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Chapter 297: The Wind Blows, Snow Falls and Clouds Loom!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The man spoke faintly, “Well, at least that’s what I think. They might not have help coming; their own families aren’t even helping them, how could these two delicate ladies alone have any significant connections to speak of? What powerful allies could they have?”

“As for the monkey, whether it’s useful or not, it’s still an opportunity after all. Unexpected changes might benefit others or us, only time will tell!”


“Sister Lan, we’ve managed to get past them, that gives us time for a short break…” Ji Lingxi clenched her teeth. “I guess it’s still because that b.a.s.t.a.r.d is purposely giving us a chance.”

Yue Rulan replied weakly, “Whatever it is, it’s good that we can come out of it. Lingxi, how many days has it been since your monkey left?”

“Four days. It should have reached Tiantang City by now. I don’t know if it is right to do this… I keep feeling that doing so will only pull him into this mess… That person is perverse in his ways of doing things, but he possesses capabilities which are more than intimidating… Is there a use even if he comes?” Ji Lingxi said.

Yue Rulan answered softly, “We have no choice. We can only count on this only hope… If not, it might already be wishful thinking for us to even make it here. If our heart crumbles too… then we really have no more hope.”

“Also, I wish to have left you with some sort of enlightenment. No matter the circ.u.mstances, no matter how hopeless and bad life seems now… there’s still a chance.”

Yue Rulan spoke in a low voice, a glimpse of grief flashing across her eyes.

Ji Lingxi was weighed down with the thoughts running through her head.

If Yun Yang really did come to their rescue, it was definitely a good thing for the both of them. However, these people were unusually strong. How could Yun Yang be a worthy opponent, based on his cultivation base? Coming here would just be sending himself straight to death’s door!

Yet if Yun Yang had ignored her cry for help and did not come, Ji Lingxi would die in despair.

“Sister Lan, don’t you think I’m contradictory?”

Ji Lingxi sighed, “I hope for him to come but at the same time, I hope he doesn’t… If he comes, my heart aches but if he doesn’t, I’ll be very disappointed…”

Yue Rulan smiled gently. “He will come for sure.”

Ji Lingxi’s eyes radiated. “If he really does come… how can we ensure his safety?”

“There will be a way,” Yue Rulan said meaningfully.

“What way is there?” Ji Lingxi questioned.

Yue Rulan did not answer, becoming quiet instead.

There will naturally be a way. I’ll step up, go along with the devil and use myself as the price to let you two leave. If it can’t be done, then I’ll die, using my death in exchange for your survival.

Since he’s come asking for marriage, he can’t possibly force me to the point of death, can he?

As long as you two have the slightest opportunity and time, you can think of something; maybe flee, maybe something else… That would be the only thing I can do for you.

Only under such circ.u.mstance can the both of you be together! To be able to obtain true happiness!

Even if it might not last long, I shall leave that into your hands.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t share these thoughts aloud.

“Let’s go find something to eat ahead…” Ji Lingxi stroked her stomach with distress painting her features. “I’m starving.”

Yue Rulan smiled. “Then let us go. Let’s have a break before anything else happens since this devil is giving us a bit of time.”

Ji Lingxi made her way into a small village, speedily carrying Yue Rulan.

Although they knew they had a certain duration for a break, they dared not linger. If they stayed for too long, they would bring disaster upon this quiet little village.

They already had similar experiences previously!

“They’ve entered the village?” The middle-aged man stood on a treetop which overlooked the tiny village which had smoke rising; his voice was soft.


“According to their habits, this time they might store food for seven to ten days…”

“When they come out and met our men, make sure not to spoil their food. If they have to starve while fighting us, that wouldn’t be much fun,” the man said.


It had only been a while when Ji Lingxi stealthily stalked out from another side of the village carrying Yue Rulan.

“They’ve come out. Young lord, do we give chase right away and attack?”

The man watched the girls calmly and replied, “No need for such hurry. Give them some time, let them recover. Let them have the illusion of safety, that they’ve already escaped the siege.”

“When they feel completely safe and let their guards down, you fellows move. This will maximize the blow on their confidence and mental state.”

“Young lord is brilliant!”

Ominous clouds thickened in the sky, the northern wind seemed to have grown colder as it whistled listlessly.

Dots of snow began falling. It looked like the first snow of this year was about to come.

Yun Yang, who had gotten news that Ji Lingxi was in danger, was rushing over anxiously.

Ji Lingxi was eighth brother’s little sister, which made her his own sister as well. Her safety surpa.s.sed every current matter. There was also Yue Rulan, eighth brother’s fiancé, his own eighth sister-in-law. With danger threatening the two, of course, Yun Yang had to rush over with the greatest haste!

The wind whizzed, a piece of cloud was drifting through the sky in an unusual manner.

Hard snow kept pelting from the cloud. It was the telltale sign of a heavy snow; Tianxuan Continent called such phenomena snow droplets.

If one were to cast their glance from the ground, only a pure, white canvas could be seen now.

Yun Yang pushed his cloud manifestation with the wind, going at full speed. He had already traveled the entire day but he was yet to arrive.

Right now, he was immensely thankful that he had given the treasured saber to Ji Lingxi back on that day and had even delivered a flow of mystical Qi from Endless Divine Art into the saber so that Ji Lingxi and the saber had formed a connection.

Seeing the Thousand Illusion Monkey appear before him, covered in injuries, Yun Yang’s first feeling was that his heart was about to stop altogether.

Ji Lingxi was eighth brother’s little sister while Yue Rulan was eighth brother’s sister-in-law!

Yun Zuiyue was just stricken with mishap and no affirmation could be made yet about whether there would still be a sliver of hope for that situation to change. Now, Ji Lingxi and Yue Rulan had sent a signal of distress!

Were the G.o.ds so envious of the Nine Supremes doing well?

Yun Yang was infuriated; at the same time, he was trembling with anxiety.

Before he could even notify anyone at home, he had scooped the Thousand Illusion Monkey up and sped towards the direction where the monkey was pointing.

He had gotten out of Tiantang City in the blink of an eye as he sped away, and it was only then that he realized Whitey Two, Three, and Four were sleeping on him.

It seemed that he had left in too much of a haste and did not realize that the Whiteys were habitually snuggling with him. They were still with him now and as the cold wave came head-on, the three Whiteys quivered before their eyes opened simultaneously.

“Meow…” The three Whiteys were dumbfounded at their current situation.

Why… am I in the air? Did I learn how to fly while I was sleeping?

Why is it so cold? What are these white things that are floating all over the sky?

Master, slower! Whitey is cold!

The Thousand Illusion Monkey’s eyes were widened. Its red b.u.t.tocks were icy and about to freeze right off, being blown by the chilling wind but its face displayed human-like anxiousness.

It’s been so long. I wonder how is master doing?

Ji Lingxi already felt powerless and hopeless.

The engulfing fighting atmosphere and ceaseless greetings of weapons, especially directed towards her face forced her to put up with them all; she could only counter and battle with all she could, exerting the last bit of her force and energy to maintain her stance.

If these people simply wanted to kill her, she might have long given up defending herself. it might be gratifying If she could just die that way.

Yet these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds wished to disfigure her! How could she put up with that?

She was tired of the games. No matter how defiant she was, exhaustion was consuming her.

“Whether he’s pursuing us or forcing the marriage on us… why is he hunting to kill us? It would make sense if it was just a hunt to kill, why does each attack focus on disfiguring us?”

Ji Lingxi mumbled as she ran, “Could it be that this b.a.s.t.a.r.d isn’t only perverse in his actions? His hobby is even more perverse; he likes disfigured women?”

Yue Rulan rolled her eyes behind the former’s back.

How should she phrase this better? She believed that the other party’s true intentions were not to disfigure them. The attack was only a continuous pressure tactic to further push the b.u.t.tons of their mental state. They had another motive for sure, and it must have been an ambitious one. It was merely beyond their comprehension at this point in time.

“This girl’s resilience is remarkable!” The man watched Ji Lingsi, who was running for her life. “What an amazing potential!”

The black-robed elder beside him wore a serious gaze as he said, “Congratulations, young lord! From what we’ve observed now, this girl hasn’t broken down, even until this stage. Her endurance or character is the cream of the cream. Young lord’s supposed gain will definitely far exceed our initial evaluation!”

The man nodded slowly and replied, “I feel so too. This amount of effort is worth its value, how lucrative!”

As time pa.s.sed, the snow fell heavier. The man glanced at the sky before saying, “This girl is getting better. Heavy snow is approaching. Don’t let her escape in the snow. If she actually managed to flee, then our set up all this time will be wasted.”

The elderly nodded. “This subordinate understands. There won’t be any mistakes.”

As the old man agreed, he thought that his young lord had never worried about the possibility of his prey escaping. This woman was an exception. Therefore, his young lord’s antic.i.p.ation of this girl was significant. It only meant that there would be no mistakes allowed, regarding this target.

“Keep close, everyone. Close up the gaps in the siege!”

The snow finally fell in a heavy torrent.


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