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Chapter 1036: The Pained Fatty

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yun Yang frowned and seemed a little pained. “This…Since it is so powerful, I’ll find an opportunity to ask the senior inside for another wisp…He’ll give it to me again, right? After all, he was so generous this time…I think it is not necessarily a rare thing…”

Dong Qitian sneered, “What is a fated chance? The so-called fated chance is a chance that will not come again if you miss it! Since you have already missed it once, how can you have a second time? When the chance comes and you seize it, it is your fated chance. But, if you cannot grasp it, there will be no more of those. I can’t believe you are still dreaming of having another one…Keep on dreaming! You will never have such a chance again in your life!”

Yun Yang said hesitantly, “I don’t think things will be as absolute as you said…When the senior gave me the wisp of Primordial Qi, I clearly saw that he still had seven or eight wisps in his hand. He was holding them like a lock of silks and had given me one casually…In the future, he wouldn’t be so stingy.”

“He still has seven or eight wisps?” Dong Qitian took a deep breath, then took another deep breath, and then pa.s.sed out on the spot.

‘Let me die. What have I heard…I must be dreaming.’

The success of the Emerald Cloud Road had brought about a huge leap in the strength of the entire Residence of Nine Supremes—both in terms of overall strength and actual combat force—within just two days. It was almost a qualitative change!

Almost the entire Residence of Nine Supremes was happy and excited about this change.

Well…the reason why it was said to be ‘almost’ was that there was still a person who was not very happy, and that person was a higher-up of the sect!

In addition to the Lead Supreme, Yun Yang, the Demiurge-Flawed Ten, the eight Supremes, and the guest elder, Dong Qitian, there was only one more higher-up in the Residence of Nine Supremes—Qian Duoduo!

In the beginning, Qian Duoduo was happy with the breakthrough of the disciples, but he just wept later on.

Over time and under his painstaking efforts, the materials and wealth in the warehouse had become more and more abundant after hardly being consumed. The wealth was growing at a steady rate, and he was very satisfied with such results.

Qian Duoduo’s love for money had become an obsession. There was only one thought in his mind: more the money, the better. And, it was best to have only income and no expenditure forever!

‘It would be best if all the money in the Bound of Universe goes into my warehouse, and then…continues to come in without spending a penny. This is the best!’

However, the dream was completely shattered when it had just begun to be realized.

Those little guys, including Sun Mingxiu and Yun Xiuxin, really cost too much money to cultivate.

Their monthly allowance was not much. After all, Residence of Nine Supremes was still pretty rich, and there were millions of superior-grade spiritual jade piled up in the warehouse. As long as it was used for cultivation, anyone could request them at will, use them at will, or even squander them. As long as one’s cultivation base could improve, everything could be discussed.

As for the quant.i.ty of medial-grade and inferior-grade spiritual jade, it was enough for disciples to cultivate for a long time. Perhaps they would not run out even when the seas dried up and the rocks decayed!

Well, the reason why he dared to be so sure was that the Black and White Ruthless Duo had done so well and had acc.u.mulated so much wealth.

What was more important was that the utilization rate of spiritual jade by disciples was actually very low. After all, from Yun Yang down, the actual cultivation base of all the people in Residence of Nine Supremes was not high!

Among the top ten disciples, there were distinct levels of monthly allowance. Sun Mingxiu was at the top of the list, receiving two superior-grade spiritual jade, twenty medial-grade, and one hundred inferior-grade every month. Yu Chenghang, who was one level lower, received only one superior-grade spiritual jade, while the others were the same as Sun Mingxiu. Bai Yexing, who came in third, was not eligible for superior-grade spiritual jade.

As for the three disciples ranked fourth, fifth, and sixth, their monthly allowance was further reduced to ten medial-grade spiritual jade and one hundred inferior-grade spiritual jade every month. Disciples ranked seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth were the worst paid, receiving only five medial-grade spiritual jade and one hundred inferior-grade spiritual jade every month.

Each of the disciples in Yun Xiuxin’s group could only get one medial-grade and ten inferior-grade spiritual jade, except Yun Xiuxin, who could receive three medial-grade and fifty inferior-grade spiritual jade every month as a special reward for ranking first on a long-term basis.

Ordinary disciples, on the other hand, could only receive two inferior-grade spiritual jade every month. But, this amount of resources was simply not enough for cultivation.

The hierarchy was obvious and strict.

To get more resources, a disciple must become stronger; only by becoming stronger could a disciple have the statue and voice to enjoy more resources!

The principle of survival of the fittest and natural selection was also applicable to the Residence of Nine Supremes, and it was more immediate and obvious!

If these were all the monthly expenses, Qian Duoduo thought they were just a drop in the bucket. Just the income from exterminating the human trafficking organizations these days could last for years…

But, since those little guys broke through, he had become more and more miserable day by day, often wanting to cry and being in constant pain.

The disciples’ monthly allowance did not exceed his budget. However, the losses they caused during training had increased more than a hundred times than before!

The sect’s training facilities were basically completely damaged in a very short period of time! As these little guys had just broken through and their foundations were still unstable, they could not control their own strength. Besides, since their strength had soared explosively, their excitement had exploded as well, and every one of them was wreaking havoc as if they were competing with one another!

Fatty wisely replaced all the training facilities to the Supreme level, but on the afternoon of the replacement, all the facilities were completely damaged again.

Refused to admit defeat, Fatty once again replaced the destroyed facilities with Supreme-Acme-level ones. He believed they could cope for a long time. But, the reality was cruel. In the early morning of the next day, all the facilities were destroyed again!

“What the fu*k do you want? Since you are so formidable, why don’t you fly to the heaven!”

Qian Duoduo no longer wanted to weep. He just wanted to kill himself.

‘Do you know how much money I spent these days to replace the training facilities you destroyed?! Do you know that it is very difficult to buy Supreme-Acme-level training facilities? Do you know that every time I spend money, I feel like there is a knife cutting at my flesh?’

But, Yun Yang, the lead Supreme Cloud, paid no attention to it. In the face of Fatty’s complaint, he only said, “You are the majordomo of the Residence of Nine Supremes, so you have to handle such matters. As long as it doesn’t delay the cultivation of disciples, the rest is not important!”

Fatty was dumbfounded, feeling so angry that his whole body was shivering. “The rest is not important? Does my mood not matter to you? Do I…Do I owe you all these…”

Yun Yang said lightly, “Why don’t you just tell me whether you want to do it or not? If you really feel tired and are unable to do it, I will find someone to replace you. The Residence of Nine Supremes’s majordomo must have the ability to do his job.”

“I’m just joking and nagging! I’ll get things done immediately! I promise I’ll finish the job! You just wait and see!”

He had disappeared even before his words died away.


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