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Read I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Chapter 104 – Chapter 104- Different from what I thought

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Chapter 104: Chapter 104- Different from what I thought

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales


The flame was huge, and the map of the various defence locations of the army that King Wutong wanted was burnt just like that.

Rage Points +333.

Lin Fan found it weird. Where did it come from, it was also singular.


“Brother Lin, this…” Yang Wu didn’t know what to say.

The map that they wanted to get back was burnt just like that. It was burning so quickly that he was unable to react.

Lin Fan said, “Okay, done. Waiter, please find us three rooms.”

“Okay.” The waiter replied. Such a vicious person had to be served well. If he didn’t, then if he died, he wouldn’t even know how he died.

To Yuan Tianchu, he knew that one of the rooms belonged to him. However, the key was how many people were in it.

Lin Fan got up and walked upstairs. “Cousin, pay attention to these people and don’t let others save them.”

Zhou Zhongmao nodded his head. He would definitely do whatever cousin said well.

He had damaged most of King Wutong’s troops.

Escaping was impossible unless people came to save them.

Was that possible?

He definitely couldn’t let such a thing happen.

Everyone exchanged glances with one another. Yang Wu wanted to become friends with Lin Fan, but it seemed like he didn’t have the same idea.

The people who came to steal the map didn’t know what they had to do now.

Things had happened so suddenly.

The map being burnt seemed like a good thing, but there was only one copy. To King Wutong, it was important, but it was important to them too.

As for finding trouble with him?

Don’t think about it.

Just look at how strong he was.

Three rooms above, Yuan Tianchu shared one with Liang Yongqi.

To Yuan Tianchu, he was mentally prepared. However, for Liang Yongqi, he couldn’t accept it as it was just too much.

He was the Liang Family Third Young Master, and no matter what, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Even when he went out and no matter how bad the conditions were, was it too much to have a single room?

What was happening now?

Within the room, Liang Yongqi took off his clothes and was prepared to have a nap in his pajamas. The thing outside had nothing to do with him. Even King Wutong had nothing to do with him.

“Why aren’t you taking off your clothes?” He noticed that Yuan Tianchu’s back was facing him like he was doing something, so he opened his mouth and asked.

Yuan Tianchu shook, he turned his head and forced a smile, “I am not tired. I will sleep later.”

One hand stretched into his clothes. As his body blocked it, one couldn’t see anything.

This was just a little weird. Liang Yongqi thought about it, “Brother Yuan, did you keep some teals?”

So sneaky, that was really possible.

“How is that possible?” Yuan Tianchu laughed; deep down inside, he was frightened. Liang Yongqi wasn’t a simple person and actually guessed it. However, as long as he didn’t admit it, then nothing would happen to him.

“I don’t believe you, let me see.”

Seeing that Yuan Tianchu’s expression wasn’t right, he was even more sure this person was hiding money.

Lin Fan had taken all of his money.

He was annoyed by that.

He tugged while Yuan Tianchu shouted.

“Don’t move, don’t move!”


Teals fell to the ground.

Liang Yongqi stared, “You really did hide money.”

Yuan Tianchu felt really awkward.


He hid it so deep and was still found out. Why did he do that…

“I am going to tell Lin Fan now that you took some money.” Liang Yongqi wore his clothes and wanted to tell Lin Fan the truth. He had nothing and couldn’t allow Yuan Tianchu to have money on him.

Yuan Tianchu pulled him, “Don’t! Don’t tell him! We are outside, and if we have no money at all, what can we do?

“How about you don’t tell him? There’s a share for you here.”

“I want half.” Liang Yongqi took a look, and there were at least a few hundred. He was saying, how could Yuan Tianchu bear to give all his money away.

He was just distracting Lin Fan.

“You are such a conman.” Yuan Tianchu exclaimed, “I really didn’t think you were so vicious. Half? Why not take it all?”

Liang Yongqi said, “Okay, I won’t take half. I will go tell him now, let’s see whether or not you will still have half.”

The moment he said that, he acted like he was going to wear his clothes.

He looked like he wouldn’t be stopped.

Yuan Tianchu pulled him, “Okay, I give up, half then. Let me tell you, that surnamed Lin person isn’t simple. Don’t be too innocent. Did you see what happened today? Based on what I guess, the people outside will all die tomorrow.”

“How do you know that?” Liang Yongqi asked.

He didn’t think that Yuan Tianchu was smart and was just a weird person.

“Scoff, how do I know? You are the one that doesn’t understand him. Do you know why he doesn’t kill the people outside?” Yuan Tianchu asked instead.

“They were sent by King Wutong, and if he killed them, he would be in trouble.” Liang Yongqi said.

Yuan Tianchu giggled, “Dumb. Let me tell you. It is because he is fis.h.i.+ng. He knows that someone in the crowd belongs to King Wutong, which was why he didn’t kill them. He wants to draw that person out. If he killed them, then there’s no reason for that person to come out to save them.”

“So what if he is smart. If we follow behind him, we are in danger. We have to be prepared.”

This was what he had just thought of.

Thinking about it, it was just really terrifying.

Liang Yongqi looked at Yuan Tianchu suspiciously, and he made it sound like it was true.

“Whether or not you believe it wait till tomorrow. I am a little hungry, Yangchun Noodles? How can we even get full on that? Give some money for the waiter to send some lamb legs and mutton soup.” Yuan Tianchu said.

Lin Fan fell asleep the moment he entered the room.

His cousin was outside, so he was definitely safe.

As for the map matter, it was just something that cropped up and wasn’t serious.

That night, the inn was really silent.

Yang Wu and the others left. Their mission kind of failed, and they didn’t get the map back. However, King Wutong didn’t get it either.

Lin Fan was really swift.

Actually burning the map right away.

He didn’t know how to answer to his boss when he returned.

Maoying and his men laid on the ground. That fellow that seemed humble and kind was too vicious, smas.h.i.+ng their ankles such that they couldn’t move at all.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got.

He didn’t give face to King Wutong at all, how evil.

Zhou Zhongmao cultivated to stabilize his Grade Nine realm; at the same time, he used his cultivation technique to strengthen his internal strength.

“Uncle, don’t worry. I will protect cousin.”

The day he left, Uncle personally came, using internal strength to free up all his meridians and clear out his body.

It was really helpful to his cultivation.

He was spying on everything that happened outside.

Gou’zi laid on the bed and fell asleep long ago. He was resting up as they had to rush once more the next day.

His strength was very average; he wasn’t of much use and could only do some heavy work.

The sky became bright.

Nothing happened last night.

The first thing Yuan Tianchu did when he woke up was to see what happened last night to see whether or not there were more people.

Liang Yongqi washed himself and took a look at Yuan Tianchu like he was saying that he was an idiot, bragging like the entire matter was real.

Nothing had happened till now.

To Yuan Tianchu that didn’t make sense.

It should have been the same as he had predicted. Why didn’t anything happen?


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