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I Hate You, Devil! is a web novel completed by KazzenlX.
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Chapter 24 That book

Right after the call ended, Luo Xiaolei squatted on the floor as she face palmed herself. She never expected this Yu Chen to actually want to come over. She had just said it out of courtesy and she thought that there’d be no way Yu Chen would agree. But what’s with this twist? This almighty Yu Chen the devil was going to come over to her humble abode?!

Luo Xiaolei stood again and peeked through the window. When he saw the man start to walk towards the entrance, she couldn’t help but yell.

“Ahhh!! Wait devil! At least give me some time to tidy things up!” Luo Xiaolei couldn’t process the situation fast enough. She was fl.u.s.tered as she hurriedly tidied up what she could, shoving magazines and books under the sofa and quickly picking her scattered clothes, almost in a panic.

Meanwhile, Yu Chen and his men had just arrived in front of Luo Xiaolei’s place. He was about to press the doorbell but he stopped. He turned to his men and stared at them.

“I think it would be better if I go in alone.” He said and Gu Jinyang’s brow slightly raised.

“Didn’t you say that you need a chaperon to avoid making her uncomfortable?”

“I remembered she only invited me over. It’s not right for me to bring uninvited guests, no?”


Sigh… just say that you changed your mind and that you are now setting aside the chivalrous protocol so you could take advantage of being alone with her inside!

In the end, his men could do nothing but agree.

Yu Chen then raised his hand and finally pressed the doorbell.

When the door opened, the girl who opened the door immediately spoke. “M-mister Yu, please come in.” she said with a smile and Yu Chen casually entered.

“I’m very sorry my house is a bit messy, hehe.” She continued as she laughed awkwardly.

“Please have a seat.”

After Luo Xiaolei offered him to sit on the sofa, she went and boiled some water to make tea for him, leaving Yu Chen sitting alone as he started looking around with great interest flas.h.i.+ng across his eyes.

Her apartment wasn’t messy but for some reason Yu Chen felt like no one had entered this place but her for years. The place exuded a vibe of a single lady living alone in contentment.

Opened books and music sheets were scattered everywhere. It almost looked like her apartment was actually 50% library and 40% music studio. The only sofa where he was sitting was actually just for two and it was located between two shelves full of books. An old piano was situated near the window and few sheets were on top of it. There was no decoration on the wall; just simple plain white wallpapers. Anyone seeing this could tell in one glance that the lady living here was a minimalist for everything except books and music sheets.

So she is a book worm and she loves music too, huh. What a surprise!

Yu Chen seemed to be quite pleased. Not just because of the new things he discovered about her but because he couldn’t see or feel any trace of another human being, especially male species, inside this house but her. His face, though it remained expressionless, somehow seemed to be s.h.i.+ning in delight.

At this moment, Luo Xiaolei came back with a teacup in her hand. She looked at the gorgeous figure sitting quietly on the sofa like an olden day cold prince from the medieval era, and she couldn’t help but felt enticed. He was sitting there without moving, as if he was an obedient mannequin who would only make a move once ordered.

Somehow, watching him made her tensed nerves relax. She even imagined the man in his harmless chibi self as he approached him.

She gave him the tea and the man quietly took it.

“Uhm… Would you be fine if I go get ready now?” she asked and Yu Chen gazed at her as he nodded.

“I’ll be fine. Go ahead and take your time.” He replied and Luo Xiaolei pressed her lips tight.

“O-okay, please tell me if you need something. If you… if you like, you can check out some books here so you won’t get bored while waiting.”

“Mm. Got it.”

“Okay, then. Please excuse me.”

The moment Luo Xiaolei entered her room, she let go of a long deep sigh as she leaned on the door. She almost felt like she was a court lady serving an emperor.

Ahh! This is really getting crazy! I can’t believe that man is really in my house now! Luo Xiaolei, you better focus and go get ready now! You can’t make him wait for long!!

After scolding herself, Luo Xiaolei then quickly entered the bathroom. She immediately took off her clothes. She only had her underwear on when suddenly, her eyes widened.

Wait! I told him to check the books on my shelves?! What if…

Luo Xiaolei gasped. It was because she remembered shoving that book on her shelf a while ago. Luo Xiaolei began to panic.

I can’t possibly let him see that book, right? Oh G.o.d, don’t do this to me!

Extremely anxious, Luo Xiaolei wrapped herself with a towel and ran towards the door to peek at him. She couldn’t even imagine how awkward it would be once he found out that she was actually following a certain book. Moreover, if he sees it, her upcoming plan would be busted right?!

Peeking so carefully like a ninja, Luo Xiaolei was praying that the man didn’t listen to her advice and just sat there like the graceful emperor that he was.

However, as soon as her gaze fell on him, her eyes widened. The man was already standing there, facing the shelf as his hand was about to pick a book. Luo Xiaolei recalled the exact spot where she put it and she could already tell that it was that book he was about to pick.

Oh G.o.d! No!!


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