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Read I Experienced An SSS Encryption Chapter 63 – Establish Your Own Research Institute!

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Read WebNovel I Experienced An SSS Encryption Chapter 63 – Establish Your Own Research Institute!

Chapter 63: Establish Your Own Research Inst.i.tute!

Translator: Simple MTL Editor: Simple MTL

Just as Raymond and the Pentagon came to an agreement on these matters, less than three kilometers away from the military base in District 11.

Three Russian spies were huddled in a cave, their expressions excited!

“Officer Dorothy, you are indeed able to predict everything. There really is a secret military base of the U.S. side here!”

“Chekov, if you had less alcohol in your head, you wouldn’t be saying such nonsense all the time!”

On the side, the long-haired Beauty Aphrodite spoke in a bad mood. She always found this companion of hers to be an eyesore, because Chekov almost never left his bottle!

Even during the course of the mission, Chekov always had a bottle of vodka hanging on his waist!

Although it was well-known that the Russians loved to drink, and even Aphrodite herself could drink a lot, but now, they were on a mission. How dare he drink alcohol while on a mission?! He really didn’t know how to spell death!

Therefore, when there was nothing to do, Aphrodite would mock Chekov.

Even their commander, Dorothy, was a little helpless about this situation!

“Alright, let’s get down to business!”

“This time, although we’ve discovered the secret military base of the U.S. side, there’s not much we can do!”

“After all, a military base of this level must have a complete defense system. Even if we deploy air attacks, I’m afraid we won’t be able to break in, let alone the few of us! We won’t consider this point!”

“However, the high probability is that Raymond should be in this military base during this period of time!”

“What I’m thinking is that he won’t stay there forever! As long as he comes out, it will be our chance to attack!”

Chekov took another sip of vodka and said loudly, “That’s right! And hasn’t it been announced on the internet? Raymond has already been awarded the rank of Major General and the National Medal of Honor!”

“With the character of the Americans, this kind of thing will definitely be broadcasted live with great fanfare. At that time, won’t it be our chance!?”

Once these words were said, not only did Dorothy instantly cast her gaze over, even Aphrodite looked at him with a surprised gaze!

“Chekov, I’ve wronged you. Your brain is full of alcohol, and there will occasionally be some useful things in it!” Aphrodite said sincerely.

But it still sounded like she was scolding someone.

Dorothy rolled her eyes and concluded, “Alright, Chekov is right about this. I also feel that the U.S. side will hold a medal ceremony with great fanfare. Although there will definitely be a strong security force at the medal ceremony, we should have a chance to act before that!”

As she spoke, she made detailed preparations and turned on the satellite phone.

“Cole, can you hear me?”

Cole was the elegant computer man at the end of the four-man team.

“Yes, Officer Dorothy. What instructions do you have?”

At this moment, Cole was hundreds of miles away from the three of them. He was responsible for providing all kinds of data and information support to these people. If they were too close, they would be easily noticed by the U.S. side.

“Pay more attention to the information about Raymond’s medal ceremony on the internet!”

“If possible, confirm the time and location of the medal ceremony! We will find an opportunity to directly take Raymond hostage!”

“Yes!” Cole immediately replied.

After hanging up the phone, the three of them packed up and put on their disguises again. They carefully approached the military base of District 11 from three directions and closely monitored it!

Three days after discussing the relevant matters with the people from the Pentagon, the car that came to pick up Raymond arrived.

Because it had been more than a month since Raymond’s body refining technique was exposed on the internet, even the Pentagon did not make any strict preparations. They only sent two bulletproof cars to pick up Raymond.

Sitting in the car with Raymond was Professor Hansen from the West Point Military Academy.

This time, not only did Raymond receive a huge reward, the other partic.i.p.ants also received good rewards!

Regardless of whether it was money or rank, they all received good rewards!

Therefore, Professor Hansen’s face was always filled with a happy smile!

“Raymond, after the live broadcast of this award ceremony, you will really be the idol of the whole nation!” Hansen said with emotion.

At the same time, he was a little touched by Raymond’s decision to place the award ceremony at West Point Military Academy.

Although Raymond was a student of West Point in name, in fact, except for military training, Raymond had never stayed at West Point for more than a few days!

Even so, Raymond still chose to place the award ceremony at West Point as an important event.

How could Professor Hansen, who had already treated West Point as his home, not be touched?

With such a live broadcast of the ceremony, not only would Raymond become the idol of the whole nation, even West Point would be greatly honored!

Perhaps next year, he would be able to wrestle with Ivy League schools!

And all of this was brought about by this magical young man in front of him!

Looking at Raymond’s young and energetic face, Hansen shook his head slightly. He really felt that he might be old!

Now, this world was the era of young people like Raymond!

“Raymond, next, are you going to establish your own research inst.i.tute?” Hansen asked with a smile.

This matter was no longer a secret in the circle. Raymond’s story was too shocking. Everyone had guessed the official meaning.

Raymond did not hide it. He nodded lightly and said, “That’s right. In the next period of time, I can invite and hire experts and professors from all over the world to establish my own research inst.i.tute. The name of the research inst.i.tute is decided by my name.”

“However, I should only be in charge of establishing it. In the short term, I won’t enter the research inst.i.tute full-time.”

“After all, I still want to enjoy university life more!”

Raymond smiled like a young man and continued, “I still want to have a pa.s.sionate relationship in university! But I guess it will be a little difficult after the live broadcast of the award ceremony.”

“Oh? Could it be that you can’t find one after the award ceremony?” Hansen asked curiously.

Raymond pretended to shake his head and said seriously, “No, Professor Hansen, I’m afraid that there will be too many girls chasing me at that time. I won’t be able to pick them out!”

“Hahaha! You little brat!”

Professor Hansen laughed loudly when he heard that!

But he also knew that there was nothing wrong with what Raymond said!

Once the live broadcast of Raymond’s award ceremony ended, his ident.i.ty would definitely be revealed!

Even if he wanted to be an ordinary university student, it would be an extravagant hope.

After all, everyone knew that Raymond was already a Major General and a recipient of the National Medal of Honor. How could they get along with him as an ordinary person?

This kind of heat would not be calmed down in a short time.

Professor Hansen shook his head again. It was already the world of the young people!


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