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Read I Am Really A Superstar 257 A Change In Schedules For The Talk Show!

I Am Really A Superstar is a web novel made by Chang Yu.
This webnovel is right now ongoing.

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Read WebNovel I Am Really A Superstar 257 A Change In Schedules For The Talk Show!

“Do we still have tickets?”
“What tickets?”
“Tickets to ‘Zhang Ye’s Talk Show’, what else?”
“Hur Hur, I still have an internal ticket here.”
“Aiyo, give it to me Old Xu. I will treat you to dinner!”
“I can’t give this to you. I have a relative who wants to watch Zhang Ye’s program no matter what. This ticket is for him, so you better continue asking around.”
“I did, but there’s no more!”
“True, it’s really hard to get your hands on a ticket to Zhang Ye’s show now!”
“Eh, that’s true. We don’t even have internal tickets. How can I answer to my friend now? She especially likes Teacher Zhang Ye. Once she remembered that I work here, she specially requested me to get tickets for her. Oh, forget it. If there’s really no choice, I will bring her in via the staff pa.s.sage backstage.”
Zhang Ye had just finished his lunch in the canteen.
The director from his program team found him, “Teacher Zhang, the latest figures are in. Our second episode of the Talk Show now stands at 9 million views. It’s estimated that after your afternoon recording, it would surely cross 10 million views.
The first episode of “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show” had already broken the records for 1st day views of an online television station broadcast. It didn’t manage to cross the 10 million view record for a single episode, because the other online television stations also had their own programs, which had more views than Zhang Ye’s single episode views. The number of programs that had crossed 10 million views for a single episode could be counted with both hands. There were not many, so his record was already one to be proud of. Besides, “Zhang Ye’s Talk Show” only had two episodes. It had just begun, so there was still plenty of time for it to break records in the future. As long as the program’s quality was maintained, then the chance of it happening was highly likely. It was all a matter of time.
Zhang Ye was also very please, “Great, what time do we record this afternoon?”
“It’s estimated to be at 1:30PM, but we will arrange it according to your schedule.” the director said.
Zhang Ye nodded, “Then let’s do it at 1:30PM. We shouldn’t keep the audience waiting.”
The director acknowledged. As the program reviews became more and more positive, so did his mood, “Sure.”
It was time.
The new episode’s recording was beginning.
Being the program team in-charge, Zhang Ye did not try to skip on his duties. He did not rest, but instead came to the set early to give instructions. He told the staff, “Everyone might have to work a little bit harder today, I’m planning to record 2 more episodes today, a total of 3 episodes altogether. 1 episode is for the broadcast tonight, the other 2 in preparation for next and Sunday, so that we aren’t in a rut for time later on. Let’s make use of today’s appointed time and record them too.”
“We will follow whatever you say.”
“Then I will inform the audience!”
Although this was what he said, Zhang Ye’s plans for recording another 2 episodes had another objective. When the recording ended, he would go and look for the leader to discuss about it.
20 minutes later, the audience entered the studio.
The atmosphere at the studio today was a little different. When the audience came inside and saw Zhang Ye giving out instructions, they began calling out for him. Some of the girls were even shouting his name and some youths did not care about the staff, who were attempting to blockade them and went up to ask Zhang Ye for an autograph. They looked very excited.
When the staff member was about to chide them, Zhang Ye stopped them from saying anything. Instead, he smiled and obliged by giving them the autographs, without putting on any airs.
When the audience off stage saw this, another 6-7 people also rushed up.
The staff gave wry smiles, but Zhang Ye didn’t say anything. Whoever came forward, he obliged by signing. He was not bothered by any delays to the recording, because in his heart, his fans and his audience always came first.
After a long time, the recording started.
Zhang Ye did his usual introduction as he heard the thunderous applause outside. He smiled and greeted, “h.e.l.lo everyone, and welcome to today’s ‘Zhang Ye’s Talk Show’. I am your host, Zhang Ye. Before the program begins, let me read a few more letters sent in by our audience.” He took out a card and read from it, “Zhang Ye, I want to have your baby!” Zhang Ye was stunned, but without a pause, dismissively threw the card aside, “Huh!”
Audience, “Yi!”
Afterwards, Zhang Ye seemed to pause for a few seconds, then laughed heartily, “Aiya, are the audience members so pa.s.sionate these days, am I really that hot? This program is watched by so many people?”
The audience once again raptured, “Yi!!”
Zhang Ye c.o.c.kily said, “Actually, I’ve researched a little the past few days. I’ve walked among the gra.s.sroots and took the public transport with everyone else. The other day, I saw 2 pretty young ladies and went up to them to ask ‘Hey, did you watch Zhang Ye’s Talk Show?’, but their faces turned contemptuous like they were thinking ‘What the heck are you talking about? We don’t even know what that is’, ‘We like watching Korean dramas, Oppa!” Zhang Ye sighed, “Alright, then I turned to the other side, where there were a few rather pretty female, white-collar workers, ‘Hey, do you all watch online television? Which host do you like most?’ They looked at me and then suddenly got excited and said, ‘Of course it’s….Dong Shanshan, Online Talents is such a good show! She’s very pretty too. She’s what we aim to become!” Zhang Ye was once again speechless, but continued on, “My heart was blowing a cold wind inside. So next, I went to a snack shop in Chengdu and there I saw it! A few big sized men were looking at their cellphones watching ‘Zhang Ye’s Talk Show’. My spirit was jolted and I went up to them asking if they liked watching Talk Shows? One of them answered loudly ‘But of course, Zhang Ye’s too funny! The program is too good! I’m a hardcore fan!”
The audience did not understand what Zhang Ye’s long story was for and only listened.
In the next moment, Zhang Ye’s burden was revealed. He said with a depressed face, clutching his forehead and giving a long sigh saying, “Hai, so…these are the kinds of people….who want to have my babies!”
Upon hearing this, the audience burst out laughing, “Hahahahaha!”
“Many people are envious of me, but there is no such need. Everyone’s life is filled with excitement. For example, before I became famous, my life was already extremely exciting. According to my incomplete statistics, I have acc.u.mulated 63 draws at the lottery, winning a total of 12,600,000 Renminbi (US$1,900,000), as well as winning 39 high-end phones, 9 computers, 17 sedan cars, as well as 38 subpoenas, accepted into college 27 times. In addition, my girlfriend had been kidnapped five times, my daughter had been sold three times, while my son had been caught by the police for adultery seven times. My life…is really a legend!”
After saying a segment from “Bao Zou Big News Events” and then another joke segment from his world’s internet, the atmosphere had been livened up!
Zhang Ye carried on without pause!
One episode…
Two episodes…
Three episodes finished recording!
By the time he finished, it was almost four in the afternoon.
The moment the audience dispersed, Zhang Ye left the recording studio and took an elevator upstairs. The moment he walked into the corridor, he encountered Dong Shanshan. He could not help but ask, “How’s your new program?”
Dong Shanshan smiled. “Three million hits in one day.”
Zhang Ye was stunned, “Such good results? Well done.”
Dong Shanshan glanced at him, “Cut it out, it’s just not bad. How can I compare to a hot host like you with ten million hits an episode?”
Zhang Ye gave a wry smile, “What do you mean I’m hot? I’m full of infamy. Don’t you see the loads of people scolding me on the internet?”
Dong Shanshan said, “But there’s no lack in people commending you either. Hur Hur, also their scolding itself is a topic. It allows exposure. No one scolds me even if I wished for it, so be content!”
After their short conversation, they separated. He went to the office of the WebTV department’s head.
He knocked on the door.
A voice came from within, “Come in.”
Zhang Ye pushed the door open and entered, “Director Feng.”
“Little Zhang.” Feng Guiqin smiled. “I was just about to go looking for you. I heard you recorded three episodes in one go today? You produced so many?”
Zhang Ye had such a motive. Noticing that she mentioned it, he took the opportunity to say, “Those joke segments are basically in my head, so I can say them at any time. So I came today, hoping to request for my program to be aired every day of the week? If the timing doesn’t work out well, it will be fine with a poorer time slot from Monday to Friday. I just find two episodes a week to be too few. After all, the audience’s reception towards it isn’t bad.”
Feng Guiqin looked at him with surprise, “Broadcast it everyday?”
Zhang Ye answered, “Yes, that’s my intention.”
“Then will your scripts be able to keep up?” Feng Guiqin said with worry, “It will naturally be best to broadcast it everyday, as it can pull in a bigger audience. However, the creative team only has you. Even if I’m not exaggerating, this program has you as the core, bones, blood, and flesh. It’s all you. You are the only one holding it up. If you fall sick for three to five days, no one can replace you in a Talk Show program. It all depends on you. If your creations can’t keep up, would the airing frequency cause a decrease in the quality of the program? If this becomes the case, it would be better to just broadcast twice a week!”
Zhang Ye affirmed, “That won’t happen, Leader. You can watch the three episodes I recorded today. Not a single episode has a problem with its quality. I would also not do a slipshod work just for quant.i.ty.”
Feng Guiqin did not make a decision right away, but made a phone call instead. She got someone to send her the programs Zhang Ye recorded that afternoon, and then watched them one by one.
Zhang Ye sat on the sofa to wait. He too was not in a rush.
The sounds of stifling laughter could be heard from Feng Guiqin every now and then. She was either covering her forehead or her mouth. She was completely engrossed in the program.
Around the knocking off time, Feng Guiqin finished watching the programs and said to Zhang Ye, “Alright, I’ve made my decision. From now onwards, the 8 PM time slot from Monday to Friday is yours. The creative talent and continuous flow of inspiration you have really makes me speechless!”
“Thank you Leader,” Zhang Ye said.
Feng Guiqin pondered and said, “Your program is now a key highlight of our company. In the future, no other program will use Studio 7 for recording. I’ll leave it all to you. From now on, that will be the place to do recordings or live broadcasts of ‘Zhang Ye’s Talk Show’. As for the scheduling for Monday to Friday at 8, you don’t have to worry about it. I’ll negotiate and arrange it for you. All you need to focus on is making each episode the best it can be, and establish a first cla.s.s highlight for our WebTV station!”
“Alright, I will!” Zhang Ye pledged with sincerity and seriousness.


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