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The game continued on as I had a two-point lead while Iverson was defending me heavily. I let him steal the ball as he got a little excited about that and he shot it from the three-point line which I let him and he missed it as I got the rebound, he chased on after me trying to not let me shoot but as soon as I got to the three-point line I had my back turned to him so he did not think I would shoot it from there as I turned to my side and did a hook shot from the 3-point line.

This move surprised Iverson as he thought that I was definitely going to miss this bucket since no one does a hook shot from the three point line. As he ran to go get the rebound until the ball went through the basket giving me two more points. The crowd was now cheering me on and the media was just clicking away their cameras, Isabella was cheering for me on the side and Ivy was just shocked that I was holding my own against an All-Star player like Iverson.
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Iverson knew I could do things like that but he had totally been caught off guard, after that shot Iverson told everybody to calm down and that it was just a lucky shot as he started to get serious. I decided to do something that he always does to other people which was a crossover, after he pa.s.sed me the ball from the check up I started to dribble towards the basket but then he pushed me back which surprised me as I asked him why if he was angry now? all he could do was laugh and say just play the d.a.m.n ball. 

I pretended like I was about to drive in as he played really close to me I pumped my brakes and slipped the ball behind my back as he tripped on his own foot, and I did a huge step back to the 3-point line and shot the ball and made it. The medical team rushed over to check to make sure everything was ok with Iverson’s ankles. They signed a relief as they were glad he did not get hurt after he had tripped on his foot.

It looked like he had broken his ankles and they definitely did not want that to happen to him with him being the star player on the team.

The media rushed up to me asking me questions about what school I go to and how I was able to do those moves. Iverson was just embarra.s.sed and remembered the conversation we had before we started the game about the embarra.s.sment and the media what they would say about him now. Iverson forgot about that as soon as he thought about me playing for the 76ers. Iverson remembered when I was at a younger age playing in his tournaments, he really wanted me now and contacted all the people who he knew on the team to try to get me on but what Iverson didn’t know is a lot of teams having been preparing for the draft when I finish my first year in college.

After everything was done and everybody left it seemed like what happened  gotten to ESPN and everybody kept replaying it. They had even made it into a troll video where they made music out of it and everything. It was trending hard as everybody was laughing at Iverson. Iverson didn’t really care about it but after a while even some of the NBA players started to laugh about what had happened and about how his team sucks so much that they can even lose to some kids from high school.

This had really gotten to Him, Iverson remembered that I told him that he should be ready for the backlash and that quickly calmed him down as he continued to play with even more fire in his eyes. That very night after the lost Iverson had invited me to go out with him so I agreed and gave him my address to come and pick me up from there. I got home and I freshened up an hour later I was sitting out when Iverson arrived with his limousine, I got in and noticed that most of his teammates were in there too so we left and headed down to DC.

There was a club call Love we had arrived at, we got in through the VIP entrance as we went to the VIP room which was on a higher level. They had a balcony so that we can see the folks downstairs and they can see us too. When I came onto the balcony everybody started staring at Iverson he simply nodded while I was waving at them this caused Iverson to laugh as he said that “man you still such a child”  I was surprised by this but I said “yep ” and in my head I told myself that I’ve been given a second chance in life so I’m going to live life like a superstar.

The party went on as the hostess kept offering me drinks but I kept the declining them because I didn’t really trust anybody there to be getting drunk around. I wanted my mind to be sharpened and focused. I had some ladies come dance on me but when they started getting a little touchy I had to push them off because I didnt want to get excited for no reason. I was getting tired of this crowd was getting kind of tired from the long day, so I told Iverson I’m ready to bounce after I had also gotten tired of him talking to me about the 76ers and how great it would be for me to be there.

I once again told him that I’m not really in charge of that and that whatever the people at the NBA decide that’s where I’ll go he was telling me about how we can make a trade for what ever team I would land in. He told me he would take care of it if only I won’t leave him hanging but I told him I’ll think about it. My basketball team continued to play good and undefeated except for the one loss that we had to forfeit due to the football game but we didn’t really care too much about that and kept playing.

We were having our last match which was located in University of Maryland against the triple threats Brothers Kevin Durant, James Harden and Russell Westbrook. I was excited about the game but my teammates weren’t. They knew how good that team was as they ran through almost every team. I had to calm them down and a.s.sure them that they won’t be able to beat us with me on the team, all they could do was laugh embarra.s.sed that they had looked down on their own selves. We had did a little extra training to get ready for this match as we knew that the triple threat would be a hard to beat.


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