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Read I Hate You, Devil! Chapter 217 Sexually innocen

I Hate You, Devil! is a Webnovel completed by KazzenlX.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Chapter 217 s.e.xually innocen

It was already twilight when Yu Chen and Xiaolei left the hospital. They travelled by car this time but separately.

Juu was the only one who boarded in the same car as Xiaolei while the rest accompanied Yu Chen. Their chauffeur wasn’t Guan Ye this time but the old butler from Scarlet Hill. They also used a flashy and antique car which was very unusual. But Xiaolei didn’t ask and just thought that his men had to focus on him now. Besides, Juu was already more than enough to protect her.

Because their chauffeur wasn’t the fast and furious Guan Ye, their trip was slower, so Xiaolei focused on her phone, chatting with Hinari and Davi on their group chat.

Davi: “Don’t worry Xiaolei, I just asked my husband and he still hasn’t told Yu Chen that you two are already married.”

Hinari: “I also sternly told my beauty not tell him so rest a.s.sured that Yu Chen still has no idea.”

Xiaolei: “I see… I just thought that the three of them were planning something about me when they were talking a while ago. It’s all good then ^w^”

Davi: “Yep, rest a.s.sured and go ahead with your initial plan and surprise him.”

Hinari: “Yay, I’m excited. Wish I’d be there to watch a lovey-dovey scene. >.

Davi: “It’s better if you don’t see it, Hinari.”

Hinari: “Why would you say that? T^T”

Davi: “Well, I’m sure Xiaolei and Yu Chen will just become another character in your new romance book if you go.”

Hinari: “What’s wrong with that? Actually, I already started a new book, inspired by Xiaolei and her hubby’s story. Hehehe. Xiaolei dear, do you want to know the t.i.tle?”

Xiaolei: “You didn’t publish it yet, right?”

Hinari: “I already did. Hehe. The first volume is already out. ^.~”

Xiaolei: “Ehh? Really? I didn’t know…”

Davi: “Well, you’ve been too busy, darling.”

Xiaolei: “You’re right. T^T So? What’s the t.i.tle again? Hinari-sensei?”

Hinari: “Corrupting my s.e.xually Innocent Hubby.”

Luo Xiaolei almost choked upon reading Hinari’s reply while Davi just sent a facepalm emojie.

Hinari: “Hey, the story is cute you know but yeah… it’s erotic too.”

Davi: “As expected. Sigh…”

Hinari: “Xiaolei dear, I’ll send you a copy first thing in the morning. ^.~ As I’ve said, it’s a story inspired by you two’s love story. But oh well, readers nowadays love dark and erotic novels so of course for audience purposes, it’ll be a little twisted. Lol. But I want you to check it out. I’m pretty sure that the corrupting steps will be applied by you in the very near future. Hehehe.”

Xiaolei: “. . .”

Davi: “. . .”

Hinari: “Don’t worry darling, those steps I wrote there were not bad at all. Trust me. ^.~”

For some reason, Xiaolei felt her cheeks turn hot. The moment the words ‘corrupting my s.e.xually innocent hubby’ echoed in her head, she couldn’t help but imagine an erotic scene, causing her face felt like it was burning. She buried her face on her palms in embarra.s.sment as she shook her head. Gosh Xiaolei… stop your imaginations! Hinari sensei, this is your fault! My big panda is still really weak you know?! Gos.h.!.+

“Are you alright?” Juu asked upon noticing his lady boss’ action.

When Xiaolei peeked and saw that Juu was curiously looking at her, she immediately forced herself to regain her composure.

“Ahem… I’m fine.” she smiled and looked outside the window. Once she calmed down, a gentle smile curved on her face. She was excited. She wanted to see how Yu Chen would react once she told him they were already married. At the same time, she couldn’t help but feel nervous even though she had been preparing for this since the day she realized how she felt about him.

Time pa.s.sed and the darkness finally reigned. Judging from their car’s speed, Xiaolei calculated that they would probably arrive at Scarlet Hill after thirty more minutes. She then leaned on the head rest and deeply started to think about something when suddenly, the car stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Juu asked.

“I’m sorry, there seems to be something wrong with the car.” The old man said as he tried to restart the car again. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

Xiaolei was frowning. This was really suspicious. Why would they use a slow and old car like this in the first place? What was the meaning of this? Could it be that… no, Yu Chen saw her board in this car and he didn’t say anything then.

The beating of her heart suddenly accelerated. She couldn’t afford any more interruptions now. Now that Yu Chen was back, there was no way she could accept anything that could interfere with her plans again. No, she had had enough of these endless troubles!

Tugging Juu’s sleeve, Xiaolei worriedly moved closer to him. “Everything is alright, right?” she asked. Her eyes immediately became intense and watchful as if she suddenly turned into a warrior who was more than prepared to fight. She couldn’t help but think that trouble was coming again. “Do you have an extra weapon with you?” she whispered.

Juu was shocked at what she said and the intensity in her eyes. “Uhm… Miss, please calm down. No one is going to attack us.” He a.s.sured and Xiaolei creased her brows.

“How can you be so sure? Someone might have messed with our car.” She didn’t drop her guard and even looked more vigilant.

When Juu was about to speak, two roaring bikes suddenly stopped on either side of the car, sandwiching them.

Xiaolei held her breath in horror. And then, like lightning, she s.n.a.t.c.hed the gun from Juu’s waist. Within the four long months that Juu was right beside her, Xiaolei had carefully memorized where Juu usually kept some of his weapons. That was why she was easily able to grab the gun.

In a flash, she pointed the gun towards the biker on her side. She was unbelievably intense. Juu could tell that she would definitely pull the trigger and kill the biker once he approached them.


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