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Read I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World Chapter 429

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Chapter 429: Pretending not to know

Translator: _Min_ Editor: Caron_

Jiang Chen had two choices.

One – capture her then use truth-telling serum to obtain some intel from the beautiful spy’s mouth and discover her ident.i.ty. But then the opponent would know that he did, in fact, know about the Golden Apple. Jiang Chen believed that she definitely had some technology hidden somewhere; it didn’t take advanced technology to hide a telecom device in her ear ca.n.a.l.

Two – pretend to know nothing and just let her go. Even if he didn’t find out her ident.i.ty, he would no longer be a suspect.

Reveal his card and declare war or keep his card hidden?

Jiang Chen only wavered for two seconds before he chose the latter option.

Because if he chose the former, he couldn’t do anything to them without a proper intelligence group, even if he knew the opponent’s ident.i.ty.

The battle lasted for two more hours as Jiang Chen almost made the beautiful spy’s bones collapse before he finally spared her from her pleading and agony.

After taking a shower, she didn’t stay in Jiang Chen’s room overnight but said goodbye instead.

Jiang Chen half-heartedly tried to convince her to stay before he saw her to the door.

After closing the door, Jiang Chen noticed that it was already deep into the night, so he headed to bed.

The next morning, Jiang Chen pretended to want to see the spy again. He ordered the bodyguards to bring the staff list to him. When he didn’t see her name on the list, Jiang Chen went to see the captain of the cruise s.h.i.+p and asked about the spy, going by the name on her name tag.

Jiang Chen couldn’t believe she had no accomplices on the s.h.i.+p, so he had to play dumb throughout the whole process.

After confirming that a woman of this name wasn’t on the s.h.i.+p, Jiang Chen ordered the bodyguards and servers to search the cruise s.h.i.+p.

Although they didn’t find the woman, they managed to find a server uniform folded neatly at the back of the cruise s.h.i.+p. The name tag was exactly the same as the one Jiang Chen saw the night before.

After the bodyguard brought the clothes to Jiang Chen’s room, Jiang Chen managed to find some tangled underwear along with a neatly written note.

“h.e.l.lo, I already left. Now that you know I’m already gone, are you surprised?”

“Before coming, I poisoned my bodily fluids, so any person who slept with me would be poisoned. I originally planned to use the antidote to force you to come to Poland with me as my hostage. But after carefully thinking it through, it would be too unromantic if I just kept you with me.”

“If you find these clothes, it means you looked hard for me. The antidote is in the underwear. However, if you forgot about me after you slept with me, why don’t you go die?”

“So bye bye~ See you, handsome Asian man.”

The note didn’t reveal her ident.i.ty as a spy, but instead, she made up an excuse to cover her actions.

Jiang Chen laid on his bed, sighed and muttered to himself, “Don’t you know that for someone with immunity above 20, even AIDS would be ineffective?”

Jiang Chen put on his EP and saw the line in his stats and scoffed.

Just like he expected, there was no irregularity in his status.

However, he hadn’t expected the beautiful spy to poison her pu*sy. He also hadn’t expected her to leave the antidote behind and even create a story to cover her intentions.

[Was it because of my face? Or because of my di*k?]

Jiang Chen stroked his chin as he thought to himself narcissistically.

The three-day cruise trip was tranquil; the s.h.i.+p avoided all the dense clouds and the journey was absolutely gorgeous.

Wei Wendong spent the day wandering the s.h.i.+p’s artificial beach to enjoy the suns.h.i.+ne and the bikinis of all the beauties. At night, he returned to his room and streamed New Era.

After some careful deliberation, he decided he would put aside New Era after G.o.dly Land was officially released and he would concentrate all his effort on the virtual reality MMORPG. He had a feeling that once the mature virtual reality MMORPG was introduced, it would completely change the gaming landscape.

Once people became used to immersive gaming, would they be interested in games on the screen anymore? Maybe, since mobile games could fill people’s spare time. A lot of people were also pa.s.sionate about these games, but people had limited energy and Wei Wendong knew how much energy it consumed to play two MMORPGs at the same time.

With virtual reality games becoming more common, people’s selection of mobile games would s.h.i.+ft toward fast-paced, simple, and casual games. Not to mention other mobile game MMORPGs, but even the New Era game by Future Technology would most likely be impacted by G.o.dly Land.

Although Future Technology hadn’t admitted that “Phantom” was immersive virtual reality equipment, Wei Wendong, accustomed to the surprises crafted by Future Technology, believed that they would shock the players around the world once they revealed the truth.

Otherwise, what was the point of their extensive marketing?

Regardless, it was a ma.s.sive gamble for him since he was at the top in New Era.

But he didn’t feel like this gamble was overly risky since the Kings already signed him for five years. He also had the confidence in his strong skills, game sense, and internal test experience to make his mark in the game.

Three days later, 2000 players got off the cruise s.h.i.+p at Coro Island. With the beckoning of Future Technology employees, the players arrived at a business hotel. The hotel had been booked out by Future Technology for two months to serve as the test location. The ballroom, big enough to host 2000 people, was renovated to form the official testing grounds.

There were 2000 custom-made recliner chairs and 2000 “Phantom” helmets.

Based on the description, everyone’s ident.i.ty was tied to their helmet number. The helmets could not leave the testing grounds.

Also, no photos or videos were allowed on the testing grounds. If violated, partic.i.p.ation would be revoked and the player would be sent off the island at their own expense.

The test would run between eight in the morning to six at night. During this time, the players had to play the game for at least six hours. The testing grounds would be open on weekends and the players could choose to continue to play the game or wander the island freely.

After reading the terms and conditions, Wei Wendong picked up helmet number 0008 which belonged to him.

When he discovered there was no sensor vest and gloves, an inexplicable joy erupted in his mind.


[Immersive virtual reality!]

He immediately laid down on the chair that belonged to him and he quickly put on the helmet. He followed the system commands and registered his ID as Shadow King. With an exhilarated heartbeat, he entered the game.

His pounding heart was stripped away from his body.

When he opened his eyes again, he faced a grey and white cubical dimension.

He stood in the middle of a cube. He was tempted to kneel down and kiss the cold ground.

A menu popped out, just as the host described. He chose the game “G.o.dly Land” and registered the user “Shadow King” then chose “mage” as his cla.s.s. His figure was randomized based on 80% similarity.

He couldn’t wait to make a fireball and experience the feeling of controlling magic.

Light illuminated the room when he opened his eyes again; now he was at an ancient-looking street, the starting village of humans.

Chattering voices filled the street as pedestrians in adventure-type clothes strolled by. A musician hummed songs along the street while the surrounding crowds offered up a coin or two. Everything seemed surreal; all the NPCs seemed alive.

[Right! Artificial intelligence! Future Technology must’ve used artificial intelligence similar to Little White!] Although he knew how ma.s.sive a project it must’ve been to install artificial intelligence on all the NPCs, he didn’t have time to ponder this further as he was completely immersed in the astonishment of living a “second life.”

With a long, wooden rod in his hand, he took in the one-hundred-something new players standing dumbfounded on the square in the beginner village.

In order to fully appreciate the virtual world he was in, he didn’t move a single step while he scanned his surroundings enthusiastically.

Suddenly, his expression froze.

[What the fu*k! 90-something mages?]

The 90-something mages didn’t do anything else as they waved their fingers in the air in excitement; they were probably all trying to figure out how to form fireb.a.l.l.s.

Wei Wendong blanked out.

[What a big cla.s.s disparity just in internal testing.]

He had an ominous feeling – this cla.s.s would definitely be nerfed…


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