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Chapter 297: A Hero

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Overboard. Xing Hai Technologies went a little overboard in this. How could they torment those countries seeking partners.h.i.+p? The 10-billion-dollar margin was still reasonable, but requesting the leaders of countries to praise the Z nation and criticize the M nation was kind of brainless. But this was still better than being naïve!

Firstly, it was these countries that took the initiative to apply for partners.h.i.+p. They themselves wanted to be lapdogs, and n.o.body was stopping them from doing so. But there was only one precious place! In order to stand out, they could only pa.s.s the a.s.sessments as required.

Moreover, a considerable amount of large-scale construction projects overseas taken by the Z’s was called off over the past few years, especially by those so-called “democratic countries.” Every time when they were about to pa.s.s the political baton, investment projects by the Z nation would often be targeted for attacks. When the opposite party took reign, a high-speed rail project would be sc.r.a.pped this day and a reservoir project that day, causing tremendous loss to enterprises of the Z nation. Tens and hundreds of billions of dollars of investments all walked off into the sunset!

Most of these were the civilians’ hard-earned money. Rather than letting them vanish, how much better it would be if it were to be used to improve the looks of impoverished areas within the country? But of course, foreign investment was not being opposed. It was rather that risk a.s.sessments and precautions must be done wisely!

The best way to deal with this would be putting self-benefit before courtesy. Add some terms to secure your own benefits before considering the other’s requests, just like Xing Hai Technologies. First, they collect a 10-billion-dollar guarantee, then make them do something. This would be the most secure form of cooperation! A suffered loss would not be that high even if unforeseen events were to happen later.

If you so wanted to be a gentleman, doing projects for the benefit of other countries, you would end up being their bargaining chip. By then, even small countries the size of a marble would dare to ride on your face and p*ss on you.

Chen Jin would never be such a gentleman. He was from head to toe an authentic “despicable” businessman.

The last ball was kicked to the faces of the leaders of five countries. Criticizing the M nation? Pointing their fingers at the most shameless hooligans on Earth and infuriate the planet’s most powerful bully? Nope, they were really too intimidated to do so! Because most of those who dared so were already six feet under with three meters of weed above their graves. Those who steamed up the M nation would definitely end up very pathetically. However, it would be a pity for them to give up since they were already at this phase. After all, Xing Hai Technologies’ tech might very well be a “superpower catalyst,” enabling their country to grow stronger at a very fast pace! For such a golden opportunity, not to mention letting it pa.s.s, even seizing it late was an absolute no-no.

Xing Hai Technologies already said that the second batch of partners.h.i.+p quota would be announced after one year! Moreover, for those two countries in the first batch, if the successful applicant suddenly changed their mind and forwent cooperation, Xing Hai Technologies would not return the 10-billion-dollar margin and would not return to the market of that country within 10 years… this was yet another safety measure. Hence, with a mentality like that of a gambler, the leaders of those five countries could only continue das.h.i.+ng forward, clenching their teeth.

Of course, there was still a lot of flexibility in the actual operation. Because in the so-called “criticism,” there was “constructive criticism,””sharp criticism,””light criticism,” and “harsh criticism.”

Husiky’s president wrote these three sentences after some careful thought:

“M’s actions in many things lack appropriateness. M should deal with things in a more civilized and friendly manner.”

“The world is even, M, please respect the benefits of the other countries.”

“I hope for the M nation to become great, but greatness from the heart and not from a rigid fist.”

Subsequently, the leaders of Husiky, Idaily and Spain too posted their ‘criticism’ respectively:

“M’s, please be a good person.”

“Stop bringing our planet war and destruction.”

“We need a n.o.ble, fair, and kind leader.”

“Stop suppressing those innocent countries and companies. Keep healthy compet.i.tion!”

Evidently, the magnitude of these criticisms was so-so, floating around and only causing some itches. The worries that dwelled within those leaders could clearly be seen. Their score should be nowhere near high.

But one country’s performance caused an eye-popping sensation.

Jayna Sonaro, President of the Republic of Brazil, extreme rightist, dubbed as the “Brazilian Dana Tump,” had a big mouth. In fact, he held no good feelings towards the Z nation. He once made statements like ‘the Z nation is currently buying off Brazil’ publicly. He had deep-rooted resentment towards the Z nation’s economic expansion out of envy, jealousy, and hate. But in the face of Xing Hai Technologies’ ordeal, he had to say a few good-sounding words in violation of his heart. He felt a little nauseated immediately afterward.

However, towards the M nation, he only had pure hatred. He had a stomach full of pent-up dissatisfaction and grudge. Hence, in the last test, it fit his tastebuds superbly to make three comments criticizing the M nation, he even thought that three wasn’t enough! He posted 10 comments consecutively!

“M nation, you are the most despicable, evil, and rogue country in this world that is habitat to a bunch of devils!”

“You should face the wrath of the heavens. G.o.d should punish you all, barring you from heaven and throwing all of you in h.e.l.l.”

“All of your belongings are stolen, s.n.a.t.c.hed and conned from others! You d*mn robbers!”

“I’ve had enough, we had enough of your oppression! Oppose them, we need to oppose them, we must all oppose them and kill every single M pirate!”

“Dana Tump. The whole world hates you. Why aren’t you dead yet?”

Jayna Sonaro unleashed everything to his heart’s content, releasing all dissatisfaction that resided within his heart. As for the consequences, he did not give a red a** anymore, as this was his true personality.

At Xing Hai Technologies, after five answer sheets were submitted, upon seeing Brazil’s answer sheet, Chen Jin nodded. “Not bad, not bad at all. I see Brazil’s firm att.i.tude. I give you full marks. Congratulations on pa.s.sing the test. You have secured yourself the second spot in the cooperation quota. Your president made a wise decision. Brazil is also a country that has great potential. Xing Hai Technologies will provide you our help to uncover Brazil’s utmost potential. Wish us tight cooperation in creating an infinitely bright future.” Chen Jin spread his arms and embraced the Brazilian diplomat.

The Brazilian diplomat, however, did not smile at all. On the contrary, he was in unspeakable misery. Doomed. They offended the sovereign M nation; they were definitely done for! For the other four diplomats from four other countries, some of them showed an expression of relief, while some, pity, but they were all hands-down convinced of their loss. They were thinking, “A hero, a hero indeed.”

They hoped that that president didn’t go six feet under that quickly.

On the other side of the Pacific Ocean, in M nation, they were shocked. First, they were stabbed in the back by their dearest cousin. Then, another hothead popped out from their southern backyard, cursing the M nation in public using malicious language.

Dana Tump was almost driven crazy! He psychotically smashed the things in his office, clamoring for every traitor to the M nation to be slain. All of a sudden, Dana Tump clenched his own chest. He felt a twitch, an awful one in his heart. He was quickly rushed to the hospital. After two hours of rescue, he was finally out of danger.

The doctor exhorted him to not become agitated ever again, otherwise, his life would be endangered!

But having thought of the despicable traitors and Jayna Sonaro’s vicious insults, he quickly stuck his hands on his heart once again.


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