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Read I Didn’t Even Want To Live, But God Forced Me To Reincarnate! Chapter 91: Second Magic Test (1)

I Didn’t Even Want To Live, But God Forced Me To Reincarnate! is a web novel produced by LynneSuzuran.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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“Are you ready?”

Right now, I’m having yet another dejavu, but this time… the dejavu is from my current self’s memory as Lyra.

Same setting, same people, same atmosphere.

But the magic tool used is different.

Yes, you may have guessed what usually comes after sixth birthday?

Today—just one day after my sixth birthday—Mom brought me over to her workplace so I could get my magic tested.

“Un,” I nodded.

But before I can approach the testing machine, Mom stopped me.

“Ah, wait a minute, Lyra.”

I reflexively turned over and faced her with a big question mark over my head.

Her hands went over my neck and removed my necklace.

“Congratulations on graduating from the ‘training-safety’ necklace, Lyra,” She calmly took my necklace and placed it in her arms.

That’s right, I’m 6 now. My magic’s fully developed, so there is no need for me to wear the necklace!

Aah, what a pity, though. I liked the necklace, and it was from Mom, too…

But then I recalled Mom’s words yesterday morning.

She postponed her birthday gift and promised to give me one after this final magic test. Could it be… magic tools? To aid my magic training? Another necklace?

In a split second, my dejection turned into antic.i.p.ation.

“Alright, now put your hand on that machine over there. My Provice will show the result,” Meredea turned over her chair and reached out her hand to pat my head.

“My, you’re getting taller, Lyra!” She exclaimed.

Of course, Meredea! I’m in my growth period, after all! It would be scary if I don’t get taller…

Back then, my height as Reinst was categorized as slightly above the average girl my age.

Right now, my height is similar to Luca’s. Can I consider this as a good sign? That I will at least be considered tall?

“Lyra, is something the matter?”

Mom’s voice pulled me back to reality.

“Nothing, I was just dozing off… I’m ready!”

Yup, there is no need for me to be so anxious.

I mean, I’ve done the first test before… it’s not like the result will change, right?

Eeh but if it can change… I hope that my strongest magic will be Ice~

The moment I put my hand on top of the machine, it made a weird noise and the lights blinked.

Uhm, is this alright?

I have forgotten the moment I took the magic test as Reinst, as it was not important to me at that time.

After a short while, the machine stopped reacting and that was my cue to lift my hand up.

“How is the result?”

I turned over and asked Mom and Meredea, who were glued on the Provice’s screen.

Their faces looked so serious!!

Mom seemed to be thinking of something and she moved her hands around the table to do something I couldn’t really see… (Naturally, my height lost to the table’s height!)

clatter, clatter

Her hand movement made that sound.

Alright, now I’m a bit nervous…


My voice managed to bring back the two magicians lost in their own worlds to the reality again.

“Oh, that’s right, of course you would love to know it, Lyra,” Mom quickly grabbed a paper and brought it to me. She seemed to be holding something else in her other hand, but she only handed me the paper. Seems like it’s a work-related thing…?

“Here is your result.”

I happily read the content of the paper and…

[Name : Alrescha Lyra Hartmann

Mana Capacity : 999

Magic Affinity :

Neutral : 5/10

Fire : 4/10

Water : 7/10

Thunder : 6/10

Wind : 6/10

Ice : 10/10

Earth : 5/10

Plant : 6/10

Dark : 10/10

Light : 8/10

Life : 9/10

Void : 0/10

Note : 0 = unable to use, 1-3 = weak, 4-6 = normal, 7-9 = strong, 10 = very strong]


It’s true that Ice is my strongest affinity, but so is Dark!

However, I don’t know why the first testing tool recorded Dark as my strongest affinity before Ice.

Was it sorted alphabetically in case of equal affinity?

And what is with that number of mana capacity? I’m only one mana less than Alt-nii?

“Amazing, Ophelisama! Your daughter’s mana capacity exceeds yours by exactly 111! What wonderful number!” Meredea looked at me and Mom with her usual sparkling eyes.

Then, she continued to hum these lines:

“Mother 888, Add 111, Daughter 999, what a wonderful math~♪”


Meredea is nerdy, it’s a fact.

“Amazing, Lyra! We have guessed your other affinities thanks to your independent experiment, but… no matter how we see it, this result is simply amazing!!”

Mom hugged me instead of lifting me up in the air—oh, let me tell you that I think Mom really wants to lift me up in the air in happiness, but sadly, I’ve grown up to be taller and heavier. Mom can’t really lift me up in the air like when I was a toddler.

Talk about the sadness of growing up and to be bigger…

Either way, Mom’s embrace is warm as always, it always makes me glad that I was forced to reincarnate as Lyra.

“Is it that amazing?”

—Whoops, that’s the only thing in my mind that I can utter… not a good choice. Since it’s quite a rhetorical question!

“Of course, Lyra! The mana capacity, the magic affinities… It’s truly… mzing!!” Meredea’s eyes sparkled even more, and that convinced me.

“The Head of Royal Magicians’ children are such talented magicians!! The future of the Royal Magician Court is bright!!” Meredea then put her hands up in the air, as if saying ‘banzai!’

“Haha, I don’t want to exaggerate things, but I also feel the same!” Mom showed her proud smile.

Mom’s proud smile is somehow warmer than my Mother’s proud smile.

Let see…

(As Lyra) Mom’s proud smile = pride + warmth/love

(As Reinst) Mother’s proud smile = pride + arrogance

…somehow, that’s the impression I got. Not that I discriminated against Mother… But that’s my deduction so far.

Come to think about it…

Now I have what I’ve always desired back then as Reinst.

Am I lucky enough to be reborn as Lyra?


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