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Chapter 2: Kneel and Apologize


Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The staff reported the reincarnation ident.i.ty of the students while placing the reincarnation mark on their palms.

Lin Qi was not surprised at all.

In his memory, he learned that reincarnation points could be used to buy different items and even reincarnation ident.i.ty in the otherworld in the Tower of Reincarnation.

These items could allow the students to master certain abilities in a short period. Some of them even bought Resurrection Talismans.

That was an item from the world of Xianxia. It could revive people who were on the verge of death.

The reincarnated otherworld was complicated. No one knew what would happen. If one died in an accident in the otherworld and lost the qualifications to become a reincarnator, they would regret it.

The Resurrection Talismans were equivalent to giving the test subjects two lives.

The chances of becoming a reincarnator greatly increased.

Other than that, one could also buy a reincarnated ident.i.ty. Of course, it wouldn’t be precise to a specific ident.i.ty, but it could allow the examinee to become the ident.i.ty they wanted to a certain extent.

That would save them a lot of time, and it would be easier for them to obtain great achievements in the otherworld.

While others were still at the starting line, they might already be on the midway track, and they might even be close to the finish line.

The prerequisite for owning these things was the reincarnation points.

An average family wouldn’t have so many points.

Lin Qi was a little envious, but there was nothing he could do. He did not have any reincarnation points.

These students who used reincarnation points to buy different things had a proud look on their faces after the staff finished reporting.

As for the other students, they were in awe.

“Wow, 1,000 points, this is a point that almost no family can acc.u.mulate!”

“I’m envious. These people are rich.”

“Sigh, they can get in touch with the secrets of the world ahead of time and achieve great achievements with such an ident.i.ty .”

Many people had envious looks on their faces.

Meanwhile, Lin Qi just smiled.

It seemed that no matter which world it was, money was the way to everything.

The staff member called out a name at that moment.

“Song Tianming, spent 4,000 reincarnation points to purchase a resurrection talisman, super serum, reincarnation tracking token, and reincarnation ident.i.ty: family of the rich and powerful.”

Everyone was shocked.

Their eyes focused on the figure with the name Song Tianming.

That was a handsome but somewhat sinister-looking young man.

The cla.s.s monitor of the Grade 12, Cla.s.s 8, Song Tianming.

Not only that, but Song Tianming was also a family member of a powerful family, the Song family of Jiangcheng City.

The Song family was one of the biggest families in Jiangcheng City. They controlled a large amount of wealth and could be seen in all industries.

In Jiangcheng city, the Song family could be described as the emperor of the land. No one dared to offend the Song family.

Song Tianming was born into the Song family and was the second generation of the rich.

Not only was his appearance outstanding, but his family also had a wealth advantage. Many girls pursued Song Tianming.

He spent 3,000 reincarnation points to buy the Resurrection Talisman and Super Serum and chose the ident.i.ty of a powerful family.

At that moment, everyone was shocked.

4,000 points!

Many reincarnators had to reincarnate countless times to acc.u.mulate four thousand points.

Song Tianming, on the other hand, spent 4,000 points right away.

“Oh my G.o.d, Song Tianming used up 4,000 points. Those people from before can’t even compare to him.”

“Of course. He’s from the Song family of Jiangcheng City, and 4,000 points are nothing to the Song family.”

“He is indeed capricious in wealth. The first reincarnation test is usually in some ordinary cities. At most, it’s in some ancient world. There’s not much of a threat.”

“He’ll only get a few hundred points at most, even if he gets some achievements in these worlds. And he was spending 4,000 points right away.”

“The anger is striking my head. Comparing with others will only make me frustrated.”

“But then again, why did Song Tianming buy the reincarnation tracking token? Does he need to team up with others?”

“Sigh, look. Song Tianming is walking towards Lin Qi.”

While everyone was discussing loudly.

Song Tianming walked towards Lin Qi.

Upon seeing Song Tianming approaching.

Lin Qi raised his eyebrows, understanding the situation.

After accepting the memories of the previous owner of the body.

Of course, Lin Qi knew Song Tianming.

Song Tianming was the cla.s.s monitor, and he was also a rich second generation. Handsome and rich.

Logically speaking, such a person would not have any connection with Lin Qi, who was an ordinary person in the bottom cla.s.s.

However, the two of them had a grudge against each other.

Although Lin Qi came from a low-level family with a poor background, he was outstanding in all aspects of the skill test.

He was one of the best in the entire Grade 12 Cla.s.s 8 and even in the entire No. 1 High School.

That made Song Tianming, who was born n.o.ble and was also the cla.s.s monitor, very unhappy.

He came from the Song family and had come into contact with the knowledge that others could not learn. His talent was also very outstanding, but Song Tianming’s various tests were all crushed by a low-level person like Lin Qi.

That made him feel very humiliated.

Not only that, the real conflict between them was due to another sparring session.

At that time, Song Tianming’s opponent was Lin Qi.

He used all his strength, but not only did he not defeat Lin Qi, but he was also easily defeated by Lin Qi.

Song Tianming, who felt humiliated, directly launched a sneak attack on Lin Qi after the sparring session. Fortunately, Lin Qi reacted quickly.

Not only did he dodge Song Tianming’s attack, but he also launched a clean counterattack.

He punched Song Tianming’s handsome face and knocked out one of his teeth.

From then on, the two became enemies.

Song Tianming had been looking for an opportunity to take revenge on Lin Qi. Fortunately, the school had strict rules, so Song Tianming didn’t dare to be too presumptuous.

As soon as Song Tianming walked over to Lin Qi, he showed him the reincarnation tracking token in his hand.

“Lin Qi, you should know the function of the reincarnation tracking token, right? I haven’t gotten even with you for hurting me before. We can take this matter to the otherworld and settle it there.”

“Of course, you can also kneel and kowtow to apologize to me. I can consider letting you go.”

“Once something happens to you in the otherworld, you won’t be qualified to become a reincarnator.”

“Your family should be looking forward to you becoming a reincarnator, right? I wonder how will your parents react if you fail their hope, or you might even encounter accidents.”

Song Tianming’s att.i.tude was very arrogant, and a sinister smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Lin Qi frowned, and before he could speak, a few other voices sounded beside him.

“Lin Qi, accept your fate. It’s your fault for provoking Brother Song.”

“Quickly kneel and kowtow to apologize. Brother Song is magnanimous and will forgive you.”

“Think carefully. Once you lose the right to reincarnate, your life will be over!”

There were a few students following Song Tianming.

These people were all Song Tianming’s men, hoping to cling to the Song family for benefits.

Of course, they knew about the enmity between Song Tianming and Lin Qi, so they all spoke out to ridicule Lin Qi to please Song Tianming.

They looked at Lin Qi with malicious intent. Their eyes were filled with the look of mockery, disdain, and pity.

They did not hate Lin Qi, and there was no conflict between them. The only mistake was that Lin Qi should not have offended Song Tianming.

Those who dared to offend Song Tianming would have a terrible ending.

It was better to kneel and apologize now than to lose the qualification to become a reincarnator.


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