broadcast with prescheduled news reports, time was very tight. News programs were very properly timed and scheduled as there were other programs after it, so even a second of delay was not tolerated. Unless it was something of importance, a news flash would never occur on the 7 PM news of Central TV.
“At 4 PM today, flight CA1883 from Beijing to Shanghai was hijacked by three hijackers. The incident caused severe injuries to three people and slight injuries to eight. The three hijackers are already in police custody and the incident is currently under investigations.”
The female anchor reported: “According to sources, when the hijackers seized control of the aircraft, the situation was already very dangerous. A broadcasting host stood up and led the pa.s.sengers to seize control back from the hijackers. It was again him who then piloted the plane as the pilot and co-pilot were critically injured. With no one to control the aircraft and heavy damages in the c.o.c.kpit, he sat in the pilot’s seat without caring for his life and he safely landed it at Shanghai Hong Qiao Airport. He saved almost 100 lives. As fellow hosts, we would like to just say — Teacher Zhang Ye, good on you!”
Central TV’s news program were now much more open. The hosts were no longer too rigid, sticking to the script. Some words could be spoken freely by the hosts.
He was on the news?
This bro has gotten onto Central TV news?
After watching the broadcast of News Simulcast, Zhang Ye was still finding it unreal. He had fantasized multiple times of himself appearing on Central TV news before, like holding a concert tour around the world or a movie that he acted as a lead in breaking a few billion Yuan at the box office. But he never expected that he would appear on Central TV news in this way.
What a great feeling!
This was Central TV’s 7 PM news, News Simulcast!
It was not necessary to speak of the ratings. It was an enforced broadcast on all local and satellite television. The number of people watching would definitely be in their millions. It was not a number that an Arts Channel in Beijing could compare to!
He was once again famous!
His fame would definitely go to the next level!
Ring, ring, ring. The phone that Zhang Ye had thrown onto the bed when he first entered the room was ringing. He picked it up and saw the number of his landlady’s apartment on the display.
“h.e.l.lo?” Zhang Ye answered.
It was Little Chenchen’s deep voice on the other side, “Zhang Ye, you are on the news.”
Zhang Ye laughed, “I know, I saw it. How was it? Uncle is great right!? Did your Big Aunt ask you to call me? Ask her to come to the phone.”
“Big Aunt… ” Chenchen shouted.
“Did it get through? Give it to me.” Rao Aimin’s voice was getting nearer.
Zhang Ye said, “Landlady Auntie, I’m alright. Please don’t worry.”
Rao Aimin said, “When did you learn how to fly a plane?”
“Hai, this bro was self-taught. I flew it blindly,” Zhang Ye answered laughingly.
“What kind of people were the hijackers?” Rao Aimin asked.
Zhang Ye became a little more serious, “I don’t know, but I could tell from their accent that they were definitely Chinese citizens. But they fought with Muay Thai moves, and they were rather good.”
“Are you hurt?” Rao Aimin asked.
“Me? Hurt? You must be joking. With my kung fu, how can any Tom, d.i.c.k or Harry hurt me? I put them in their place with just a few punches and kicks!” Zhang Ye boasted. Actually, it had been a really close call. He was unable to match the two of them in the fight. If the pa.s.sengers did not help him, Zhang Ye might have died there. But of course he would not say the truth to Big Sis Rao, otherwise how could he show his heroics to her?
After a short conversation, they hung up.
Shortly after, he got a call from his house.
“Son! What happened? Were you the person News Simulcast was reporting about? The name was Zhang Ye and a broadcast host flying from Beijing to Shanghai… ” His mother asked anxiously.
Zhang Ye laughed, “Mum, it’s me but I’m fine.”
“Do you want to scare me and your dad!” His mother said angrily.
“I didn’t have a choice, I was unlucky to have met such an incident.” Zhang Ye was not actually unlucky. Rather, the game difficulty had been adjusted by the dice roll.
His mother said, “But that doesn’t mean that you should fly the plane!”
“If I didn’t, no one would have been able to do it. Neither did anyone else know how to fly a plane. I had to do it.” Zhang Ye laughed bitterly.
His mother scolded, “Only you can? Had to do a fart!? You are a broadcasting major! What do you know about flying a plane!”
“Who do you think I am? There’s nothing your son doesn’t know. Wasn’t this good luck? I’m fine anyway, tell dad not to worry.”
“How can I not worry?”
“That’s all for now, the airport and airline staff are asking me to go for dinner.”
He hung up as he did not want to hear his mother nagging at him. But the calls kept coming. His old colleagues, old friends and relatives all called him, probably because they watched the news.
“Aiyo, Little Ye. Are you alright?”
“Big Uncle, I’m alright.”
“Teacher Zhang, why are you getting into trouble again?”
“Xiao Lu, look at what you’re saying. What do you mean I’m creating trouble? It was the criminals who caused the trouble!”
He received more than a dozen calls in a short period of time.
Zhang Ye explained himself until his mouth turned sore. After hanging up on the last call, he took the mineral water on the table and drank it all in one gulp.
Ding dong, the doorbell rang.
Zhang Ye opened the door to see Dong Shanshan standing outside.
Dong Shanshan had obviously showered and changed into a new dress. It was a one-piece white dress, fully matched with a white pair of stilettos. Her dress was a very low cut type and it felt like her big bosoms were going to pop out at any moment. She had a deep cleavage and her dress was pretty tight as it hugged her b.u.t.t tightly. It was as if she would almost have a wardrobe malfunction, but didn’t. It left him wanting!
Dong Shanshan said, “Did you watch the news?”
“Yes, I just watched it.” Zhang Ye said.
Dong Shanshan glanced at him, “This time, you will be promoted into the D-List celebrity rankings without a problem.”
Zhang Ye blinked, “That’s not possible, I think I am still a little short of that.”
Dong Shanshan laughed, “With this incident, you won’t be short of that at all. If you don’t believe me, go and check the Celebrity Rankings tonight or tomorrow morning. You’re good! We just graduated a few months ago and you are already a D-List celebrity. You fame is shooting up like a rocket!”
Zhang Ye waved it off, “Alright, even if you praise me so much, I still wouldn’t be able to afford a meal for you. I am worse off than you. You are pretty and you have a good figure. Even if you don’t do hosting, you can go into movies or television serials without a hitch. You can easily become famous, but not me. This bro’s looks don’t even qualify me to be a main lead, have you ever seen a lead without a pretty face? Even if they were ugly, they were ugly with the right features. So if I wanted to continue on in the entertainment industry, it would be harder to survive in it than you. Since I don’t have anything, I will need to slowly find a style of my own.”
Dong Shanshan glanced at him, “You have talent.”
Zhang Ye thought for a while, “That’s true, I won’t deny that.”
Dong Shanshan managed a laugh, “You really are not humble at all.”
Her earlier makeup had been removed but she put on another round of makeup to match her current dress. Her lipstick color was the glittering type and it made her lips look tender and wet. It matched her short white one piece dress very well. It made Zhang Ye, who shared a kiss with her earlier on, want to give her a playful bite on her lips again. The school belle’s charms did not fade since her school days. Instead, it became more intense and more matured like her career and age. Her charm had totally gone through the roof, it felt like every part of her was more alluring than the other. Even the nail glitter was bursting with charm!
“Let’s go.” Dong Shanshan tilted her head towards the the lift, “The event is going to start soon.”
“Sure.” Zhang Ye walked into the lift with her saying, “Let’s exchange numbers and keep in contact.”
“Oh right, I don’t have your number yet.” Dong Shanshan took her cellphone out and exchanged numbers with him. Just as they were finished, her phone rang.
Dong Shanshan was not bothered by Zhang Ye’s presence and she answered it in the lift, “h.e.l.lo… yes, it’s me… OK, I’ve already arrived in Shanghai… yes, it was that flight… I’m fine, why would I blame you? You would not have known when you were booking the tickets… Alright, I will go report tomorrow… Yes. We can discuss about the contract tomorrow… alright, I will hang up now.”
Zhang Ye asked, “You are going to the drama crew already?”
Dong Shanshan smiled. “It’s a hosting job.”
Zhang Ye was stunned, “Eh, you are a host too? Didn’t you say that you came to Shanghai to shoot a drama?”
Dong Shanshan looked at him, confused, with her big and s.e.xy eyes, “Did I say that?”
“Yes, you did.” Zhang Ye was now staring at her in disbelief, “You said it yourself on the plane!”
“Really? Alright, hur hur. Then I’m going to report to the drama crew, I made a mistake.” Dong Shanshan changed her words once more.
Zhang Ye nearly fainted, “Hey, hey, you just said you were going to be a host just three seconds ago. How could your job change twice? Do you even speak the truth from your mouth? We have been cla.s.smates for so long, do you really need to hide it from me?” Saying this, he remembered the kiss from earlier again. Just before the lift doors opened, he whispered, “And was that really your first kiss before?”
Dong Shanshan smiled with her eyes and put her mouth close to Zhang Ye’s ears, saying to him in a soft whisper, “Guess, but even if you guess correctly, you won’t get a prize.”
Her breath flowed into Zhang Ye’s ears silkily. It tickled him and as he looked over at her once more, Dong Shanshan had already started walking out of the lift.
Zhang Ye could only follow as he shook his head in annoyance.
This school belle, I really wonder which words of hers were truthful!
During their university days, the reputation of Dong Shanshan, who was the school belle, was not too good. In cla.s.s or in the faculty or even in the university itself, those who liked her really liked her deeply. But those who hated her wanted to spit at her whenever they saw her. Back then, Zhang Ye could not understand why they had such criticisms of Dong Shanshan, but he probably could understand them now. Cla.s.smate Dong’s mouth really ticked people off. Sometimes, she was sincere and sometimes, she was fake. After listening to her for a whole day, you would not know which of her words were true. So how could her reputation be good!?


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