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Chapter 258: Biological Brother!


The water buffaloes at the foot of the hill were very angry!

Under the orders of the water buffalo leader, water buffaloes rushed towards the gap on the hill one after another, looking aggressive and extremely fierce.

However, their huge bodies and sharp horns were useless when climbing the slope. Instead, it made it even more difficult for them.

Chu Xiaoye stood at the gap and looked at them calmly.

Every time a bull head popped out from the gap, he would mercilessly slap the water buffalo to the ground and make it roll down miserably.

Hence, he tripped the water buffalo following behind and rolled down together.

The water buffaloes were furious. They still charged continuously towards the hill, becoming braver and braver as they fought!

Chu Xiaoye liked such stubborn opponents.

As long as he walked forward or backward for a few hundred meters, there would be another way up the slope.

However, these big fellows relied on their mutated bodies and did not dare to provoke anyone. They were used to being arrogant. Now that they were humiliated in front of so many animals, they were naturally angry and insisted on charging up from here!

This way, their greatest killer move, the charging of the herd and the trampling of the herd, became useless. It was equivalent to breaking their arms.

Chu Xiaoye was happy to see them looking for a beating one by one.

The water buffalo leader’s angry cries became higher and higher at the foot of the hill, but it could not change its subordinates. They rolled down the hill one by one.

The other drinking animals stood by the river and watched intently, gloating.

Usually, not only did these water buffaloes occupy the gra.s.s, they also took the initiative to attack other animals. Many animals were angry but did not dare to say anything. Now, seeing them in such a sorry state, they were naturally happy.

However, they were very afraid of the young lion standing on the hill.

A single claw could slap a water buffalo down. If this strength slapped their heads, wouldn’t they faint?

At this moment, even the crocodiles hiding in the water revealed their heads and eyes and looked curiously.

Chu Xiaoye looked back and saw that the four water buffaloes had been settled. He immediately instructed the six strong lions to eat first.

These lions had followed him all the way. In order to return as soon as possible, they ran dozens of kilometers continuously. Last night, they killed enemies and did things, so they did not rest for the night.

Since they were loyal to him, he would naturally not be stingy.

The rule that the lion king ate first was not important in his pride.

Sometimes, he could abide by the rules for the dignity of the lion king, but sometimes, he could not go overboard.

There was plenty of food this time. There were a total of four water buffaloes. When they were full, they still had to drag the remaining water buffaloes back. Therefore, they could eat first.

The six lions were already hungry. Seeing his orders, they did not stand on ceremony and immediately wolfed down the food.

Soon, they ate an entire water buffalo.

With their size and strength, a water buffalo was clearly not enough to eat.

Just the Jerry brothers could probably eat half a water buffalo. After all, they were too big and their appet.i.te was naturally astonishing.

Chu Xiaoye let them continue to eat another one.

He continued to guard here to prevent the water buffaloes at the foot of the hill from charging up.

At this moment, Little Curly Tail and Mei Mei ran over.

The recovery speed of these two little fellows was astonishing. They had been so seriously injured last night, but now, they seemed to be fine and were alive.


Little Curly Tail was shocked to see the three water buffaloes and the skeleton of a water buffalo on the ground.

Usually, they did not dare to provoke these violent and powerful water buffaloes.


Right at this moment, a water buffalo crawled up from the gap. Just as its head was revealed, Chu Xiaoye slapped it down again.

Little Curly Tail and Mei Mei immediately ran over and stood beside Chu Xiaoye.

When they saw the herd at the foot of the hill, they were shocked. There were actually so many water buffaloes! If they rushed up together…


At this moment, another few water buffaloes rushed up angrily. Chu Xiaoye slapped them and the water buffaloes at the front immediately fell to the ground. They tripped the row of water buffaloes behind them and rolled down the hill in succession.

Little Curly Tail and Mei Mei were dumbfounded.

It turned out that his brother was standing here to guard this gap!

His brother alone could stop so many water buffaloes below. He was really terrifying and awesome!

He was indeed their brother!

The two little fellows’ eyes were filled with stars and admiration.

At some point in time, Catherine had already stood on the hill at the side, bathing in the golden setting sun. She looked at the figure that had beaten the water buffaloes into a sorry state with one claw and was in a daze. She suddenly felt a little puzzled.

Brother Ye was so smart that even his mane had grown out. However, why did he not understand the good of the opposite s.e.x?

The lion king had defeated other lions. The first thing he did was to conquer those female lions. He would s.n.a.t.c.h as much as he could and never complain about having too many.

However, he did not seem to have any hobbies that a male should have.

Could it be that he had yet to develop?

Of course, she did not mean anything else. She just felt that it was a little strange.

The little white lion was so beautiful, but Brother Ye was not moved at all. He even hit her whenever he wanted to and disliked her very much. She could not understand.

If she was Brother Ye, she would have long pressed the little white lion to the ground…

Could it be that Brother Ye…

Catherine suddenly looked at Little Curly Tail.

At this moment, Little Curly Tail was taking advantage of his brother slapping the water buffaloes to sneak behind his brother and prepare to lick him secretly to express his admiration for his brother.

After all, Mei Mei had licked him last night.


However, just as he got close, before he could even stick out his tongue, he was kicked to the ground by his brother and his nose started to bleed.

Little Curly Tail hurriedly got up and retreated into the distance, feeling wronged.

Chu Xiaoye turned around and looked at him, then at his curled tail. He suddenly growled at him and told him to come over.

This kid’s tail was long and agile, and he was very strong. If he was fighting an enemy, there would be more enemies and they would be taller. This kid could completely use his tail as a trip wire. While the other party was running over quickly, he could use his tail to slap the enemy’s running front leg!

This way, the enemies at the front would suddenly kneel on the ground, and the enemies following closely behind would not have the time to dodge or stop and would be tripped on the ground.

This way, the enemy’s formation would be in chaos and collapse by itself!

When Little Curly Tail heard his call, he hurriedly ran over.

Chu Xiaoye raised his claws and patted his curled tail. He pointed at the herd below and told him to stand at this gap and guard it well.

Little Curly Tail was extremely excited. He hurriedly swung his tail and stood at the gap.

His brother entrusted him with a heavy responsibility but ignored Mei Mei beside him. Indeed, he thought the most highly of him!

His brother still loved him the most!

Little Curly Tail grinned and cried out in joy. He looked proudly at Mei Mei beside him, as if he was showing off. “Girl, do you see that? This is called a biological brother! Good things have to be left for your biological brother!”

Chu Xiaoye left with Mei Mei and Catherine. He walked in front of a water buffalo and started to eat meat.

Mei Mei looked at him with a smile as she ate the fresh steak with relish.

Little Curly Tail:”…”


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