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Chapter 632: Sensational Saber Truth

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Yun Xiaoyao looked at Yun Yang whom he had carried back all the way. He was equally shocked and speechless.

The ability – the ability was simply overwhelming!

It had to be mentioned that the ambush this time was indeed slotted during everyone’s free time.

The opponent’s timing was right when all the organizations and lone wolves had ceased their activities. Even the Four Seasons Tower had suffered from a tremendous loss previously due to a series of unfortunate incidents. Almost everyone had thought that all the forces would not make another move for a short while – at least, in the next few days.

Yet this ambush had happened so suddenly.

It had caught everyone off guard and its line-up was overwhelmingly powerful.

Even if Yun Xiaoyao were to think about it now, it was a terrible amount of pressure, a butcher’s knife killing a chicken, to use such force against Yun Yang alone. Due to this, it was evident what the opponent’s intention was, simple and brutal – to kill him in one strike and rid him of possible troubles in the future!

Yet such an incredibly disadvantageous state of had been dragged until the end by Yun Yang, until he and the rest had come to his rescue, encircling and capturing all the killers.

Yun Yang had even insisted on speaking before succ.u.mbing to fatigue.

The outcome was unbelievable. It was earthshattering and far beyond anyone’s comprehension!

Yun Xiaoyao asked himself of the chances of him surviving if he were to be the one in today’s situation… He had never been one to belittle his own capabilities, but as he replayed the scenario in his mind in silence, he was certain of one thing. If he were in Yun Yang’s shoes, the opponent might have already gone back to celebrate with wine, without any worry of the situation getting out of hand.

Thinking about it, Yun Xiaoyao could not help shuddering. Instead, Fang Mofei and Lao Mei were the ones who maintained their composure all along, not even thinking that the incident was the stuff of legend, much less a miracle.

Taking in everyone’s surprise, both of the old men were secretly gratified.

‘Bunch of dummies, what do you all know?’

‘Great young master… we are speaking of Supreme Cloud! All that he does and encounters are what others are unable to even imagine!’

‘Such cases would be common and hardly a rare occurrence.’

‘The rise and fall of hundreds of thousands of men from an army can be determined by a twitch of his fingers… and these are merely that stand before him!’

‘A piece of cake! How is it even worth mentioning?’

Was this the truth, however? Of course not!

Fang Mofei and Lao Mei’s situation was different from that of the four young masters. Their adoration for Yun Yang had gone to the extent of blind devotion. Anything that Yun Yang did was reasonable; what was unreasonable became reasonable as well. There was no sense of logic or normality. This was a legendary case of fan adoration. There was simply no arguing about it!

The who were captured were currently imprisoned in the secret chamber. Even as they were being tied to the pillars, a series of moan and groan rang out incessantly.

The group was confused. ‘We’re just tying you up. We didn’t even subject you to any torture yet but you’re already crying out in pain. You fellows are an embarra.s.sment to all!’

When they observed the situation carefully then, the group could not help shuddering in unison.

The captured killers were peppered with a mult.i.tude of tiny wounds. Strictly speaking, the wounds were not deep at all; they had only cut past the surface and did not go deeper into the bone. It was only external skin trauma.

In spite of this, there were simply too many wounds and each of them was of the same depth. The precision of the cuts was shocking.

When they were all bound to the pillars, the sequela of the countless cuts was exposed with a single moment of struggle. The one who had it the worst did not look like he suffered from too much damage; his clothes were intact. Yet as he struggled, his clothes crumbled first before blood oozed from his head down to his toe, like he had been drenched in a pool of blood.

Everyone present thought of only one thing – that the poor fellow was destined not to make it. He would surely die; the loss of blood alone would kill him!

The person’s cry was still energetic without any sign of tiredness. “Ow, it hurts so much!”

Upon careful inspection, Fang Mofei realized that the person had stopped his own bleeding. He was an ace cultivator after all; mere surface wounds would heal much faster than ordinary people. However, the peppering of cuts was alarming. Counting them closely, the unlucky fellow had a total of two hundred and thirty-five light cuts from his scalp to his face to his chest, shoulder… until his calves!

No, there were seven more gashes under his feet. They were all fresh wounds, not dated injuries. It amounted to two hundred and forty-two cuts! This was excluding the thirty slits on his leather boots that did not manage to go through the shoes; otherwise, the number could have gone up higher.

Fang Mofei swallowed involuntarily.

These men were not tortured, were they?

How could this happen?

The legendary death by a thousand cuts would probably have looked like this!

Such slashes had its advantage as well, saving them the need to bandage these killers. The shallow incisions would completely heal in two or three days as the ace cultivators rested. More importantly, their state could not be bandaged! There was no way to do that.

The one who had the least wounds had approximately eighty gashes on him. How should one bandage him? Even if the entire person was wrapped like a dumpling, there would be cuts that would be missed out. Instead, they would forget the bandaging, since they would not die anyway.

“Young master’s saber technique… it’s truly…” Fang Mofei exclaimed, “Wow…”

“Judging by the cuts on these people, young master must have at least dealt over two thousand strikes… According to my calculations, for this short battle today, didn’t young master…”

Lao Mei sucked in a breath, stunned by the number that came to mind.

“The safest estimation would still put it at more than thirty thousand strikes!”

Fang Mofei gave a rather inaccurate estimation before he, too, was shocked by the figures.

In such a short amount of time, facing enemies who were times stronger than him, Yun Yang had struck at least thirty thousand strikes almost without stopping… Fang Mofei was clear that it was indeed the most reserved estimation to have dealt thirty thousand strikes under the circ.u.mstances.

“No wonder!” Fang Mofei exclaimed in breathless wonder.

“What?” Lao Mei was confused.

“Don’t you see?” Fang Mofei was quite dazed. “Our young master has pulled his muscle. His wrist, arm, and shoulders are all swollen… His wrist is much larger than his thigh!”

Lao Mei was speechless.

Fang Mofei glanced at Lao Mei listlessly and said, “Hard to imagine? It’s fatter than your waist.”

Lao Mei cussed inwardly, ‘You… Your father is only a little thinner!’

In the bedroom, Yun Yang lay on the bed silently. He was unconscious, deep asleep. This was the slumber after extreme fatigue but it was not exactly a deep slumber. It was a recovery rest.

Ji Lingxi and Shangguan Lingxiu sat on the bed quietly; both of them on each end of the bed respectively.

Yun Yang was indeed exhausted right now. There was nothing much that was wrong with him nor was he severely injured. Both ladies had inspected him repeatedly before putting down the rock in their heart and waited in silence and peace.

In comparison, Ji Lingxi did more for Yun Yang. She first sorted through Yun Yang’s meridians with refined spiritual Qi before making sure of his state. This would allow Yun Yang to recover faster. She then bandaged a few of his wounds. Actually, Yun Yang had mainly focused on prolonging the battle. Naturally, he avoided being injured as much as he could, so his injuries were relatively light. One of the more shallow gashes had already healed itself while the other deeper ones were not a major cause of concern.


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