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Read I Can Turn into a Fish Chapter 224 – Jealousy

I Can Turn into a Fish is a web novel completed by 小鱼吃龙肉, Little Fish Eats Dragon Meat.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Chapter 224: Jealousy

The s.h.i.+ps sailed quickly forward, and the seascape image in Chu Xian’s mind was soon left behind, and very quickly that familiar sense of the Dunkleosteus faded away.

The next morning, Chu Xian and the others docked at the harbor, and to his surprise, a familiar figure waited on sh.o.r.e.

Chu Xian walked over to Xiao Ying with open arms and a giant smile.

“How was the filming? Did you have a good time?” Xiao Ying asked him in an uncomfortable tone, a smile on her face.

“It was good, it was good. Quite interesting.” Chu Xian did not notice anything in her words and cheerfully replied

“Of course it was interesting, you were together with a beautiful woman.” Xiao Ying huffed, glancing sidelong at the actors coming off the boat, looking over Yan Wenwen.

“Cough cough. I didn’t do anything, I am loyal.” Chu Xian chuckled nervously, hurriedly raising his hands.

“Is that so?” Xiao Ying examined him with some distrust, and then turned to the group of people walking over. “Big Brother Duan, Miss Yan.”

“En, h.e.l.lo Xiao Ying.” Duan Ke smiled and nodded before turning to Chu Xian. Yan Wenwen nodded in response as well.

“Are you filming today?” Xiao Ying asked Chu Xian.

“No, we’ve just returned from sea, we’ll rest for a day and then begin filming again tomorrow.”

“I can take you shopping today? Or maybe we can watch a movie? Oh that’s right, you’ve got your license, so maybe we can go buy a car?”

Chu Xian could feel an aura of jealousy emanating from Xiao Ying, so he sidled up beside her and indulged her.

“We need to do all three. You’re spending less and less time with me, and if you aren’t going overseas it’ll just be something else.” Xiao Ying pouted unhappily.

“You’re right, you’re right. I’m sorry. En, after we finish shooting the movie, I will basically have nothing to do, and I’ll come home every day.” Chu Xian hurriedly smiled and replied.

“You promised. Let’s go, take me shopping.”

“Okay, okay. Let’s go buy a car first. It’ll be convenient when you go to work.”

Chu Xian smiled, and accompanied Xiao Ying away from the harbor.

Behind them, Yan Wenwen watched enviously, s.h.i.+fting her hair and revealing an uncomfortable smile on her face.

Duan Ke looked to and fro, his head on a swivel. Finally, he shook his head and sighed to himself. “It’s good to be handsome.”

“Driver, take us to the downtown Hai Qing 4S store.” Chu Xian brough Xiao Yian over to a taxi and called over to the driver.

“Young man, are you buying a car? There’s a car show today, maybe you guys want to check it out.” The taxi driver enthusiastically replied.

“Okay, let’s go to the car show then!” Chu Xian nodded in reply.

“Xiao Xian, when are you going out to sea again? I want to go as well!” Xiao Ying suddenly said, grabbing Chu Xian’s hand.

“I’ll probably go out next month, but spending time at sea is not as comfortable as you might think. You can’t even sleep well at night with the s.h.i.+p bouncing up and down.” Chu Xian smiled and replied.

“Reall? It looked like you guys were having fun.” Xiao Ying looked up at him.

“Did we?” Chu Xian paused. “Other than the seafood that we couldn’t finish, there wasn’t really anything that was fun.”

“Heng.” Xiao Ying snorted coldly and took out her phone. She swiped it open and then stuck it in Chu Xian’s face. “Look at this, how handsome, my dolphin rider.”

As Xiao Ying spoke, she scrolled down the screen, and pictures of him one after another filled his view, ending in the picture he’d taken with Yan Wenwen.

Although the two of them were wearing diving gear in the photo, you could still make out the shape of their faces, and to Xiao Ying, the familiar face was recognizable at a glance.

“Hehe.” Chu Xian laughed nervously. “I really didn’t do anything? It was just for a scene, we were just filming.”

“Did I say you did something? Why are you so nervous?” Xiao Ying smiled up at him.

“Honey, I have no guilt. I didn’t do anything, and I won’t do anything. Trust me, you are enough for me. Believe me!” Chu Xian looked into Xiao Yin’s mocking eyes and hurriedly hugged her, declaring loudly.

“Let go of me. I wasn’t suspecting you, of course I trust you.” Xiao Ying hurriedly pushed him away. The taxi driver grinned as Chu Xian hugged her close.

“Then stop being jealous. It makes me sad!” Chu Xian refused to let go and held her tightly.

“Okay okay, stop messing around.” Xiao Ying laughed and then smiled. “I trust you, I trust you.”

“Heihei, I’m not the kind of man to turn bad when he becomes rich.” Chu Xian smiled and let her go, but kept an arm around her. “In the future if you are worried, you can call me anytime to check in. I’ll always come back and pay my husband tax.”*

“Be serious.” Xiao Ying nudged him.

Chu Xian chuckled.

“Beautiful couple, we’re here. The show is right over there.” At that moment, the taxi driver stopped the car, turning his head and smiling at the two of them.

“Thanks.” Chu Xian nodded, and then held onto Xiao Ying’s hand as they exited the car.

“Do you have any car that you like?” Chu Xian asked her.

“No. You can just buy a BMW.” Xiao Ying had no preference and shook her head.

“Then let’s look around and see what cars they have.” Chu Xian chuckled, and the two of them walked around the car exhibit.

This show in Hai Qing City happened to be quite big, and it was a joint exhibit organized by all the car stores nearby, and had models ranging from economic to luxury.

After they entered the hall, Chu Xian directly pulled Xiao Ying over to the luxury cars.

“Take a look, which one do you like?” After they walked over to the area for luxury cars, they saw all the common varieties of luxury brands – the BMWs, Audis, and Benz types.

“This one is good. This white BMW is pretty good!” Xiao Ying walked over and pointed out a Series 5 BMW.

“Miss Xiao Ying.” Chu XIan looked over the car and took her hand. He turned to look her seriously in the eye. “You are a rich wife now, so you should act like it? You are now a rich wife who can spend a couple million rob a month without a problem, so you need to live up to your potential!”

“Puh!” Xiao Ying couldn’t help but burst out laughing at Chu Xian’s antics and nodded. “Okay, Xiao Xian, I spoke wrongly. I not only want this one, but I want all the other cars here as well, haha.”

“Eh.” Chu Xian replied speechlessly. “We don’t need to buy cars like this one. We can go look at the luxury cars. Your husband now doesn’t lack in money, and the cars I bought for Old Huang and the others were all seventy to eighty thousand rmb Benz.”

“What’s the point of buying such expensive cars. I’ll be with you anyway.” Xiao Ying nodded and smiled, but accompanied anyway.

There were not that many luxury cars on sale in Hai Qing City, and there were only so many brands, and only so many models, but quite a few people still came to these exhibits to look at the expensive cars because the cars were good looking, and also because the car girls were good looking.

“Ya, that girl is my student.” At that moment, Xiao Ying was surprised to recognize one of the girls standing beside a Lamborghini.

“Oh? A student?” I wouldn’t have thought a student of yours could become a car model at such a young age.” Chu Xian looked over curiously. Xiao Ying was looking at a tall girl with make up on. She was quite pretty, and had a good body.

“En, I heard that she didn’t make it into art school, and sometimes she does these kinds of modeling events. She’s quite beautiful.” Xiao Ying smiled.

“Teacher Xiao Ying.”

“Teacher Xiao Ying.”

At that moment, a couple of voices rang out, and a group of young men and women walked over to greet Xiao Ying.

“Hey, h.e.l.lo everyone!” Xiao Ying looked over and walked over cheerfully. “What are you all doing here?”

“We’re here to see Yan Yan.” The students immediately replied. “Teacher, are you here to look at cars? Is this handsome brother you boyfriend?”

“This should be the legendary Chu Xian senpai? He is as famous as they say.”

The boys all looked Chu Xian over, examining him carefully.

“We’re here to look at the cars, and this is your senior brother Chu Xian.” Xiao Ying smiled at their curious expressions, and happily answered their questions.

Chu Xian nodded at them.

Some of the female students looked over Chu Xian curiously, but they were not as familiar with the rumors about him.

The boys, however, had heard a lot about him from another male alumni.

When these boys had entered their college and discovered that one of their teachers was a beautiful babe, their hormones had boiled over, and they all had fantasies about a romantic love between teacher and student, so they’d asked around about Xiao Ying.

None of the uppercla.s.smen at Hai Qing Standard were unfamiliar with Xiao Ying. Not only was she gorgeous, she also had a rich boyfriend that was also an alumni of their school, and they’d been together for five years.

Their uppercla.s.smen had told them to give up on their fantasies, and now these boys finally had the chance to see the legendary man in person, so of course they were incredibly curious.

“Teacher Xiao Ying, is the car for you or for your boyfriend?” One of the female students asked curiously.

“It’s for me.” Xiao Ying laughed.

Chu Xian saw that they were chatting happily and turned away to look at the luxury cars. He spotted a Maserati he liked and walked over.

There were a pair of Maserati Grancabrio, a very beautiful sleek car, one red and one white.

Chu Xian looked it over and felt that it was quite good, and he lifted his hand and waved for Xiao Ying’s attention. “Xiao Ying, come over and look at these cars.”

“En, okay.” Xiao Ying nodded, and after a word to her students, she turned and walked over.

“This one, the Maserati. It suits women pretty well, and it comes in white and in red.” Chu Xian told her.

Xiao Ying looked it over and nodded happily. “They’re really nice. I like the red one.”

“Did you see any other car that you liked? If not, we can think about this one.”

The students had followed their teacher, and when they heard their conversation they were astonished.

“Senior Brother Chu Xian is amazing. He’s handsome and rich. If only I could find a boyfriend like him.”

“Xiao Mei, I think you should have more realistic aims. With a face like yours, you would fit better with a guy like me.”

“Screw off.”

“Then we’ll get this red one. The others are sports cars or cars that feel old. I don’t like them.” Xiao Ying replied, smiling as she listened in on her student’s conversation.

“Okay.” Chu Xian nodded.


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