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Read I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart Chapter 236 – The Arrival Of The Night Guardsman

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Chapter 236: The Arrival of the Night Guardsman

The visitor was very polite. When he arrived, he even knocked on the… window.

When the curtains were opened, a gray-haired elder was suspended in the sky above the building. The scene was quite scary.

Lin Yao could sense that the other party not only looked frightening but was also truly powerful.

As Lin Yao looked at the old man, the latter was also looking at Lin Yao. In the end, it was Qin Ya who spoke first.

“Elder Wei, why are you here? We should be the ones visiting you. Mr. Lin Yao, let me introduce you. This is Elder Wei, the chief instructor of the Heaven and Earth Dojo in Shanghai.”

“h.e.l.lo, Elder Wei.” After greeting him, Lin Yao suddenly thought of something and said directly, “Did you come here because you perceived some celestial secret?”

Like the rest of the group, Lin Yao didn’t believe that the chief instructor of the Heaven and Earth Dojo would suddenly come and visit a warlord in person.

Lin Yao should be the one paying him a visit, especially since they were already making their way there. However, he was unwilling to wait one bit. This could only be because of what Lin Yao had thought of earlier.

By voicing his thoughts, Lin Yao wanted to attract the elder’s attention.

He already planned to join the Heaven and Earth Dojo. However, even disciples of the same dojo were valued differently. Of course, Lin Yao wanted to receive the best treatment. Therefore, he didn’t intend to conceal his thoughts and he spoke his mind.

Upon hearing Lin Yao’s words, the amiable Elder Wei stopped touching his beard for a moment, unable to hide his shocked expression.

“Have you also perceived the celestial secret?

“Ha ha ha. I’ve said so. Electromagnetic Induction alone can’t trigger my celestial perception. Good, very good. Your name is Lin Yao, right? You can use the celestial secret to perceive me even though you’re a low-level warlord. At last, I have found a successor.”

While he was feeling excited, Lin Yao pieced together the information in his words, as well as his own situation. He had already understood that the elder had indeed sensed him with celestial perception. Lin Yao had even guessed the reason for this.

At the same time, he didn’t refute Elder Wei’s words. It was not because he wanted to deceive him, but if his guess was right, he could really become the elder’s successor.

With this thought in mind, Lin Yao looked at the third talent of the Bodhi Tree.

‘I didn’t expect you to have such an ability!’

One wanted to learn, and the other wanted to teach. Lin Yao had a very happy conversation with the elder.

During their conversation, Lin Yao also shot a hinting glance at Qin Ya. He wanted to get her to discuss the terms on his behalf.

Although he was ready to learn at the dojo, he needed the resources and materials to support himself.

After all, he didn’t know if the teacher in front of him was stingy or not. If he was not willing to spend a single cent, Lin Yao would suffer a huge loss.

“It is very hard for people with poor talent to enter the major forces. On the other hand, those with strong talent are being approached by countless people. In most cases, although I will receive the resources to groom myself when I join the dojo, it’d be disgusting if they used character a.s.sessments to suppress me. Therefore, it’s better to set the terms first.”

The conversation lasted for a while, but when Qin Ya took the initiative to intervene and talk about the specific conditions, the elder didn’t make any promises. He only said that he would give Lin Yao the best if the latter were to become his disciple.

In the end, Lin Yao and his party had to rush to the Heaven and Earth Dojo. Although Elder Wei had a high status, he was not a manager. He needed to get a professional from the Heaven and Earth Dojo to discuss the terms and resources.

While preparing to go over, Lin Yao secretly sent Qin Ya a message.

“The request for resources can be lowered when it’s appropriate.”

Based on the words of Elder Wei, Lin Yao knew that not all the martial artists from the Heaven and Earth Dojo would practice absorbing the spirit energy of the world to train their bodies to the limit. They also had the heaven and earth domain, which controlled the spirit energy in the surroundings, and the heaven and earth perception, which involved fate and destiny.

These three areas were very suitable for Lin Yao, and he was willing to ask for something less.

However, as Lin Yao was packing up his things and preparing to leave, Elder Wei’s face suddenly turned sullen, and he turned to look to the side.

After a few breaths of time, Lin Yao also sensed something, and there was a look of surprise in his eyes. ‘Someone is coming again. He also has good intentions.’

Good and Evil Distinguishment enabled Lin Yao to differentiate between friendly and hostile situations. He was not in a hurry to leave after learning that the visitor had good intentions.

Soon, the shadow of the main door suddenly became distorted. A figure covered in a black cloak with a faint layer of mist on his face appeared in Lin Yao’s apartment.

When he saw the visitor, Elder Wei suddenly furrowed his brow. “Ye Ying from the night guard. What are you doing here?”

“Extending an invitation. Why did you come… You are also here for the same purpose.”

“Of course, this is my successor.”

“No, not anymore. We, the night guard, want him.”

Elder Wei didn’t know whether to laugh or cry upon hearing these domineering words.

“He he. You are not part of the regular army. The night guard cannot make us retreat.”

Strictly speaking, the night guard was also an army. However, the regular army had to go through rigorous training and obey all the orders of the country. The army could also be found wherever there was danger.

The night guard was different. Although they needed to guard the mysterious land and deter it from creating chaos, their members had a more complicated profile. The country didn’t feel at ease with them. One could tell this was true from the fact that the armed police and military were also involved in night patrols.

However, the establishment of the night guard was necessary. There were too many martial artists outside, and this was a variable factor. Furthermore, those martial artists were unwilling to join the military and accept its strict rules. Therefore, a middle-ground force—the night guard—had been born.

They could also be regarded as people who contributed to the country and acc.u.mulated military merits for their personal growth.

However, because they were not completely under the orders of the country, they didn’t have the privilege of the military. Namely, everyone else had to give the military priority when the former made a request.

Although they didn’t have this privilege, the visitor wasn’t bothered by Elder Wei’s words. He only said indifferently, “It’s true that I can’t make you give up, but the military can’t take Lin Yao from us even though they are here. The recruitee needs to agree before the recruiter can make them join.”

“Are you that confident that Student Lin Yao will join you?”

“Of course.” With this confident response, the figure shrouded in the black cloak looked at Lin Yao. When he faced Lin Yao, the att.i.tude of Ye Ying, whose figure Lin Yao couldn’t even see clearly, softened a little.

“Student Lin Yao, the marshal of the night guard sent me here to invite you to join our army.” After a pause, he continued to speak. “The treatment you will get is that of a king seedling.”

Lin Yao didn’t pay too much attention to the first few sentences, but his body jolted at the words ‘king seedling’.

Aside from him, Elder Wei, everyone else beside him trembled. All of them understood what the treatment of a king seedling entailed.

This was precisely why they could not believe it.

“King seedling… Why are you willing to pay such a high price?”

“This is impossible!”

“How can this be?”

The king seedling treatment left everyone dumbstruck. This was the best treatment even geniuses could ever get. Even the military, the armed police, and the Abnormal Ability Department… All these national departments wouldn’t be able to say the words ‘king seedling’.

This included the Dojo Alliance, as its members were too scattered. It was hard for their king seedlings to get any recognition.

No one would expect a king seedling to appear in the room.

Just as everyone was feeling shocked, Ye Ying’s voice was still as cool as a cuc.u.mber. “Student Lin Yao, you should understand what the treatment of a king seedling entails. We will do our utmost to make you a king. This is the best treatment in the world. There is nothing better than this. Furthermore, our marshal thinks very highly of you. In order to win you over, he specifically got me to rush here from the capital.”

The night guard was indeed very sincere. Lin Yao was very moved when they said they would do their best to make him a king.

At the thought of the online comments about king seedling treatment, Lin Yao took the initiative to ask, “I remember that a king seedling can make some requests. Can I do that too?”

“Of course. So long as your conditions are not excessive, we can agree to them.”

“Can I ask for one billion yuan then?”


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