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Chapter 317: Crossing the River

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They came to the river.

Chu Xiaoye was the first to jump down the river and dive to the bottom.

In a moment, a few crocodiles ran away in panic, bleeding.

Tilly also jumped down and swam to his side. She rode on his back and was brought around by him.

Chu Xiaoye sprayed air behind him and charged at the bottom of the river, coming and going without a trace. The nearby crocodiles fled in fright.

At this moment, Little Curly Tail brought the pride and crossed the river.

After all the members went ash.o.r.e, Chu Xiaoye’s body trembled and he shook Tilly off his back. Then, with a puff, he broke out of the water and flew ash.o.r.e.

Tilly, who was at the bottom of the river, was. .h.i.t by his fart and fell into the mud below. She got up after a long time and swam ash.o.r.e.

The black lions might set up sentries by the river.

Therefore, after Chu Xiaoye brought the team ash.o.r.e, he immediately climbed up the hill and entered the barren gra.s.sland.

Because it was close to being a desert, the gra.s.sland was rather desolate. The gra.s.s was gradually being desertified, and be it animals or plants, they were very rare.

Chu Xiaoye brought the team and stopped making any sounds as he quietly walked forward.

They were unimpeded and soon walked nearly five kilometers.

For safety reasons, Chu Xiaoye let the team wait for orders and walked to the river alone, preparing to see if there were still any black lion sentries opposite.

When he came to the hill by the river, he realized that many animals drinking water were gathered on the opposite riverbank. There was no sign of the black lions.

There were also many giant crocodiles hiding in the river, hunting.

If the army of the black lions were gathered nearby, the animals here would have long fled in panic. Why would they gather here to drink water?

Therefore, they should have successfully circled to the back of the black lions.

However, this mission concerned the success or failure of the entire battle.

He had to be careful and not be careless.

He decided to cross the river and see the situation. After confirming that it was safe, he would let the pride cross the river.

Giant black crocodile heads floated in the river. In the eyes of many animals, they were like withered trees.

Even if some animals could sense danger, they had to approach the river to drink water.

When Chu Xiaoye walked down the hill and came to the river, some giant crocodiles in the river immediately discovered him and moved over silently.

The animals on the other side of the river also discovered him.

However, the river was wide and the water was dangerous. The animals did not think that he dared to go over, so they were not afraid at all.

Furthermore, on the other side, not only were there herbivores, there was also a group of spotted hyenas and a wandering lion staring at him fiercely.

Chu Xiaoye stopped hesitating and sized up the distribution of the giant crocodiles in the river. He immediately retreated and started to sprint.


He jumped up and accurately landed on the head of a giant crocodile that was still moving in the middle of the river. He stomped the giant crocodile into the water and fainted.

He jumped up again and water splashed everywhere. Like a big bird, he spread his wings and flew high. With a whoosh, he pa.s.sed over the heads of a few gazelles by the river and landed steadily on the sh.o.r.e.

The animals on the sh.o.r.e were terrified and immediately scattered.


The wandering lion not far away roared angrily and glared at him without showing any weakness.

It looked like it had once been a battle-hardened and majestic lion king. However, under the ma.s.sacre of the black lions, it lost everything.

Now, the black lions had gathered and returned again. No one knew if it wanted to find the pride that had previously split up or if it wanted to look at its home again.

Chu Xiaoye ignored his provocation and walked straight towards the hill.

“Ow Ow! Ow Ow!”

At this moment, the group of reckless hyenas seemed to have seen an opportunity. They immediately cried out and surrounded them aggressively.

The arrival of the black lions and the b.l.o.o.d.y ma.s.sacre made all the carnivores on the gra.s.sland suffer heavy casualties and flee. To the lion’s old enemy, the hyenas, this was a chance to return to the gra.s.sland.

Be it the black lions or the brown lions, they were enemies in their eyes.

When enemies met, they would naturally kill each other!

More than ten spotted hyenas grew tall and strong. They were even larger than female lions in the past and looked extremely fierce.

Chu Xiaoye was surrounded in the middle and looked lonely and miserable.

From the perspective of the other animals not far away, this young lion, perhaps a wandering child chased out by a pride, was destined to be a tragedy.

They looked so confident when crossing the river, but most animals relied on numbers to win.

These strong hyenas were clearly about to have a lion feast.

As for the adult lion standing not far away, it did not seem to have any thoughts of appreciating each other. When the rabbit dies, the fox will grieve for the other. It watched the show coldly from the side.

Chu Xiaoye looked at the hyenas around him. They were all males and there was no female hyena.

Clearly, this pack of spotted hyenas were like some young wandering lions. They were homeless and were forced to form an alliance, preparing to fight.

Unfortunately, they had provoked the wrong person.

Chu Xiaoye did not want to make too much noise, nor did he want to hear the annoying cries of these fellows again.


He rushed towards two of the spotted hyenas!

Golden light flashed and two b.l.o.o.d.y heads flew out!

Before the other hyenas could react, he rushed over again.

Before a minute had pa.s.sed, the ten-over hyenas had all fallen to the ground. Their corpses were separated and they were dead!

Their wide eyes were filled with fear. Perhaps they had already woken up at the last moment, but they no longer had a chance to escape.

Chu Xiaoye did not stay any longer. He immediately walked up the hill, found a tree, and climbed up to look into the distance.

When he returned to the river, he realized that a group of hungry wild dogs were s.n.a.t.c.hing the corpses of the spotted hyenas.

The other animals stood not far away in fear, not daring to approach.

As for the wandering lion, it still stood in place, trembling.

Chu Xiaoye stood on the hill and growled at the gra.s.sland on the other side of the river.

The sound was not loud, but it could be heard.

Soon, Little Curly Tail appeared on the opposite hill with the pride. Then, he quickly walked down and came to the river.

When this group of tall and strong lions appeared, the animals drinking water by the river were terrified and fled in fear.

The wild dogs that were s.n.a.t.c.hing the flesh of the hyenas also fled with the meat in their mouths.


Chu Xiaoye jumped down from the river. He sprayed air behind him and started to chase away the crocodiles in the river.

Tilly also jumped down and rode on him again. She charged underwater, scaring the giant crocodiles away.


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