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Read I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World Chapter 1245 – The Summit That Shocked the World

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1245 The Summit That Shocked the World

The battle on Mars happened over a week ago and January quickly came to an end.

The original plan was not altered due to external controversies. Celestial Trade Biotechnology Summit was held as scheduled at the end of the month.

The Biotechnology Summit was held in “Heart of the Sea” in the northern part of Coro Island. The large-scale landmark building that integrated shopping, accommodation, leisure, and business was one of the defining structures of Xin and was printed on all tourism advertis.e.m.e.nts.

A total of ten Devil Worm specimens were dissected and made into a total of more than 500 exhibits. The exhibits were transported by Celestial Marines to the Convention and Exhibition Center. These specimens ranged from the tissue cells of the Devil Worm to the entire specimen itself. Exhibits such as blood, heart, and limbs were individually exhibited.

All the exhibits were tightly sealed in a vacuum by a double-layer bullet-proof gla.s.s. An incendiary bomb was placed inside the display. If a leak was detected, the incendiary would ignite to generate temperature over 5,000 degrees, which would destroy all samples inside the display. It was designed to prevent the invasion of foreign bacteria and viruses into the ecological environment of the city.

Because the bomb charge was strictly controlled, people outside would not be harmed.

In addition to the exhibits, Celestial Marines also appeared at the summit. A soldier in kinetic skeleton stood next to each large showcase and held a loaded Reaper a.s.sault Rifle.

The exhibition would run for one month.

On the first day of the exhibition, the number of tourists in Heart of the Sea doubled. The Xin Ministry of Transport had to send more traffic police to maintain the order in nearby areas to ensure that foreign delegations and media could enter the venue… The ancient vehicles that could not operate on maglev roads were indeed troublesome.

It was not only journalists and scholars who were allowed to enter the exhibition, many tourists that visited Coro City would also not miss this opportunity.

After all, it was a Mars species that they have never seen in this life! Or the life before!

Everyone used to think there was only an empty desert on the red planet.

Even if they placed a dinosaur specimen in the exhibition, the venue would still be packed. It wouldn’t matter if people didn’t understand what they see, the purpose was to take photos…

“My G.o.d, this bug is huge!” A tourist exclaimed.

“Mom, I want a photo of me riding on top of it!” The bratty child cried as he dragged on his mother’s sleeve.

“At this size, it’s difficult to a.s.sociate it with insects…” Someone commented

Of course, for safety reasons, visitors could only take photos outside of the safety line. They could not take photos too close to the specimen.

Media reporters were allowed to cross the line but were also not allowed to touch the gla.s.s showcase.

However, pictures were enough to showcase the fearsome nature of the giant-sized Devil Worm from 3.7 billion years ago.

“The longest Devil Worm specimen has reached 20 meters, and the shortest is still 13 meters long… seven times bigger than the largest known arthropod, the j.a.panese Spider Crab! Its existence has opened up a new perspective on arthropods!”

“What kind of gene do they possess to allow them to survive more than three billion years? Perhaps only the mysterious nature has an answer…”

“Mars is a crazy place!”

“I can’t wait to go to Mars to give an interview with these big guys, but Celestial Trade staff recommended me not to do that…”

In the venue, reporters commented on these specimens in front of cameras. Although the information available to them was only surface level, it was more than enough to satisfy the public’s curiosity about Mar’s creatures.

A BBC reporter was speaking in front of a specimen and as he finished his speech on the Devil Worm’s blood, he then saw a group of people had gathered at one corner of the venue.

He remembered there was no exhibits there.

“A crowd gathered in front of the organizer’s office. Most of them are over 50 years old. What happened? Let’s interview one of them… h.e.l.lo, mister, are you here—”

“Protest!” The old man with and a white beard said with anger, “As you can see, we are protesting! Why can’t we partic.i.p.ate in the research! They are obstructing academic freedom!”

“Yes! On behalf of the Harvard School of Life Sciences, I protest against what Celestial Trade is doing. Nationality should not be an obstruction to scientific progress!” The professor moved closer to the camera and expressed his dissatisfaction. “I clearly received a nomination for the Devil Worm Research Team, but the Earth Defense Alliance crossed me off the list because of my nationality? That is too strange!”

He had attended many scientific research summits, and he was invited every single time by the organizer. However, this was the first summit he took the initiative and applied to attend for a summit, and he was rejected!

If this happened any where else, he would have blacklisted the company for life.

However this time…

He purchased the ticket at his own expense.

There was no other reason than the fact that it was an exhibit on Mar’s species. Even if he could not get into the lab, he still wished to see its appearance. So he considered this a vacation at the island on western Pacific.

However, when he saw the 20-meter-long Devil Worm, and the green blood labeled as highly acidic on the side of the showcase, his odd compulsive disorder suddenly started to take effect – feeling uncomfortable if he did not touch the specimen syndrome!

However, when he went to see the staff at the summit and showed his ident.i.ty, and then subtly hinted at the fact that he could help the summit by studying the specimen and offering some advice, the staff member brought him here with an eccentric look… and that’s how he joined the protesters.

“Professor, may I ask you for your name?” Seeing that the old man looked familiar, the BBC reporter quietly asked.

“Martin Karplus!”

The BBC reporter immediately showed his respect, but at the same time, disbelief grew in his eyes.

As a reporter who has focused on technology interviews for many years, he was certainly familiar with this old man. Martin Karplus was the winner of the 2013 n.o.bel Prize in Chemistry. The creation of multiscale models for complex chemical systems was a milestone for chemical technology!

However, it was because of the shocking ident.i.ty of the old man which made the reporter even more confused.

A respected academic scholar like him normally did not accept invitations from normal companies! Now that Martin Karplus offered to help, Celestial Trade should not rejected the offer.

However, the reporter soon saw a familiar face behind Martin Karplus.

Michael Levitt!

Like Martin Karplus, he was also one of the winners of the 2013 n.o.bel Prize in Chemistry with dual citizens.h.i.+p in the UA and the United Kingdom. He graduated from Cambridge and was a professor of structural biology at Stanford University.

He was awarded for the same reason as Martin Karplus, but his research direction was different. Professor Michael’s research field was mainly bio-computing, and he was one of the first scientists to design DNA and protein molecular dynamics simulation! He ultimately started a new era of “structure to function” in the field of biophysics!

In a simple sentence, these two were the “great magicians” in the scientific community.

However, these “great magicians” were blocked from attending the summit?

He then looked at the other people… Their fame and achievements were no inferior compared to the n.o.bel Prize winners, or perhaps even superior.

The BBC reporter sensed a story and immediately asked the a.s.sistant to direct the camera. He walked forward with a smile, handed the microphone to them, and gave them an opportunity to express their dissatisfaction…


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