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I Didn’t Even Want To Live, But God Forced Me To Reincarnate! is a web novel created by LynneSuzuran.
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The next few days after that are filled with the beginning of my studies of magic along with Mom. As she has stated before, she has never tried to force me or to strongly suggest me to learn [Dark] magic. Instead, she focuses on my other affinities, starting with [Ice].

I have a lot of new things to learn. Things that I didn’t bother to learn at all back then. Theories on how magic works, how the whole mental imaging is important, and some basic magic chants. After all, we don’t use the daily language to chant magics. After my magic is stronger, I may be able to learn the chantless magic!

All of them are new to me, so of course I’m excited to learn!

…wait a minute, Mom, I think I’ll also learn the theories you taught me during school!! Though I can’t protest from having an earlier start, it might even get me to special cla.s.s right from the beginning.

Repeating practices won’t be too bad, right? I can improve my magic further with repeated practices.

And a few days after my magic training (barely) begins…

“Lyra, are you okay with going to the castle tomorrow?” Dad dropped this bomb to me.

“Yes, huh?” I am clearly dumbfounded. I don’t see any reason for me to go to the castle…?

“Well, I heard about t.i.tus’ chat with Ca.s.sie the other day but remained silent. However, t.i.tus finally reached out to me and asked that you’d come and play with his son—since that child, he… seems to be dissatisfied with how his mother’s been tending to his little sister more… and caused troubles… Yeah, that is the gist of it,” Dad explained.



I totally forgot about that! Teehee~!

This is kind of bad, though.

I wonder if the king really wants me to befriend his son and help in ceasing the prince’s tantrum?

To be honest, I can’t help but think that this is an attempt to introduce me to him and then slowly talk about bethrothing us…?

“Uhh, Dad, is it okay for you to let me play with him?” I asked.

Dad seems to be burdened with the idea of handing me off to another guy… I wonder if that applies if the suitor is a prince?

“Well… while I do not want that prince to be infatuated to my cute Lyra, as it’s so obvious that Lyra is adorable…”

On second thought, Dad, please, stop!! This flattery is too excessive!

[insert a short lecture on why Lyra is cute in Dad’s eyes]

“…But still, I believe that t.i.tus isn’t the kind of person to just decide on an engagement without all sides’ consent and even going as far as to force the engagement, so, I think it’s okay.”

Dad smiled. His trust towards his best friend is as clear as the sky.

…eh wait, it’s raining right now, so the sky isn’t clear!!

“Then, I’m okay with it!” I responded.

I actually am bothered by how I should act in front of him, but he’s still a child, so…

Wait, don’t judge me, I may also be a child, but mentally, I am an adult!

Yup, yup!

Plus, I have had years of my queen education, so I’ll be fine!!

Thus, it is decided that I will be going to Capicastle tomorrow!

And tomorrow comes by so fast!

I am currently riding a carriage, wearing a good dress and my hair in twin-tails, as usual. However, this time, I am going with Dad. It’s Mom’s precious day off, so she should take plenty of rest today~

As we reach the castle, Dad leads me towards the guest–… the what, the throne room?!

The throne room is as luxurious as ever, with the red carpet being there, leading all the way to the golden and red throne. Sitting on top of the honorable seat is this country’s wise king, t.i.tus Rou seo Navarrete. He has one of his hand on the throne seat’s armrest, supporting his head.

Whoops, looks like Dad doesn’t need to report to the maid in the guest room to notify the king, after all. n.o.body stopped us on our way, too.

“You’ve kept me waiting, Cyan! Good thing you have Lyra with you!”

“Well, I’m on time, as usual, don’t you worry. And Lyra has never gone back on her words before, so yeah, here she is.”

Now, all eyes are on me, so I decided to graciously bow down before the almighty king—nah wait, the almighty t.i.tle is only for the G.o.d, I guess I have heard of the t.i.tle of The Almighty G.o.d or something…

“It’s my pleasure to be invited by Your Majesty.” I said solemnly.

“Whoa, what a refined manner you have! Hard to imagine that she is your daughter, Cyan.”

“…excuse me, t.i.tus?!”

…you two are really on good terms, aren’t you?

“Anyway, let’s move to the garden.” The king then stands up and leads us towards the castle’s garden.

As expected, the garden is huge and there are various beautiful plants. Flowers, trees, even the are all looking good, and we can even see some gardeners to take care of them on our way.

As we continue to walk around, we finally come across an elegant yet simple set of round table and white chairs. Sitting on one of the chairs is a gentle-looking woman with her crimson long and straight hair. Her light purple eyes are looking at us gently. In her arms, she is cradling a little baby.

“You’re finally here! And you must be Lyra?” She says, as she glances at me.

“Uhm…,” I am not sure how to respond… I don’t recognize her, but I a.s.sume she is…?

“Ah right, let me introduce you two first,” the king stepped in and took out a chair.

“But first, please sit down here, as you’re our honored guest, little girl,” the king extended his hand towards the white chair.

“Let me help you with that, Lyra,” Dad swoops me away and places me on the chair.

Yeah, the chair is quite hard for me to reach… for now.

“Fufu, you’re such a pampering parent, huh, Cyan? That’s kinda unexpected,” the crimson-haired woman says.

…Wait, unexpected?! Dad?!

I think the traits of an oyabaka is clearly observable in him… no?

What was Dad like before he became a father, and what did the others think of him??

“Well, my children are my treasure, after all!” Dad answered.

Following after me, the two men also sit down.

“So, this is Alrescha Lyra Hartmann, Cyan’s beloved daughter. And Lyra, the lady here is my wife—in other words, the queen. You might have heard her name, but she is Shaula Schafer,” the king introduces his beloved wife.

“Nice to meet you, Lyra,” the queen smiles warmly at me.

So, the one who finally married the crown prince from my era as Reinst is the daughter of the Viscount Schafer’s family from the Western Riviera? Her social status in the n.o.ble society is not that high, so I can imagine the kind of riot it caused when their bethrothal was decided…

Besides, I wonder what lead to her being the queen? I don’t mean to brag, but as Reinst, I was the #1 candidate, and the ones in the top 10 candidate ranking were anyone but her. She rarely showed up and her appearance changed a lot as a queen, I didn’t recognize her at all, even when she was from Western Riviera like my past self.

Sigh, I wonder if my curiosity is abnormal…

It seems that I get curious way too often and too easily.

But, anyway… I got introduced directly to the royal family at the age of 4, this time?!

[Achievement unlocked! Royal Family’s Acquaintance~♪]


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