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Read I Can Turn into a Fish Chapter 110 – Sonar Fish

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Chapter 110: Sonar Fish

Translator: Aristophaneso Editor: Caron_

After calming down the excited old man, Chu Xian looked at the cute Pupu with crystalline tears in her eyes and he tousled her hair.

“Let’s go back. It’s almost noon, and we can grab some food!” Chu Xian said.

“En.” Pupu wiped her tears and nodded. Grandpa Feng breathed out a sigh of relief, and a grateful smile crossed his face.

“Eh?” Just as Chu Xian turned to leave, he noticed some fish on the dock.

This species was very peculiar, and it had a yellow body and black stripes with a head larger than the body. Chu Xian instinctively used his system’s identification power.

Sonar Fish: Energy 535

Gift: Sonar

“This…” Chu Xian’s pupils dilated. “It has more than five hundred energy? This palm-sized fish? And it even has a sonar ability – amazing.”

Chu Xian’s expression changed. Ever since his system transformed, his experiments indicated that a fish’s energy wasn’t simply dependent on its size. Some high energy fish were very small, and the Sonar Fish just happened to be among them.

“But what does sonar mean? Is it like a bat and can generate sound waves to identify objects?” Chu Xian wondered and looked at the three living Sonar Fish. “Boss, what kind of fish are these?”

“I don’t know either. They look very strange.” The middle-aged man’s face regained its calm demeanor and he had a trace of a smile as he answered Chu Xian’s question politely.

“Can you sell them to me? They look pretty interesting, and I want to see if I can keep them alive!” Chu Xian asked.

“Oh? You want them?” The boss’s face showed some excitement. “Sure, little brother. You know, sea fish are always a little expensive, and these three are also quite rare. Five hundred!”

“Five hundred? Boss, how can these possibly be worth five hundred? Didn’t you say you were going to throw them away?” Grandpa Feng piped in angrily.

“Old Feng!” The boss’s face darkened. “When did I say I was going to throw them away? Such a weird looking fish is a treasure! There’s no way I would throw them away – stop talking nonsense.”

“You…” Grandpa Feng muttered.

“Grandpa Feng!” Chu Xian called out then he turned to the greedy and petty boss and nodded. “Okay, I’ll take them.”

The boss laughed happily. “Good, good. Little brother, you are straightforward. You’re definitely going to accomplish great things!”

Chu Xian ignored his meaningless words and transferred him another five hundred RMB. He then found a bag to fill with seawater.

“Let’s go!” Chu Xian said to Pupu and her grandfather before he took them to a restaurant.

“I can’t thank you enough, Boss Chu. If it wasn’t for you, I really don’t know what I would’ve done!” At the table, Grandpa Feng thanked Chu Xian again.

“Grandpa Feng, you don’t have to thank me so many times. Pupu is my employee and my little sister, and you’re her grandfather. I couldn’t possibly ignore your troubles,” Chu Xian replied hurriedly.

“I still have to thank you. We will pay you back as soon as possible.”

“Heh, there’s no rus.h.!.+” Chu Xian shook his head. “Fifty thousand might be a lot to you, but for me, it isn’t that much. You don’t have to worry, especially with Pupu still working for me!”

Chu Xian remembered something as he was talking and continued: “By the way, Grandpa Feng, what are your plans now?”

“Boss Chu, you can just call me Old Feng.” Grandpa Feng said with a worried expression. “I’ll try to get another job as a fisherman. It’s what I’ve always done, and I don’t know what else to do.”

“Oh?” Chu Xian swallowed his food then replied, “You’re still my elder so I have to call you Grandpa Feng, but you shouldn’t call me Boss Chu. Just call me Xiao Xian. I have a fish farm, and I’ll have to start working on it in two months. It’s in the Feng Tai area, and I’m preparing to buy a fis.h.i.+ng boat to go out to sea. What do you think? Are you interested in helping me out?”

“En?” Grandpa Feng’s eyes brightened. “Of course, Boss Chu. As long as you don’t think I’m too old. I’ve worked on a fish farm before, so I have the experience. You only need to pay me a little every month so I can pay for my wife’s medical bills.”

“No, no.” Chu Xian shook his head quickly.” We’ll talk about the fifty thousand later. Right now, I’ll pay you what you deserve; I won’t give you any less. I don’t have a single worker yet, so there are going to be many things I’ll need to ask you about.”

“Hehe, okay. Boss Chu, I’ll tell you everything I know. I only know so much, but I’ll work my hardest!” Grandpa Feng said firmly.

“Grandpa Feng, don’t be so polite. Pupu calls me brother, so it’ll be awkward if you’re like this!” Chu Xian still wasn’t used to Grandpa Feng’s att.i.tude and felt awkward.

With Chu Xian’s insistence, Grandpa Feng started calling him Xiao Xian. Pupu hadn’t stopped smiling since she learned her grandpa was also going to work for her brother Chu Xian.

That afternoon, Chu Xian dropped Pupu and her grandfather off at the store and drove back to his apartment.

He took out the bag and poured out the sea water. After placing the three Sonar Fish on the floor, he transformed himself.

He was almost four meters long now, and his head was larger than a washbasin. His huge mouth could swallow a basketball whole, and his bones were thick as human thighs and terrifying with his pale white body. With a tail covered in huge scales and two enormous claws attached to his head, he looked like a monster who escaped from h.e.l.l.

Chu Xian gobbled up the three Sonar Fish.

“Ding, devoured a Sonar Fish and gained 15.35 energy points!”

“Ding, devoured a Sonar Fish and gained gift: Sonar!”

“Haha, sonar!” Chu Xian’s eyes glittered with excitement, and with that thought, he activated the sonar ability!

“This…” Chu Xian was stunned. A black and white picture appeared in his mind and it included all kinds of complicated details. When he focused carefully, he could tell what the different objects were.

“I can sense the walls and the buildings beyond them, the clothes hanging from the line and the trees and birds in the air! I can see those birds flying and flapping their wings! Amazing! Amazing!”

“One thousand, two thousand, three thousand meters! F***! F***! F***! I can see that far? Three thousand meters? A whole three thousand meters! And this sonar stretches in every direction? I can see everything clearly within a three-kilometer radius! Unbelievable!”

Chu Xian almost jumped up from his excitement, but he couldn’t because he was a fish.

After turning back into a human, Chu Xian smirked. With this new gift, there would be no problem exploring the sea. He didn’t need to worry about fierce sharks or any other large carnivorous fish, and now he could use this new talent to find other fish to control and devour.

“This is really a G.o.d-like skill!” Chu Xian couldn’t help but sigh. “I can go out to sea in a couple of days.”

“I should do it tonight!”

After making this decision, Chu Xian left. On his way out, he noticed some rental information on the community notice board. After a moment of thought, he called the listed number.

He wanted to rent a house for Pupu and her grandfather. The two of them were the only employees he had right now, and Chu Xian wanted to treat them extremely well. Then it would also be easier for him to drive Pupu to work (1).

After he made a deal with the landlord, he drove back to the shop.

Grandpa Feng was talking cheerfully to Pupu when Chu Xian came in.

“En, Grandpa Feng, Pupu, I rented a house for you in the compound I live in (2). You can move in today, and it’ll be easier for me to drive you to work!”

“Ah. We can’t accept! We can’t accept!” Grandpa Feng refused hurriedly. “Xiao Xian, our old house is fine, we don’t need to move.”

“It’s alright.” Chu Xian shook his head. “I’ve already paid, so just move in. It’ll be closer to work.”

“This…” Grandpa Feng didn’t know what to say. It was his first time working with such a kind boss, and he didn’t know what to do.

Pupu smiled. She knew her brother well, and she quietly reflected on how well he treated her and everything he had done for her.

Later that afternoon, Chu Xian closed up shop and helped them move. They didn’t have much, so only two trips were needed.

Grandpa Feng didn’t know what to think as he looked at the beautiful house and clean floors. This poor man from the country had never lived in such a luxurious house.

Chu Xian didn’t mind his reaction; he was planning to treat all his employees like this in the future.

That night, after Chu Xian took Pupu and her grandfather out to dinner, he drove to the sea.

It was dark out with no moon, and he could hear the sea cras.h.i.+ng onto the sh.o.r.e. Chu Xian parked near the beach.

The place was remote, and very few people were present. Chu Xian took off his clothes and walked into the sea.

It was warm in July, and the water was comfortable. He dived into the water and started swimming away.

Chu Xian swam incredibly fast, and there was no doubt that he would win the first place for any swimming compet.i.tion around the globe.

“Pu tong!” Suddenly, his silhouette transformed; a huge tail splashed in the water, and he propelled forward ten times faster.

Chu Xian was already excited. It was his first time exploring the ocean.


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