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Read I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Chapter 87 – hapter 87- Stop acting, let’s be honest

I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens is a web novel completed by 新丰, Xin Feng.
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Read WebNovel I Don’t Want To Defy The Heavens Chapter 87 – hapter 87- Stop acting, let’s be honest

Chapter 87: Chapter 87- Stop acting, let’s be honest

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

The Lin Family dinners were normal; they weren’t really luxurious and could be said to be quite average.

But tonight was different.

There were many expensive dishes.

“Father, there is plenty of food, is it a joyous occasion?” Lin Fan asked.

“Don’t you know about the joyous matter?” Lin Wanyi raised his gla.s.s, “Come, let’s cheers for the new member of the Lin Family.”

Oh my G.o.d.

Lin Fan resisted this whole thing.

How was this girl a family member? It was best if she left early.

Lin Family didn’t have many people, and only a few could be called family. Old Wu followed Lin Wanyi for his whole life and saw Lin Fan grow up. Although he lived here as a servant, Lin Wanyi long treated him as a loved one.

As for Li Zhixiu… Forget it; let’s not talk about it. A trap, it was just a trap.

“Thank you, Father.” Li Zhixiu got out and directly drank a mouthful. There was a scorching pain in her throat, but she bore with it. She gave out a shallow smile.

Lin Fan glanced at her, the way she called him Father was really smooth.

Sooner or later, he would scare her away.

Looking at Cuilan, he knew she feared him. That brat’s face was ashen white, and she didn’t dare to look right at Zhou Zhongmao and Lin Fan.

What happened in the day was fresh in her mind, and she couldn’t forget about it.

How horrifying.

“Father, who were the three people in the day?”

Lin Fan was curious. The three of them came to You City for Father, but they were kicked out when he returned.

So quick.

Something must have happened.

Lin Wanyi looked at him. It was obvious he didn’t want to tell him, so he just found a random reason.

Lin Fan didn’t give up.

“Father, I heard them say that you insulted King Wutong. Who is he? Is he someone really strong?”

“Why are you asking so much? What does it have to do with you?” Lin Wanyi said.

Lin Fan was helpless, “It does have nothing to do with me, but no matter what, if you make enemies, you have to tell me at least. If I into them, I can help you teach them a lesson.”

“Eat your rice, why are you sprouting so much nonsense?” Lin Wanyi stared at the unfilial kid.

Help him teach them a lesson.

If he really faced King Wutong, he would probably need to collect the corpse of this kid.

Who knew that those three actually told this unfilial kid about King Wutong.

He should have just killed them on the spot and saved all the trouble.

However, that was a good thing.

For this kid to know some things, it might motivate him.

Li Zhixiu knew about King Wutong and didn’t interfere nor ask. She had been thinking about why King Wutong sent people to You City to meet Lin Family.

Very quickly, the dinner ended.

“Xiu’er, Fan’er, it is late. You both should head back to sleep.” Lin Wanyi said.

Those words didn’t sound right.

Li Zhixiu’s face trembled slightly and was actually a little sad.

She knew that what happened that night had nothing to do with the Lin Family Young Master, but she didn’t ask. Now his words were like he was asking her to sleep and that he would send his son over for her.


Li Zhixiu got up and left, quickly returning to her back courtyard. The nails and wooden board she told Cuilan to get her in the day were of use now. She sealed the windows and door, not leaving a single thing open.

She was petrified.

She didn’t even dare to sleep; she just sat there cross-legged and sensed for movement outside.

“Father, I don’t want to sleep. I want to read in the reading room to educate myself.” Lin Fan said.

How would he want to read? It was just an excuse for him to stay in the reading room. This was too dangerous and too complicated. Even if his skin was thick and could act as if nothing happened, but since there was really such a matter, who would he find to cry to?

Truthfully, his hands were pure and white; it was spotless and there was no life taken by him.

He couldn’t be forced by the current situation to kill Li Zhixiu.

“Scram, go back and sleep.” Lin Wanyi said sharply.

His future daughter-in-law wasn’t here, so he naturally didn’t need to care about the unfilial kid’s face. If he didn’t scold him any more, he would get too arrogant.

“Ok, then I will scram and go to sleep.” Lin Fan had nothing to say. Father was just too overbearing, and he just told him to his face that he did it. He needs to be more careful when he slept as he was going to move him.

Anyways no matter whether he slept or not, the outcome would be the same.

Father would knock him out.

He wasn’t going to respect his wishes, and he just acted alone.


After Lin Fan returned, he was unable to fall asleep for a long time. The best way to resist his father was to increase his stats, to raise his strength to a high level.

Only then would he be able to go against his father.

Even his cousin didn’t know how strong his father was. In his father’s words, he wasn’t able to block a single attack.

Very strong; very, very strong. He wasn’t just average.

His cousin isn’t weak; he is peak Grade Eight and is about to enter Grade Nine. For him to not being able to block a single attack, what did that mean?

His father was so terrifying; it was like him being surrounded by a demon.

He could resist, but he had to gain strength.

Lin Fan wrote words on a paper.

“Bring me a blade. I need to protect myself.”

He directly carried a blade on his back and fell asleep with the paper on his chest.

He didn’t close the door.

Anyways it made no difference.

The night was totally silent.

In the courtyard, the two alive males were tied to the wooden rack. They were about to fall asleep when suddenly a voice spread into their ears.

“You all are talking too much.”


Lin Wanyi crushed their necks.

He didn’t even look at them, and with a flick of his fingers, white light flew into the room and knocked Lin Fan out.

Li Zhixiu still hadn’t fallen asleep.

She was really nervous.

She thought that she was the tiger in the Lin Family, but now she noticed that she was actually the sheep.

A sheep that looked like a tiger.

There was no movement outside, making her slowly calm down.

But how high was Lin Wanyi’s cultivation? He landed without a sound and walked without any signs at all.

He stood in front of the door. A black shadow appeared.

“Who is there?” Li Zhixiu looked at the black shadow and was shocked. He really came. However, she couldn’t continue thinking about as the wooden board that covered the door was kicked open and fell to the ground.

Oh my G.o.d!

How could he be so bold to just break in like that?

Lin Wanyi covered his face and just kicked it open.

Li Zhixiu wanted to resist, but facing Lin Wanyi, she was just an ant. She instantly fainted.

Like last night, no care was given to her wishes.

“Old Master, the wind is strong, and missing a door is not good. Young Master might fall sick.” Old Wu appeared and said.

“It is okay. Take a door over and fix it. Brother Wu, do you have any aphrodisiacs?” Lin Wanyi asked.

Old Wu was stunned; he was really serious.

Something might happen.

“Old Master, we haven’t used it in a few decades, we ran out.” Old Wu said.

That year, Old Master and he strolled the lands and prepared many good things to prepare for every situation.

When they faced a strong enemy, they would scatter the medicine before slas.h.i.+ng and killing them.

Who knew how many arrogant people died badly in their hands.

However, as their status changed, they stopped using it.

Lin Wanyi sighed.

“What a waste, if we had them, some things would be much easier.”

They were the true demons.

How was Lin Fan even considered a demon?

At most, he was just a merciful little demon.


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