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Read I Can Cultivate With One Click Chapter 64 – : Flying on a Sword

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Chapter 64: Flying on a Sword

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The female disciple was stunned for a moment before she reacted. She quickly waved her hand and said, “No, no, no, my master is not the sect master. My Master is Elder Guan.”

Then, she looked at Lin Qi’s face and asked tentatively, “Then, are we going to go and meet my master now?”


After saying that, Lin Qi took the lead and walked out of the cultivation zone.

The female disciple was stunned for a moment before she quickly followed him.

Lin Qi stood there and looked at the horizon without saying a word when they arrived at the open s.p.a.ce outside the training area.

The female disciple came to Lin Qi’s side. She didn’t say a word either upon seeing that Lin Qi didn’t move.

The two of them stared and looked at each other.

“Um, Senior Lin, aren’t we leaving yet?”


“What’s the matter, Senior Lin? Did you forget to do something?”


“Senior Lin? Senior Lin?”

Lin Qi couldn’t help but cleared his throat upon hearing the repeated questions of the female disciple and said, “You should know who I am, right?”

The female disciple was stunned when she heard that. She didn’t understand what Lin Qi meant, but she still answered weakly, “Of course I know. You are Senior Lin Qi.”

” … then you should know that I’m a new disciple who just joined the Baiyun Sect these two days, right?”

The female disciple still did not understand what Lin Qi meant. She blinked her big eyes and nodded:

“I know.”

Lin Qi sighed and finally said straightforwardly, upon looking at the innocent expression of the female disciple in front of him, “Do you know how to ride a flying sword?”

The atmosphere became a little awkward at this moment.

Logically speaking, everyone here should know that Lin Qi didn’t know how to ride a flying sword yet.

But this female disciple just had to call him Senior Lin.

She subconsciously forgot about this.

As for Lin Qi, he couldn’t just say things like “I don’t know how to ride a flying sword yet, take me for a ride” or something like that.

After all, he was a man, so he had to save some reputation.

However, this female disciple wasn’t smart enough. So Lin Qi could only use this method to remind her.

Fortunately, although this female disciple wasn’t very good at the ways of the world, she finally understood what Lin Qi meant and immediately said in embarra.s.sment,

“Sen…Senior Lin, I’m sorry, I forgot that you don’t know how to ride a sword yet.”


Lin Qi was even more speechless now.

‘You knew that I didn’t know how to ride a flying sword, yet you still had to say it out loud.’

‘Don’t you know how to give me some reputation?’

However, Lin Qi couldn’t be bothered to blame this female disciple.

Right now, he only wanted to quickly acknowledge her master as his master and find someone to protect him.

Then, Daoist Spiritual Master Yunxiao wouldn’t keep thinking about him.

However, the female disciple still didn’t take out her Immortal Sword after a long time.

Lin Qi was even more confused at that moment.

He looked at the female disciple in puzzlement. The female disciple’s face instantly turned red, and she whispered,

“I… I am not able to ride the sword well. I can’t even fly by myself…”

Lin Qi finally understood.

It seemed that this so-called inner disciple in front of him was also a rookie who didn’t have good cultivation.

Lin Qi sighed helplessly and said, “It’s fine if you are not good at it. Just tell me the mantra for flying on a sword.”

The female disciple was slightly stunned and immediately told Lin Qi the mantra.

Lin Qi’s meaning was obvious.

Since she wasn’t good at flying, he might as well learn the mantra and fly the sword with her.

However, although the female disciple could understand Lin Qi’s meaning, she was skeptical about the reliability of this matter.

After all, no matter how talented one was, one couldn’t learn the mantra right after listening to it.


[ Ding! Detected that the host is learning Flying Sword Technique. Do you wish to use 5000 points to cultivate to the maximum level with one click? ]


Lin Qi seemed to be memorizing the mantra in his heart from the perspective of the female disciple.

Lin Qi had already cultivated the Flying Sword Technique to the maximum level in that instant.

“Lend me your sword.”

Lin Qi raised his hand.

The female disciple covered her mouth and laughed, “Senior Lin, even if you…”

The female disciple heard a metallic sound coming from behind her before she could finish her words.

Then, she felt the weight on her back had lessened.

The Immortal Sword on her back was automatically unsheathed. It slowly landed beside Lin Qi’s feet after circling in the air.

The female disciple was shocked. Her mind went blank.

What had happened just now?

‘Am I dreaming?’

‘Wait, let me think.’

Senior Lin just asked me the mantra for the Flying Sword Technique.

Then, he said that he wanted to borrow a sword from me.

Then, my sword flew out…

Senior Lin, who had just heard the mantra already knew how to fly on a sword?

The female disciple’s heart was already in turmoil.

And the Lin Qi in front of her had once again become tall and mighty in her eyes.

That man was so powerful!

The female disciple was not good at cultivating yet, so she couldn’t see the crucial part.

It was indeed surprising that Lin Qi had learned how to ride a flying sword.

But the most surprising thing was that Lin Qi could use the Flying Sword Technique Mantra to control the sword carried by others.

That was thousands of times more difficult than learning how to ride a flying sword!

One had to know that things like Immortal Swords that had spiritual energy were connected to the owner’s mind.

In other words, one’s sword was often more “obedient” than others’ swords.

It was more difficult to control someone else’s sword than controlling an ownerless Immortal Sword!

Not only that, the female disciple’s Immortal Sword was not in Lin Qi’s hands.

It was behind the female disciple herself.

That increased the difficulty by many times.

If You Yilin or one of the elders saw this scene, they would probably be so shocked that they would doubt what they saw on the spot.

“Hey, it’s time to go!” Lin Qi was already standing on the Immortal Sword and couldn’t help but remind her.

“Ah. Oh, okay…” the female disciple recovered from her shock upon hearing Lin Qi speaking. She stepped on the Immortal Sword in a daze and stood behind Lin Qi.

Lin Qi silently recited the mantra after the female disciple steadied herself.

The Immortal Sword immediately soared into the sky under Lin Qi’s control.

Although it was a little slow at first, Lin Qi quickly adapted to this method of control.

The two of them soon arrived at Elder Guan’s branch, Yanhui Branch, with the female disciple directing the direction from behind.

The atmosphere in the Yanhui branch was village-like, unlike the heavenly atmosphere in the main branch that was shrouded in clouds and mist.

It looked like a small village on a mountain.

Many disciples greeted the female disciples warmly along the way.

Lin Qi was surprised to hear them address the female disciples.

It was because all the disciples called her “Junior Guan”.

The elder of Yanhui Branch also had the surname Guan.

“There can’t be such a coincidence,” Lin Qi couldn’t help but mutter in his heart.

Soon, the two of them arrived at a three-entrance mansion.

Junior Guan shout as soon as they entered the mansion,

“Dad, look who came back with me!”


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