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Chapter 252: The Boss of the Mafia Alliance


Little Curly Tail’s straight iron-like tail lashed at another lion!

When the lion saw its brother die tragically, it was already terrified. How could it dare to take it head-on? It hurriedly rolled out of the ground and narrowly avoided the iron tail.


Little Curly Tail’s tail slapped the ground heavily, splashing gra.s.s all over the ground.

The lion was shocked beyond compare. It hurriedly jumped up from the ground, turned around, and fled into the distant darkness, letting out a terrified roar.

Little Curly Tail retracted his tail and chased after him!

He was extremely fast and caught up in the blink of an eye.

Just as he jumped up and was about to pounce on it, a black shadow suddenly rushed out from the darkness beside him. With a whoosh, it instantly arrived and collided with his body!


Before Little Curly Tail could react, he was suddenly sent flying and fell heavily to the ground.

After rolling a few times on the ground in a sorry state, he stopped and immediately jumped up. He immediately felt a burning pain on his side.

He raised his head and looked over solemnly.

The lion that had just fled had already stopped in its tracks and stood beside the figure. It lowered its head respectfully and panted.

The figure that suddenly appeared was a tall and black lion!

This black lion was a head taller than the lion beside him. Its muscles were bulging and its fur was lush. The mane on its neck extended from the spine on its back to its tail, causing its entire body to look even larger and stronger!

He had a pair of dark eyes like the night. At this moment, he stood there without any killing intent or any fierce expression, but he gave Little Curly Tail an invisible and terrifying pressure.

This was the boss of the Mafia alliance—a mutated lion from another gra.s.sland!

Little Curly Tail was not afraid. He endured the pain and rushed up with a whoosh!

If he could not stop this black lion, his mother and the members of the pride of the cold father would be slaughtered by this powerful lion!


Just as he rushed close, he suddenly turned around and swung his tail, slapping it hard!

The black lion stood in place and did not dodge. Instead, it raised its foot and suddenly swung it to face the attack.


Little Curly Tail’s iron whip-like tail suddenly seemed to have hit a harder piece of steel and rebounded.

The black lion was like a ghost as it pounced silently.

Little Curly Tail immediately turned around and jumped up. He raised his claws and faced the attack head-on!

With a m.u.f.fled bang, he was sent flying and fell heavily to the ground again.

This black lion’s strength and body were almost twice his!

Little Curly Tail jumped up from the ground. His eyes flashed and he rushed up again.

When the black lion jumped up and continued to pounce on him, Little Curly Tail suddenly turned around. With a whoosh, he rushed towards the lion that was roaring and demonstrating at the side at his fastest speed!

The lion was caught off guard and was shocked. Before it could dodge, he pushed it to the ground and bit its head!

Little Curly Tail’s sharp teeth pierced through his skull with a crack and bit into his head!


A miserable roar sounded in the night!

The black lion was finally angry and pounced over at lightning speed.

Little Curly Tail immediately loosened his teeth. He curled his tail and wrapped it tightly around the lion’s neck. Then, he suddenly swung it and smashed it at the black lion!


The black lion did not dodge. With a swing of its claws, it actually sent the lion’s corpse flying.

The lion fell to the ground, its head covered in blood and ribs broken. It died on the spot.

The moment Little Curly Tail swung the lion away, he turned around and ran towards the bushes not far away.

The black lion roared angrily and chased after him.

When Little Curly Tail ran into the bushes, he saw a lion’s b.l.o.o.d.y corpse hanging on a big tree beside him. Mei Mei was biting the b.u.t.t of another lion and running upside down in the forest.

The lion cried out miserably as it struggled. It wanted to turn around and bite, but its head was bleeding from the impact of the bushes. It was dizzy and could not use any strength.


Little Curly Tail immediately roared and let out a warning. He jumped onto a big tree at the side.

When the black lion chased into the bushes, Mei Mei was biting the lion’s b.u.t.t and climbing up a big tree.

As for the lion, its mouth and eyes were already slanted. It was covered in wounds and on the verge of death. It no longer had the strength to struggle.

Mei Mei bit the lion that was more than 300 kilograms and climbed up to the top of the tree. Then, she bit his b.u.t.t and swung it a few times before throwing it down.


The lion lowered its head and smashed heavily to the ground, instantly dying!

Then, Mei Mei looked at the black lion. She bared her teeth and looked provocative, looking arrogant and mocking.

The black lion looked at the two dead brothers with an expressionless face. Suddenly, with a whoosh, it jumped onto the big tree that Little Curly Tail had climbed up and quickly climbed up. Its movements were agile like a spirit monkey!

Little Curly Tail and Mei Mei were shocked to see this scene.

Seeing that the black lion was about to climb up, Little Curly Tail immediately jumped towards another tree at the side.

This was the combat method he had learned from his brother!

However, just as he jumped into the air, the black lion seemed to have expected it. It actually jumped up as well and followed closely, suddenly slapping his tail!


A crisp sound!

Little Curly Tail lost his balance from the slap. His body tilted and he fell in another direction.

Mei Mei was shocked, but she could not save him in time. She could only watch helplessly as he fell from more than ten meters high, letting out a terrified roar.


Right at this moment, Little Curly Tail’s curled tail suddenly straightened and wrapped around a horizontal branch. His entire body immediately hung there.

His body swayed a few times and his tail suddenly flicked. He suddenly flew out and landed steadily on another big tree not far away with a bang.

His tail was even longer than his body and was agile and strong. In this forest, he was like a fish in water, going wherever he wanted to go. He was even more agile than a monkey.

The black lion landed on the big tree he was about to jump down from previously and looked at him coldly, clearly a little embarra.s.sed and angry.

Little Curly Tail’s gaze was provocative as he gestured for him to continue coming over.

Outside the bushes, the roars of lions fighting still echoed.

The black lion’s eyes flashed. It immediately climbed down from the tree and rushed out of the bushes.

He seemed to have seen through this young lion’s scheme.

When Little Curly Tail saw this scene, he immediately roared angrily and jumped down the tree, charging out with Mei Mei.

With this black lion’s strength, if the other members of the pride were slapped or pushed down by him, there was no chance of survival!

The intelligence of this black lion clearly exceeded his expectations.

The other party reacted almost instantly. In this forest, he would only waste time and could not do anything to him. Therefore, he immediately rushed out and prepared to kill outside.


Little Curly Tail rushed out without hesitation!

Although he was no match for this black lion outside, as long as he was still alive, he would never allow this b.a.s.t.a.r.d to hurt any member of the pride of the cold father!

Before his brother returned, nothing could happen to anyone!

Mei Mei followed behind him, her blue eyes flickering with a cold light. The light blue claws under her feet seemed to be burning as they became hot!

The two siblings were like two bolts of lightning that cut through the night as they chased after him at their fastest speed!

The night was still long.


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