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Chapter 749: An Unconfident Exchange

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Ling Xiaozui was ruffled, breathing heavily as he said, “Might as well. I haven’t flexed a muscle for a long time. Cultivation base affects one’s combat power, but that doesn’t make us equal…”

Dugu Chou snorted as well, speaking with a raised chin, “That’s right. Even if our levels are similar, there’ll still be differences in our combat power, the stability of our foundation, and state of mind…”

In other words, the two older men were trying to say, “Don’t think you two are gifted – you’re still far from us compared to the years of experience we acc.u.mulated.”

Ji Lingxi was on the edge of her seat and ready to pounce, almost shouting a war cry at that very moment.

“Don’t, let me go first.” Yun Yang was quick to stop her. “Let me test the waters with the two seniors first… Then, I’ll fight with you afterward. Our differences can be compared this way – and it’s better.”

Ji Lingxi retorted angrily, “Why are you like this? Both seniors have agreed to fight me. What are you doing, coming in between us?”

Yun Yang scoffed without answering her. Instead, he rolled his eyes at her, hard.

Ji Lingxi who had been glared at, quieted down, feeling terribly maligned. She immediately understood Yun Yang’s intention and she knew that this was indeed the only way to go.

It would be a fatal disaster if the red light that was placed upon her flashed during the friendly fight.

The peculiar beam of crimson looked like it had only hindered Yun Yang up to now and did not look as lethal but in reality… This applied only to Yun Yang – Yun Yang who was immensely able and had many ‘cheats’ up his sleeves. It was a trap – anyone else who encountered the red light would have already been reincarnated at this point…

If the red light did flash amidst the exchange of skills and killed both Ling Xiaozui and Dugu Chou… it would be a disaster.

With the amount of power the beam of crimson possessed, there was at least seventy to eighty percent of danger, if not a hundred percent. Such a high risk must never be taken!

Outside, Fang Mofei and Lao Mei were setting up dishes diligently while Bai Yixue had gone around the city to buy unusual delicacies in bulk.

Xiao Shaoqing roamed around freely, occasionally sniffing and frowning, as he muttered to himself, “Where are all the good wines in the Residence of Yun? The aromatic scent of wine can’t even be whiffed in this s.p.a.cious residence – this isn’t what we agreed to!”

After spending some time with this fellow, Fang Mofei and Lao Mei had gone from being polite and respectful towards an honorable guest to the current state of ignoring him.

The fellow was old and a generation higher than the both of them – if they were to be peers to Bai Yixue, Xiao Shaoqing was naturally a generation higher; if age was the sole factor, the fellow was even older than Ling Xiaozui, since he was Dugu Chou’s only disciple; he must be aged by his years.

In spite of this, Fang Mofei and Lao Mei really did not take the man into any account nor did they treat him like a senior. The man was a fool!

When they had met for the first time and exchanged pleasantries, saying things like, “Senior, you don’t look old at all”, it had pleased the fellow so much that he laughed heartily and boasted about his appeared for a long time.

Such pleasantries were only to be lightly commented by others – how could one boast about it and for so long as well? What was more, the fellow was insistent on becoming sworn brothers with Fang Mofei, who praised his youthful look…

Fang Mofei almost broke down at that.

‘I’d have to sever ties with Bai Yixue tomorrow if I were to become your sworn brother.’

‘This’d be the least severe outcome. What if I were to be greeted by his sword? This isn’t how you frame someone, even if you wanted to!’

There was also Yun Xiaoyao, who came by to ask about the preparations.

The meal was more than it was made out to be.

This was the first time King Yun had realized the true ident.i.ty of the two middle-aged men who had stayed in his house for a few days.

Ling Xiaozui!

Dugu Chou!

King Yun was close to fainting when he heard these two names.

They were legends of the martial world – legends that had never expired, and they were all residing in his house right at this very moment!

King Yun decided to keep them company tonight. It would be best if these two men could provide some insights into Yun Yang’s skill… It had never crossed King Yun’s mind that right now, behind the closed doors to Yun Yang’s yard, Yun Yang was already practicing with Ling Xiaozui…

This could be considered providing insight in another way as well!

“After you!”

“After you!”

Ling Xiaozui dared not take the situation lightly when facing the current version of Yun Yang. The latter was on par with him now. Even though he was still a few ranks higher than Yun Yang, should they scrutinize things carefully… Yun Yang had too many tricks up his sleeves.

Without putting himself down, Ling Xiaozui would say that the result was still unpredictable if Yun Yang unleashed all his abilities in an all-out brawl.

He thought that there was a huge possibility that the one defeated at the end would be he himself!

Luckily this was just an exchange – yes, an exchange, a purely friendly fight!

However, Ling Xiaozui had still brandished his sword first, gripping it in his hands. He said with a smile, “An exchange that makes me pull out my sword first before the fight begins – this is my first. Nothing wrong with being careful. I don’t want to admit it, but I have to admit it.”

“Similarly, this is also my first that I’m embarra.s.sed to show my saber before the exchange,” said Yun Yang.

Ling Xiaozui was speechless, so was Dugu Chou.

Why did he not dare brandish his sword for a friendly fight? Was he trying to maintain a sense of decorum?

“My saber…” Yun Yang chuckled dryly. “Is too sharp. I’m afraid that it would ruin senior’s sword with just a slight tap. Why don’t we put away our weapons and use ordinary swords and sabers?”

Ling Xiaozui swore that this was absolutely the first time in his life that he was so vastly underestimated.

Who, in this world, dared to say that they could break Ling Xiaozui’s sword in one strike? That would be absurd – crazy, a dreaming fool!

Now, Yun Yang had said so in all propriety. He was even abashed as if he was reluctant to take a huge advantage. Yet, Ling Xiaozui really did not dare say “No need to worry, we’ll use our own weapons.”.

It was because he had seen Yun Yang’s saber. It was truly, incomparably sharp! His own sword was divine, but compared to the saber, it was far off the mark. At most, it could only afford a bout of play-fighting; an actual clash would crush the sword.

If he had gone against the previous Yun Yang, he could shield his sword with his proficient cultivation base and stop before the blade was damaged. The younger man’s cultivation base had improved so much now and he was at the delicate point where he could not control his strength well – who knew if his lifetime partner would be ruined by this fellow’s saber?

Consequently –

“Then let us use a normal sword and saber.”

Ling Xiaozui’s words made Dugu Chou stare at him for a long time. The gaze held volumes of meaning.

Ling Xiaozui flushed red from the stare.

‘You, Ling Xiaozui, aren’t confident to guard your sword before a child?”


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