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Chapter 126: Conflicts

The trap was dug.

The bottom of the pit was filled with arrows and a sharp knife.

Under the diligent digging of the warthog, this trap was more than three meters deep. It was definitely enough to make the tiger a grave.

However, they waited for a week without seeing the tiger again.

At this moment, the contradiction within the pride appeared again.

They no longer went out to hunt.

Under the urging of the cold father, the female lions started to try to climb the tree.

As long as Chu Xiaoye and the other three were not around, the female lions would start to secretly climb the Baobab tree.

Compared to the cold father, their bodies were lighter, had sharp claws, and were agile. It was easier for them to climb up the tree.

On several occasions, they almost climbed onto the branches of the three storage rooms.

In his anger, Little Curly Tail slapped them a few times with his tail, not even letting his mother off.

Aisha and Xi’er lowered their heads and walked to the side.

As for Callie and Maya, they bared their fangs and looked like they were preparing to fight Little Curly Tail to the death.

They were hungry!

If there was so much food on the tree, why not let them eat it?

Chu Xiaoye stood in the bushes not far away and watched this scene silently. He did not go forward to stop them.

He no longer knew what he should do.

He was also very hungry.

Little Curly Tail, Mei Mei, and Catherine were all very hungry.

They really needed to eat their fill so that they could deal with that terrifying enemy.

However, it was impossible for the cold father and the female lions to watch them eat.

The food in the first storage room was almost gone.

If this continued, the food would be exhausted before the most critical moment arrived.

What worried him was that the laziness of the pride was growing with every feeding.

What should he do?


With a roar, the furious Maya and Callie pounced at Little Curly Tail.

Little Curly Tail naturally would not be polite. He bared his fangs and swung his tail to welcome them.

Both sides immediately started fighting intensely.

Little Curly Tail did not dare to be cruel. He only wanted to teach them a lesson with his tail and claws.

Callie was hungry and Maya, who had children to feed, seemed to have gone crazy. She bared her fangs and bit Little Curly Tail’s neck.

The cold father stood at the side with a cold gaze, seemingly wanting to pounce on him too.

Chu Xiaoye’s heart turned cold and he could not watch on anymore.

He suddenly rushed over, his chest filled with anger. He slapped Callie’s face and bit Maya’s neck!

This scene immediately frightened the cold father and the other lionesses at the side.

Even Little Curly Tail, who was fighting, was shocked by his brother’s ruthlessness.


The cold father roared angrily and wanted to pounce over to save Maya.

At this moment, Catherine rushed over with a whoosh and suddenly scratched his face and stomach!

She was ruthless and merciless!

The cold father’s heart trembled. He hurriedly dodged and retreated to the side.

Catherine suddenly rushed towards Callie, who had been slapped by Chu Xiaoye but still wanted to pounce on her and bite her. She suddenly grabbed her face and almost tore her face off!

Callie immediately let out a scream and rolled on the ground, retreating in fear.

Xi’er and Aisha, who were standing at the side, were shocked by the ferocity and mercilessness of the lioness cub.

The cold father stood not far away, his face covered in blood, shocked and angry, and trembling.

At this moment, Chu Xiaoye was biting Maya’s neck and pressing her to the ground. He let out a fierce whimper, as if he was roaring or crying.

Little Curly Tail was terrified.

He had never seen such his brother like this.

Maya lay on the ground with her mouth open, her eyes wide with fear and confusion. She could not resist anymore.

The entire pride quietened down.

Catherine also stopped attacking and turned to look at the figure.

His fierce and angry gaze was filled with pain.



Right at this moment, Maya’s two children, Qiqi and Nunu, walked over shakily and went to their mothers’ side, wanting to drink milk.

Although Maya’s neck was bitten and she was terrified, she could not help but open her legs to reveal the place where she was nurturing her children.

At this moment, the camp was silent.

The two young cubs started to drink milk, looking up from time to time at the fellow who was biting their mother’s neck.

That was their brother.

He must be playing with his mother.

Chu Xiaoye looked at their childish faces and innocent eyes and thought of those nights in the past. He thought of the protection he had given them on that rocky hill and how hard their mother had worked back then.

He let go of her.

He did not bite through her throat, only her fur and a thin layer of muscles.

Maya lay on the ground and looked at him blankly. She was clearly scared silly.

The cold father and the other lionesses were also looking at him from afar, as if they were looking at an unfamiliar enemy.

Chu Xiaoye was silent for a while, then raised his head and walked towards the cold father.

The cold father’s face was covered in blood as he looked at him in panic, not knowing what he was going to do.

However, he did not escape or bare his fangs.

He knew that it was useless.

Chu Xiaoye stopped in front of him and stared at him for a few seconds. Then, he suddenly raised his claw and slapped him hard on the face with a bang!

The cold father tilted his head and almost fell.

When he reacted and bared his fangs, roaring angrily, a second slap came with a bang!

At the same time, Catherine walked over.

The cold father immediately lay on the ground, put away his fangs, and stared without moving.

Chu Xiaoye did not look at him again and turned to leave.

He walked to the Baobab tree and looked at Mei Mei and Catherine beside him. He asked them to climb up the tree to get food.

Mei Mei and Catherine immediately climbed up the tree.

Seeing this scene, the cold father, who was lying on the ground, and the four female lions’ eyes lit up in excitement.

It turned out that one could only eat after being beaten up!

They would rather be beaten every day!

Mei Mei and Catherine brought out food from the storage room and threw it down.

When they threw the fifth piece of food, Chu Xiaoye gestured for them to stop and come down immediately.

There were four prey on the ground, and they were just enough to eat.

The cold father and the four female lions drooled.

Chu Xiaoye did not look at them. Instead, he handed the prey to Little Curly Tail, Mei Mei, and Catherine.

He had one.

Then, he took the lead and started eating.

Aisha could not help but swallow her saliva and walk over.

Chu Xiaoye immediately raised his head, bared his fangs, and looked at her fiercely, looking like he was ready to pounce on her and bite her at any time!

Aisha was shocked. She immediately stopped in place and did not dare to move forward.

Little Curly Tail looked up at his brother and stopped thinking. He immediately lowered his head and wolfed down the food.

His brother was smarter than him.

No matter what his brother did, Little Curly Tail would raise his tail in agreement!

Mei Mei looked at her mother, then at her brother, and lowered her head to eat.

Her brother was very angry and terrifying today. She could not share food with her mother anymore.

Catherine lowered her head and ate her share. Her dark eyes flickered with a deep light as she thought to herself, “You guys should go and hunt.”

The cold father and the four female lions watched helplessly as they ate their prey. They were anxious, terrified, angry, and helpless.

This unfilial son! He should have chased him and Lars away back then!

The warthog lay in the gra.s.s not far away, eating the roots of the plants. It narrowed its eyes and looked at the strange scene of the son mistreating his parents in a relaxed manner.

After dark.

The hungry cold father and the female lions finally left the camp helplessly and went out to hunt.


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