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Her arm hissed softly as it waved about in the air. A black hole about the size of a house then appeared in the sky.

The other end of the black hole was not endless darkness; it was sunny brightness. A crystal clear lake could even be seen some distance away.

Aunt Mei took Shangguan Lingxiu with her and in a single step, they were at the lakeside on the other end of the black hole.

The naked eye could see them still, yet the group was already separated, in two different worlds!

Aunt Mei waved towards the rest of the group, causing the black hole to disappear swiftly. In the blink of an eye, s.p.a.ce returned to how it was, no longer peeking through to another world.

Ji Lingxi sucked in a long breath.

“It’s actually so easy and effortless to go to another realm from here by a true powerful master…”

By the small lake in another world, Aunt Mei looked at Shangguan Lingxiu curiously.

“Let’s see what your lover gave you as your parting gift. How dare he talk about confidence! This teacher is quite curious as to where his confidence comes from!”

Repeating the word ‘confidence’ respectively and for their meaning to depend on each other, the truth within the noun was still uncertain.

Shangguan Lingxiu blushed as she opened the spatial ring. She took a peek inside and said, “What are these? I don’t know them and I’ve never seen them before… They’re some kind of pretty purple crystals… Are they some sort of mineral?”

“Purple crystals? Mineral? Let me look at a piece,” Aunt Mei hummed and said with no small degree of surprise.

Just as Shangguan Lingxiu retrieved a piece from her spatial ring, she immediately felt an intense surge of spiritual Qi pouring into her. She actually felt almost suffocated and could not help being shocked, resisting it forcefully by cultivating in a flurry, as she cried out, “What is this? Why is it so domineering?”

“It’s the exquisite amethyst!” Aunt Mei recognized it at a single glance and commented, rather astonished, “Not only is it exquisite, but it should also be considered ethereal… I have it here as well, and it’s not actually rare, but in that barren continent of yours, there’s no difference from ascending to heaven to finding such a divine amethyst. This boy is pretty generous, isn’t he? Still, you can hardly digest this stuff for now. You have to mend your cultivation method before you can use them with ease.”

Instantly, Aunt Mei asked again in curiosity, “How many pieces did he give you?”

Shangguan Lingxiu peered at it and answered with a startled cry, “A lot.”

She paused and added, “A whole lot!”

Now, Aunt Mei was more than curious. “Show me all of it. This stuff is pure energy crystal. While it’s not very rare, time is needed to compress it. I don’t have a lot with me either. He has quite the heart for you.”

As she took over and sneaked a quick peek, Aunt Mei was dumbstruck as well.

“Ten thousand pieces?”

Her shock was not due to the number of amethysts Yun Yang had given. When one was at her level, the amethyst could easily be made, however many ones wanted. It was mostly time-consuming but time was not an issue anymore when she was so skilled.

What astounded her was that Yun Yang was so generous to give so many resources in one go, despite Tianxuan Continent’s thoroughly arid state. This was not an issue of being lavish – he was being amazingly generous.

“The heart behind this gift… is very significant, Lingxiu,” Aunt Mei sighed softly, “Priceless treasure is easy to come by, but a man of true love is hard to find. You must cherish it.”

Shangguan Lingxiu was exuding happiness.

“There’s something else… We almost missed a gem.” Aunt Mei searched around and discovered something else. Upon studying it with her deific consciousness, she could not help clicking her tongue in acclamation.

“I never expected it to be this – this is a true blue gem. Lingxiu, it looks like this fiancé of yours does really hold you at an important place. Don’t you let him down in the future? If you do, I’ll be the first one to come after you.”

“What are you saying, master?” Shangguan Lingxiu exclaimed abashedly.

From the spatial ring, Aunt Mei retrieved something with a swoosh – it was a large piece of lotus leaf! Clear emerald green, the luscious succulence looked like it was going to drip moisture at any moment.

“Lotus leaf? This is…” Shangguan Lingxiu started in surprise.

She had seen the lotus leaf the moment she checked what was in the spatial ring, but she had not been too concerned with it. To her, the symbolism of Yun Yang giving her a gift was much more significant; the dazzling appearance of the amethysts looked even better, so indeed she had almost missed the gem.

“This isn’t an ordinary lotus leaf!” Aunt Mei said seriously, “This is… heaven’s will treasure!”

“I will teach you a method later. Concentrate your energized blood on this lotus leaf and once the process of ownership by energized blood is completed, this lotus leaf can change its form according to your will. It can become a saber or a sword, ever-changing into whatever you want it to be. Whatever it becomes, it’s indestructible. Similarly, it can turn into clothes. If it transforms into clothes, it’s also una.s.sailable. Not only that, it’s foolproof in the sense that no evil nor internal demon can harm you.”

Aunt Mei clicked her tongue again in appreciation. “This Yun child is truly big-hearted. I have changed my mind about him now. Just this intention of his can hardly be accomplished by any man. You’re really fortunate.”

Shangguan Lingxiu was shy. Other than happiness and contentment, she was glowing in triumph.

“I didn’t expect my judgment to be wrong… Xiu’er, you’ll have to think about what you want it to turn into next. I’ll let your grandmaster bless the process…” Aunt Mei’s tone suddenly turned wary.

Shangguan Lingxiu was taken aback by the abruptness, replying in stunned surprise, “Master… didn’t you say that this is a heaven’s will treasure and can transform at my will and whim? If it’s limited to being just one thing, isn’t it wasting this magical item away?”

Aunt Mei slightly flushed as she mumbled, “This master has been too delightfully surprised just now that my judgment was slightly off. This lotus leaf is a heaven’s will treasure indeed but it’s a complementary leaf. It should be one of the leaves from Yun Yang’s prized treasure, so its effects are reduced. It can’t change constantly – only once. It can’t turn into simply any form or shape. However, this is already precious in itself because, after the transformation, the effects will stay the same. It’s still a gem that’s hard to come by, no matter how long you look for it.”

Shangguan Lingxiu bit her lips, unable to make up her mind.

“I think it’s best to turn it into clothes,” Aunt Mei said in exclamation, “If you have such celestial clothing as a form of defense, not only will your cultivation improve with half the effort and internal demons will stay away from you, it’ll be a great a.s.sistance to you in your future journey. As long as the force doesn’t go past the level of the sacred one, absolutely no one will be able to harm you. Of course, this is only my personal suggestion. Everyone has their own fortuity. The weapon of a heaven’s will treasure is a weapon no other can compare to.” Aunt Mei suggested kindly.


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